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cancellation fees

This is the worst company I've ever signed up with i had hughs net for internet then moved tried to transfer...

everything from billing to service and everything in between

So wish I had listened to my Uncle who said this was the sorriest excuse for Internet but as far as I knew it was the ONLY internet offered where I moved. I pay my bill every two weeks as I get paid through my debit card, you don't get anything in writing from this company, no bill etc ! Well today a week before I get paid they debited my account the whole $102 bill, I had $95 in account. Bills bouncing everywhere, my overpriced sorry excuse for Internet is now costing me over $250 and to cancel just the phone they will charge me $140, cancel internet $240, cancel all of it $420, they have my debit card what can I do?!? DON'T USE HUGHES!!!

wifi service

Signed up for their 2 yr deal and was as told the service was better than our current one. Come to find out...

internet and phone

We contacted HughesNet to order internet and phone. Tech came out SAME DAY to install services. We had service interruptions any time it got cloudy. Contacted tech support, and they "magically" resolved the issue. On out NEXT OUTAGE, after working with Tech Support, was told it would be several weeks before tyhey could come to the house.

NO INTERNET or PHONE for two weeks, but same day installation is available.

After indication that the delay was not acceptable, I was basically told, thats just the way it is...

I informed the "representative" that I wanted to terminate services, as they have breached their obligation to me. I asked to be transfered to a Supervisor, and was told "on their recorded line" that the Supervisor would give me the same information, , , , and he would not bother the supervisor with this petty issue.

I informed the rep that I wanted their tech out to remove our dish, repair the roof (claimed they had NO under-mount dishes) and pick up their equipment. They sent a box, and instructions for returning the hardware. NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

I demand that HughesNet repair my roof, remove all hardware.


purchase information

We called to get an approximate quote on switching to We saw the special that is offered until 01/02/19 for $39.99. All we wanted to know was what the total monthly bill would be, including the lease of the equipment and taxes. The Customer Service rep seemed friendly but said she could not give us any of the above information until a credit check was done. Giving out financial information should not be required until a person or persons decide to purchase a product or subscribe to a service. How can we just get an estimate for the actual cost per month? I already have another internet service but may wish to change to Hughes.
Thank you for any assistance,
Betty Smith
103 Winchester Pass, Fort Davis, TX 79734

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internet service

I haven't been a customer of hughesnet for very long. But for them to charging over $130 for just 50gbs per month, its highway robbery.
They refresh the 50 gbs once a month, but at the same time, they give you an additional 50 gbs every night between the hours of 2 am and 8 am for free. Who in their right mind is awake at those hours, unless you work the night shift of course, which I'm sure a lot of us dont.
For the amount I'm paying, I should be getting unlimited internet access every month, no matter what time of day it is.

internet speed

I had hughesnet installed 12/17 and it has been horrible speed is slow and cannot stream without buffering. I have called numberous times twice a day and have been told a technician would call. This has not happened. When I signed up for this service I was assured there would not be any issues streaming. Using a phone or laptop to access the internet is also incredibly slow. I will be filing a complaint with the bbb by the end of the week! The latest case number is [protected]. The technician should have made sure the service was working properly that didn't happen either!

unauthorized payment

Just like the many MANY other customers, HughesNet also took an unauthorized payment from me. I canceled the very slow and terrible service when a serviceman came out to see what was wrong with my equipmentment and told me HughesNet does not work well for streaming Netflix. I told him that's all I wanted it for, I was misinformed and take the equipment because I don't want service. He told me that he would put in my cancellation but they would mail a box for equipment. Almost 2 months later I received a box in the mail and the next day HughesNet took $408 out of my checking account without my permission. I never said ok to automatic payments. I never do with any of my bills. I was NEVER told that I was agreeing to automatic payments upfront and that I had to call later to request a paper bill. I heard that for the first time today on the phone with HughesNet, months after I'd started service. That's their scam. And $408?! They said it was "tokens". I had to google what a token even was! I never called and ordered tokens, they told me I did it from my account online, but I've never even used my account online!! It's a scam and it's sad. I am a single mom with 4 little boys, I worked so hard to save that money to buy them Christmas gifts and the exact same day I had money put in my account, HughesNet took it out! 10 days before Christmas! I talked to 4 different people on the phone. Got no where. I was waiting for my final bill to come in the mail and planned to pay for it with a different card, not my kids Christmas money! I still never got a bill in the mail!! I hope HughesNet is happy that they stole Christmas from 4 little boys. They could've at least waited a couple weeks to steal my money! That would've sat better with me than doing it with my kids Christmas money!!
I'm disgusted with HughesNet for taking money out of my account without ever asking my permission and I'm disgusted after reading how many other people this has happened to. I will be sure to post this on several different sites so that hopefully others don't get screwed over the way I did.

damage to roof from installation

HughesNet installer damaged my roof by dropping DISH on my roof November 9, 2018.
I contacted Hughes net regarding the damage and was told my case was escalated and that someone would contact me .
November 29, 2018 I received a call from HughesNet asking me questions about the damage also asked for pictures to be emailed which I Sent same day.
Shortly after the installation on 11/09/2018 my Internet went completely out for over a week .
I called HughesNet and was told my DISH no was no longer in line and needed to I have installer back out to reline the dish
I told the representative I was not happy due to the damage from the previous installation and did not want to use the company they send out because nobody's fixing my roof .
I was told I had no choice and needed to use the company .
So yet another installer came out on 11/27/2018 and told me the dish was damaged and he had to bend it back in shape in order to receive signal .
I explained to him the previous installer dropped it on my roof and he could see the damaged it caused on the DISH and my roof
Now HughesNet won't return my calls
Roof is leaking and it's winter !
My case has been escalated nine times .
It seems to be a stall tactic?
Case number [protected]

damage to roof from installation
damage to roof from installation
damage to roof from installation

internet service

Speed test said i was 98% slower than the rest of the country. Tech said no problem and tried to rope me into...


I went through Direct Tv for a bundle package better than what I had. Keep in mind I had digital service and I asked specific questions. I was told that this service will be better hands down. The technician for the WiFi came a day early and we noticed as soon as he hooked it up it didn't work at all. I told technician to take the equipment with him because nothing was working. I already had WiFi that was unlimited from Spectrum still installed so I knew the difference immediately!! It was like dial up. I called to cancelled service before technician left the yard. They told me I would have a full refund by Monday the service was installed on Saturday. Needless to say it's about to be the second Monday with no refund. I'm very upset and have consulywith a lawyer on the grounds of false advertisement. Hughes is a horrible service to have when you live in the woods. However, they were aware before they took my money. I want my money back now!! I will post in social media if no response within three days. I'm tired of the wait!!
Signed, Disappointed
Toshika Spratley Williams
5337 Tillery Lane
Smithfield, VA 23430
Ph# [protected]

hughes internet service/ lack of!

I've had HughesNet Internet Services this year starting at $60 per month. The service lasted for the first...

internet service

I would like to know if anyone has successfully cancelled service w/ HughesNet... I will be calling soon to try again since per my last complaint form they gave me a big run around the 1st time I tried talking about all these fees I would owe... & somehow they used my last cable/internet line to connect there service & has blocked it so no other company can use it (not even the original company) HughesNet is the worst company ever, huge scammers & they guarantee no other provider can get access to your home.

  • Ca
    Catherine Meade Mar 08, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Watch them. They did not live up to their agreement, I had 3 weeks of no internet out of 6 weeks
    No Router for two and 1 that it didn't work half the time. They broke our agreement and I changed internet to a much faster local company that is trustable. Then on March 4, they took out $385.00 out of my account. They will not return it! They say it's because I broke the contract when it was they that did. If you have them on auto pay, get them off before you cancel!!

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internet service

Yes! I am having the same issue w/ HughesNet, I tries to cancel almost 2wks ago because as you said that suck!, the entire yr I've had them I have had issues with the service, like not even being able to watch a 15sec video on my phone w/o it buffing 5 times, or if I try to stream a movie (that is less than 2hrs long) & it buffing 52 times & just shutting off 3times (& yes I counted it), I have tried to get this resolve 6 times in the past yr yet it never gets fixed, each time I have spoke w/someone they tell me it has been corrected but the sec I hang up it goes right back to the way it was, this last time I calld I wanted to cancel & got that BS that I signed up for a 24mth contract... OH NO I DIDNT! & I have every email & paper provided by Hughesnet & NONE of them state anything about 2yrs... I spoke w/a Sup that stated that it would be a $265.00 cancellation fee & the s&h fee for return of equipment, states they need to do everything under their trouble shooting before it could be cancelled, told him fine I would give it 1 more week for them to get it completely fixed, he stated it would take 24 hrs for it to reset & he would call me the following day every hr until he was able to speak w/me to go thru the trouble shot, I told him if it wasn't corrected this time it will be cancelled w/o ANY type of fees & he agreed... he never called (& thur will be 2wks) I received a survey on that call & gat bad rating yet still have not received a call... THIS [censored] WILL BE CANCELLED TONIGHT!!!

satelite does not work

I am a senior citizen, disabled vet, on a fixed income. I could of chose any company but I chose Hughenet. Two hours after installation I realized I made a big mistake. Internet was so slow it wouldn't load any Apps. The installer failed to install the router close to the TV, so I could not connect directly. Hours after install I called tech support, Paul from Brownsville Tx. He failed to follow up and lied to me. Called the next day talked to Christianson who told me that if I wanted a installer to come out I would have to pay for him out of my pocket. Im a customer for hours and this is how you treat me. I've been scammed. Shame on you, my next contact is the Attorney Generals Office for crrimes against the elderly.

internet services

My phone has not worked since I changed internet providers. It has been working properly for years with the previous provider. I am not able to use my phone at home now. Please resolve!!! I can make calls but the person on the other end cannot hear me at all. Up until now I have never had a problem and this has been going on ever since I changed to HughesNet.

service representative

I truly have no other options for internet in my location. I had to make a choice, given that I could not afford everything that I wanted. I chose internet and looked around and Hughes Net was my only simple option. I called and proceeded to go through the process and give my information. The rep, it seemed to me, spoke quite fast and munmbling it was hard to tell what exactly he was saying. Which is no problem. It's usual with "salesman" of the sort. I ran into a problem when he asked me the final question as to whether or not process my order and set the install in motion. I made the mistake of not hearing or understanding that the first months charge would be taken today. Some companies take out a small amount to check the payment card and the first month would be taken the following month, especially with a lot of these promotional offers. When I told him that I couldn't pay because the funds wouldn't be available today he basically told me I was lying and asked the real reason. Then told me he only told me 3 separate times. I had said to him that he was speaking fast and he rejected that and stated he spoke slowly and clearly. At one point he laughed out loud. I understand that if I misheard and misunderstood something. No problem, but for that rep to act and talk to me the way he did has made it clear in my head that I don't think I will need Hughes net. I read some of the complaint comments before I decided to compose this, and again a moderator named Amanda was awfully passive aggressive. Iv worked as a phone rep for Xbox. I get that customers aren't always right. Half of them maybe idiots, but at the end of the day, it's you who wants OUR money. That deserves respect at some level. Sean the rep isn't doing his job on a professional level. For that Hughes net will lose my minute business.

internet speed and phone

Hughesnet is so slow and you are unable to play any games either on the computer or an IPad. Started in September and every month I have had to purchase tokens and am unable to play any of our games. We totally lost internet and phone a few weekends ago, no offer to comp for loss. I am getting tired of the slowness to the point that I am willing to pay to cancel them!!


My tv/internet bill was getting too high so I saw an offer combining Dish and Hughes net for a better price. When I ordered it I was told that it would meet my needs. ( I live on my own and believed my requirements were small). Since then I have had consistent performance problems and was unable to stream TV episodes or movies. I struggled more than a year and called a few times. Finally customer service admitted that they could not provide what I needed. I reverted to Spectrum and canceled Hughesnet. They immediately disconnected me and said I would be charged for remainder of the cycle - another 30 days and I am being charged a cancelation fee of $325.
This is entirely unacceptable and I dispute it for the following reasons:
- I was assured at the outset that performance would be fine. I was leery but the assurance made me comfortable. Clearly I have been misled. Hughes are duty bound to be honest about there product.
- only in the last month has customer service finally admitted that the product would not do the job. Why could they not have been honest at the beginning?
- now they want to penalize me with a cancelation fee for quitting a product that. By their own admission, could not do the job.
- in addition, they want to charge for another 30 days of use even though they have disconnected my service. How can they charge for something that is not available?

The whole thing is unfortunate and I have been patient. Account management completely ignored me and refused accommodate me. However if common sense and fairness can prevail, Hughes should waive these charges

ip service

September 13, 2018
I am hoping to resolve my issues with you IP services
Username: [protected]
List of cases numbers (#):
1. [protected]
2. [protected]
3. [protected]
4. [protected]
5. [protected]
6. [protected]
7. [protected]
8. [protected]
9. [protected]
10. Current (I hope still active) Case # [protected] Tech Support Ph. # [protected]
Modem/router Password: RYSB2799yBBE7237
I am typing this document while waiting for you to load a page—employment application! You just freeze; imagine that, you are not functional.
Problem with Epson not able to communicate to my laptop. Your Modem would not function via Wi-Fi to/from printer and computer. Again Still Waiting!!
Dish alignment:
Addressed by technician with new hardware, what technician resolved had nothing to do with my Problems?
Download speed:
To my monitor, poor to non-existence
Your freeze my operating system to the point of the "Wheel" becoming problematic.
It's you not Safari, Word, Outlook, anything that touches the Internet.
U-tube has never worked
Password reset:
My password that I use was 2024 until you failed to recognize my password and have me and everyone else uses the same reset password that you supply: welcome1. Seven (7) events over seven years. Can I stop this waist of my time?
Change Email address:
When I moved my service to another residence in the County, you changed my Email address. Why did you not inform me? Do you know how much work and miscommunication, leading to frustrations?
You have four (4) outgoing emails frozen on your mainframe, slowing my incoming Emails, for two (2) years. Messages are, "failed or was dropped", by you. I was forced by you to use your Home Email. You average was five (5) tabs to open up your Home page. How much of my time do you waste?
I have had outgoing emails taking as long as fourteen (14) hours to deliver.
Simple replies and basic email communication have taken hours.
After two (2) years of error free Outlook, you did it again. You switched my IP address from the one originally provided to me from you, to one that was "Blacklisted".
Outlook Pop-Up request to verify Password "welcome1", this activated my send option. This randomly occurred several months ago. This has not worked in Outlook for four (4) years, what did you do?
Internet speed:
Research through search engines, Google, produces menus, (no pictures, and photos) that some times open approximately thirty (30) percent of attempts
The more images the guarantee the page will not load
Selections from the menu are chosen to open, in new tabs and windows makes no difference in speed and download.
Research needed for Corporation, health, jobs, and projects require me to have several tabs active simultaneously
Internet pages do not completely load, after much time if all images open at the bottom of the page, you scroll back to the top of the page except it has disappeared in to your "White Page"
Pages open slowly, (click, go have a sandwich) then maybe the page would load
Pages don't open, "White Pages"
Tabs active are deleted
Opened tabs from pages close and don't open
Tabs need to be constantly reloaded, with little to no success
In Word and PDF documents does not function.
Favorites, failure
I must endure with your term "Cannot locate the Internet Server"
To fix your problems I have gone via:
Geek Squad
IT Associates
To seek help, every one blames you.
Cost for Technicians: $368. Out of my pocket. Why? Your technicians were not capable in my problem areas so I was forced to pay Professionals. They blame you.
Server problem areas are not problems from my Mac, or cloud obstruction. My laptop works flawlessly when using Wi-Fi at remote locations. Its you.
I need Internet access from a Internet Provider to do work, currently there is no recognition of functioning Internet access.
You constantly humiliate me by freezing, rendering my Laptop via You useless.
Wasted time and money
What does that cost?
I need a functional access to work!
What are our options?
Fix my problems that you created, I will stay a customer
Lose me as a customer
The most outrageous option is to drive the eighteen (18) miles round trip to go to the local library. The library Internet functions as an IP should function. Their value is I get one hundred (100) percent of my task accomplished. This option increases my cost in mileage and driving time. You however provide Nil to a very poor functioning service. Useless
At this point Hughes v. Library you lose, you provide no service!
Monday September 17, I will cancel your recurring debit payment from my banking account. Posted 20th monthly, HNS* [protected] #5296
New contact Email: [protected]

Thank you for any assistance you can provide
David L. Flentge