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We signed up with HughesNet for our internet service 4 months ago Dec 28, 2019. The young guy who installed the service mentioned that we would have to accept a 2-year contract but that if they did not deliver the service they promised we could terminate the contract and there would not be a disconnection fee. We were not given any paper hardcopy of the contract and
I have not been able to get one from the company.

The service has been terrible with frequent calls to their tech department to get the modem re-set or extremely low speed (less than 1 Mbps) according to the test site they recommended I use. We could not understand why our data was running out so quickly since we do not do a lot of data-intensive activities. I've had to call them 2 or 3 times a week and often been on hold for over a half hour to even talk to someone. I even spent over 4 hours with one technician, most of it on hold only to have him hang up one me without resolving my problem. They have upsold me on data twice, we began with a 10 GB plan, then 20 and for the last couple of months 30GB. I even called Netflix and reduced my account to a lower-resolution DVD quality plan, which looks terrible. We make sure our cellphones have the WI-FI turned off. I watch the news clips on at 240 or 350p which also looks terrible, all to save data, while paying over $100 per month for horrible service. Calling the company to try to get the problems resolved has become a part-time job for me. I'm sure I've spent several hundred hours on the phone (mostly on hold) and wasted whole days trying to get help. Today I decided to terminate our service but was informed we would have to pay a
$370 disconnection fee. I called my bank to have them blocked from my debit card and was told that I would have to close my account and that HughesNet would likely obtain permission from the bank to debit any new account I opened.

I feel like I'm being robbed at gunpoint and don't know what I can do about it. Viasat says they will give me an unlimited data plan for less than I'm paying HughesNet and guarantee the speed. The girl at HughesNet tried to claim that Viasat will not deliver the service they say. Also Viasat has the same locked-in 24 month contract. This is a nightmare I did not foresee before
moving to Central Arizona. Is there any class-action suit I can join against HughesNet?


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