Hughes Network Systemsbilling

L Jul 19, 2019

January 2019 we had to call customer service because they were billing us four months into our 6 month hold. In April 2019 a representative told us we were able to put our account on hold for another 6 months until October 20th 2019, however, this June 2019 again I was being billed for services I was not using and had not been using. After speaking with another representative, I was told my account was reopened in June and the billing for June and July would still be due and was on the verge of going into collections. I'm very displeased that I had to pay $124.00 for a mistake that Hughesnet made and has been making for the past 8 months. This is a constant issue and luckily my services will be terminated soon. It is such a hassle having to contact Customer Support each time they decide to reactivate my account without my consent. I lost money and will lose another $190.00 just to cancel my contract this month. This is beyond ridiculous.

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