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intolerable customer service

Some of the worst service I have EVER seen. And I say this having spent years working in the utility...

bad for gaming

I wanted high speed internet so I can play online games and brows the internet faster. After getting Hughe...


I need a static IP address to support my VPN back to my home office. I was told I could pay extra for a static IP for which they certainly charged me more. However, the home office does not "see" my "static IP" because hughes net web accelerator software spoofs IP addresses. total failure & totally worthless. after two months of wrestling with this worthless system, I closed the account. they had the gall to bill me $300 for violating a "contract" I have never seen. I asked for a copy of the contract & of course they don't have one. I wrote them a certified letter offering to work things out, but they never responded. Nevertheless, they have turned me over to a collection agency, if you can believe that. they are the biggest bunch of liars & creeps I have ever dealt with. AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS!!!

unprofessional technical and home service practices

I have repeatedly had to call Hughesnet service department to investigate why I had such a poor or no satellite signal (non-weather related).Once your call enters into the technical department you are speaking with someone in India? The answer to my question about signal strength from this person in India was " do you utilize a Google tool bar, if so, remove the Google tool bar. I hung up following his comment and called the service department back, told them what the Technician (India) had said, they apologized and suggested I have a service technician come to my home to fix the problem for a minimum fee of $120.00. The service technician (Guardian Enterprises) never showed up or called to say he couldn't make the appointment. Enough is enough... I'm moving on.

ripped me off

I ordered, and was advised thru the sales rep that I needed to sign up for the small business plan for home networking. I had the business equipment installed and the installer never stuck around to see if my speeds were acurate for the plan I was on. I spent over a week for hours at a time with the technical department trying to troubleshoot the speed issue. After a week had passed I get a phone call from a foriegner that says they cannot fix the problem and are closing the case on my problem file. I called and said I wanted my money back for what I paid for and didnt receive. IT WAS A BIG NO. I have fought these folks long enough. I called the bank today and filed a dispute with my credit card for this charge of 450 dollars.
These people are the worst people to deal with. Even corporate which I contacted and still didnt have any resolution. I need all the money back that they took from me.

  • St
    Storm May 12, 2008

    There is already a thread on this. I would suggest writing your Congressman, your Governor, and both of your Senators as well as contacting a good Lawyer regarding a Class Action Lawsuit. These are all things I am doing in my state. Don't expect much to be done at the moment, however. The Government is far too busy NOT dealing with our current economic crisis.

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service charges

My Hughesnet system was installed in Sept. 2007. Since then they have replaced the modem twice, under warranty. In April 2008 I once again lost service for 5 days. When I called the service number they said something was wrong with my equipment, and a service man would be sent out, at a cost to me of $125.00, because the warranty had run out. I agreed to this, and when the technician showed up he was the same guy that installed the system.
After trouble shooting i was informed by the tech. that my equipment was operating just fine, and that the Hughes Net Sattelite was not functioning properly way up there in space. He said that the reception problem was NOT MY EQUIPMENT, but the Sattelite 's, and their would be no charge to me for the service call.
Well the was a charge of $125.00 I was told no matter whose fault it was and I had to pay it.
THIS is TOTAL BULL CRAP!~!, and I'm not going to give up until I talk to an American who can give me satisfaction! All I get is a bunch of elephant riders over in India when I call the service number! Now I'm searching for the phone number of their headquarters in Germantown Md. Does anyone have that number??

  • Ma
    matt May 11, 2008

    i posted this on another forumn but i will post it here too, if i can save at least one other person the time and trouble (and lots o cash for very little in return) that is Hughesnet, so much the better: my girlfriend and i are finding out the hard way- you cant read the full details until you are online.. thier 'Fair Access Policy' (do not exceed 200mb of daily download for our package or you get effectively shutdown for 24 hrs)is anything but... AND, contrary to what they say on the phone, they DO close ports, .. online gamers(or anyone) beware. Dial up is a better (faster? in alot of cases)option... when i get mad enough ill see what the state attorney general's office says...there needs to be some regulation of these type of businesses... oh and to cancel ..$350.00 to get out of thier 2 year contract. i REALLY wish we could get the terms of use mailed to consumers before entering into contracts like these.. id have gone without internet if id have known itd be like this - mad in rural thing i d like to add... you wouldnt go to a store, see an empty shelf and let the store clerk convince you to pay him for the non-existant item- why is Hughesnet allowed to sell more bandwidth than they appearantly can supply?... this, im guessing is the reason for the F.A.P... i heard another reason... but seem far fetched, as if your like me, the nearest house is quite some distance away- (the sell connections to your neighbor reason). believe me when DSL finally reaches us here, we will be rid of this mess-- i would be ashamed to offer such a poor product to my customers- but then corp. america has no soul or conscience.

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  • Jo
    John J. Jul 13, 2008

    Do not get too aggitated with the reps you think reside in India or elsewhere.
    apparently you have not been to the DC metropolitan area. Many reps with English as a second language are right here in the tech corridor located in Germantown, MD and don't be surprised if you are actually talking to a customer support agent here in the good ol U.S. of A!
    Just the same, I doubt that a tech staffer here would know any more than someone overseas because of the nature of the "soft shoe book reading tech" hardly ever knows more than the hands on field tech that comes to your house to service the equipment.

    As for the service techs, there are only a few people that install the hardware in the state due to the "wired" broadband market and the sat internet market being scattered in areas like where I live. So never be surprised if you see the same and only tech come to your place to work on your hardware. I considered being a installation tech myself several years ago but there was not enough work to keep me gainfully employed.

    I am a HugesNet customer residing in the rural tier of southern Maryland in a fringe area that does not provide any other broadband services, even the dial up is terrible... the connection I am using to write this blog is only 28.8 kbs to that tell you how bad it is. I have been a DirectPC/HughesNet customer for over 4 years and this is the first time I have had and major issues with my hardware. In the last few months, I have had issues with going over on the Fair Access Policy (FAP) which is annoying because the downloads are mostly updates! Considering that I have not had this issues in the first 3 years, I think this is a ploy to get customers to upgrade to the more expensive packages.

    It is likely that my transmitter took some damage last moth during a series of thunderstorms, but my connection quality has been slowly degrading over 6 months. I chalked it up to the satellite and atmospheric conditions and even the trees coming into bloom, but my signal strength has been a average of 62 since I purchased my system in 2004. I cheked my dish for any potential damage due to a fallen tree brance on my roof, and only thing that i could see is a very stretched RG-6 cable feeding the dish's transmitter port. I changed it out, rebooted my modem and my connection worked better than it had in months!!
    5 hours later, the system began to cycle in and out as if it was continuously rebooting.
    The Transmit status falls out every few minutes and the TCP Acceleration Status is red flagged in and Not operational. I gave it 24 hours to see if it will clear itself up before I called it in.

    So today I finally called in and had it looked into. During the call, there was a recording stating that there has been outages on the 93 longitude's satellite.
    OK, But my service says its on 95 West and "has not had any problems" so says the service tech.

    The tech rep pinged my modem and conducted a test and the end result: He stated that my transmitter is bad and needs servicing. Needless to say, My dish has been out of warranty since 2005 and is the likely culprit but that dose not account for the 6 some odd hours of above average service before it crapped out.

    So now I have been hit with the $125.00 service fee and a 5-7 day wait, and a day of leave i will need to use for the tech to check things out at my home. I also have to use Juno to do the basic online task until i'm up linked again.

    The only positive I have is a 7 day discount to my service until a tech services my system.

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slow speeds and terrible service

Same complaints as the myriad of others who have posted about HughesNet. - slow speeds (especially upload) -... horrid company

Don't waste your money or time with This is absolutely the worst company I've ever had to deal with. If you have any alternative for Internet, go with it. When I started with them 4 yrs ago it was fine. But they have been adding people to the Satmex 5 and Satmex 6 satellites to the point where there is no bandwidth and no one has any speed. If they tell you to "upgrade" your modem for faster download or upload times, don't believe it. I have the HN7000 and it is worse than the DW6000. Now with their FAP you can't even download music or watch videos or you get turned off for 24 hours.

The most recent "crisis" is their email upgrade which was suppose to take one day. Well now its Tuesday April 29 and we've had no email since Friday. Maybe they outsourced the upgrade to India like they do the customer support. Those people don't have a clue. Now, they are switching back to the old email system. What idiots. I live in Central America and have no choice. If you have a choice of providers...DON'T USE HUGHES.NET ... The only good thing about my service is I deal with c-com, a VAR in Canada and they respond to emails and actually do provide "value added".

  • Jo
    John Smith Jun 30, 2008

    Hughes net has always kind of sucked for even web browsing because once you hit the FAP it takes you to below dial up speeds, I know this because whenever Hughes starts not loading anything(sometimes not even google) I switch to a dial up connection.

    Thats great because it ties up my phone lines which is one reason i pay ridiculous prices for sat interenet. I can't even play star craft online. That game is 10 years old and only requires a 28.8k modem meaning hughes isn't even delivering that.

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  • Li
    Lisa Jacobs Jul 24, 2008

    Hughesnet is HHOORRIFFFICCALLY AWFUL!!! I have logged over 17 hours to upgrade my ssllooowwww system to a faster speed. HAHA on me. I only pay a lot more and cannot get any quick access. I have talked to several different countries after arguing with the automated person for 15-20 minutes. They understand nothing, NADA, nil, etc. I even had my service shut off for an upgrade when it did not need to be shut off. I wanted to pay my bill by a different debit source and ended up being restricted to my online account because I am a child. I am 43 years old. I was unable to speak to an English speaking person, and was transferred after being on hold for multiple times and multiple hours, to other countries and never did get a number to talk to a real person in my language. If I terminate sevice with Hughesnet before 1 year I have to pay a $400.00. I have been trying to finish my masters degree online and have spent more hours at my neighbors on their service to complete assignments. I continually speak to anyone and everyone so they don't have to suffer the way I have and the way you others have also suffered. Hughesnet has cost me litterally thousands of dollars. Pardon me but individuals of other countries are certainly "screwing" us. I have never before in my life said anything so disgraceful sounding as that, but this company (Hughesnet) inspires that in me.

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  • As
    Asar Apr 08, 2009

    I got a message from "florance smith" ([email protected]) . In that there is written that i have won some in Euro Afro Asia Sweepstakes Lottery International Program. I wanted to know is this company true or Fraud?Perhaps this program happens in holand...

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awful service

How is it that all of us can suffer the same issue with the AWFUL service by and they just keep taking the money out of our pockets?!!!

If the wind blows there is no service (I live in Kansas for God's sake!), if it rains there is no service, if it snows there is no service, if the sun shines a certain way there is no service, if Hughes makes an "Upgrade" (God help us all) there is no service, if a bird flies by and get my point.

I beg our county government to PLEASE run cable in our rural area...someday I hope they listen.

  • Bo
    Bob Olin May 27, 2008

    I see I am not the only one complaining about hughes net. I wrote a letter a month to their "corporate office" from February to May without a reply. I don't thing it exists. Their employees say they have no way of communicating with them. They did not have the decency to answer. Everytime I attempted to call, I was on the phone for at least one-half hour and being transferred to six or more people, most of whom I couldn't understand
    (language barrier), with absolutely no satisfaction. I had problems with their equipment and their technicians could not fix it, they wanted me to buy new equipment even though we did not know exactly what the problem was.

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  • Le
    Les McLagan Jun 11, 2008

    I guess I might as well chime in. Maybe between us we can save someone else the misery of dealing with this low life company. This was also submitted on [redacted] .com

    I have been a user since 8/22/06 in that time I have experienced the absolute lowest, most useless, most uncooperative tech support that it has ever been my misfortune to experience. I am an electronics tech with over 45 years experience both in circuit level troubleshooting and IT. I do not need a flow chart reader to tell me that my system is fine when I can't access the internet. I have had trouble with the system from the very beginning. On two occasions they have sent me new modems unnecessarily because they simply were too incompetent to isolate the actual problems. Before you contact tech support with this company you had better first have a couple of good stiff drinks and take a few valium. You will get a very pleasant sounding person with such a thick East Indian accent that if you have poor hearing as I do, you will only catch one word in ten. Then the first thing they will do is have you reset your modem, in the process clearing any diagnostic data it has stored. Of course in most cases clearing the modem gets you going again for at least few minutes, so then they can find no problem and simply apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced and tell you to call again if you keep having trouble. Of course when you do call again you will just go through the same endless loop. It is like an insidious "Mobius Strip" The greatest problem is that after you have wasted often an hour or more on the phone and hung up, ten minutes later the problem will often re-occur. I have actually had to reset the modem as many as a hundred times just to get my email, but they continue to say the system is fine. In one case I logged the error codes that the modem was reporting for over a week. It tallied over 26 different error codes in that time. Armed with that data I called again the next time the system quit and before resetting it. The first thing they did again was demand I reset the modem before they would run any diagnostics, and as they would not budge from that I finally did. As soon as it came back up working they simply told me that since it was presently not showing any problem there was nothing they could do. When I tried to give them the error codes they told me that at their level of support they did not deal with the codes and refused to connect me to a higher level because the system had responded to a reset.
    In one particular incident about six months ago I went through this insane run-around for nearly three weeks, being told at every call that there was no problem. Finally one day I called in and upon describing the problem was immediately transferred to higher level support who told me that the problem was a router problem at their end in the network operations center and that they were already aware of it and assured me that their engineers would have it fixed within a few hours. IT TOOK ANOTHER THREE WEEKS! Then to really make it frustrating I had to argue with their billing department for a half hour to get just one month’s credit on my bill.
    Now the final straw. The system has been only marginally useful since then with it becoming slower with time. This last week I have been trying to do some very large downloads of data that I need to get soon. Finally I hopes of getting a bit more speed and a little higher limit on their so called "fair access policy" (frankly that is a total joke, it should read unfair access policy") I spoke to their tech support and then the billing office who both assured me that going to the next higher service package would definitely improve my speed as well as adding 75mb to my FAP limit. Once they had me suckered into spending the extra money they told me the system would be down for an hour while the computers updated my equipment. After much more than an hour when it was still down I called their tech support. They walked me through a re-registration of the modem and said it would then work. Well it did not! In point of fact what they had done was transfer my system to a transponder that was completely non functional. They actually had a pre-recorded message on the tech support line before you could speak to anyone that plainly stated that customers on that particular transponder would not be able to access the internet for some time due to network operations center problems, and that their engineers would have if fixed shortly. I called them and demanded that they switch me back to the transponder I had been on, and they flatly refused. They said that it was their policy not to move anyone to a different transponder unless the signal strength was below 52%. It was just a few points above that at the time. The fact that they had switched me from a transponder with a 94% and fully functional only minutes before did not seem to mean a thing to them. When the person I was speaking to became rude about it, I demanded to speak to his supervisor. He flatly refused to transfer me to the supervisor! I then asked for his name and employee number so I could file a complaint. He gave me his first name only and said his employee number was classified. It is not! It is mandatory that he give that information if asked since without it there is no way to register a complaint. A first name is useless; there could be a hundred Randy's working for Hughes. I finally got him to transfer me to billing to cancel my service. The lady there said that she would definitely get it straightened out, and that they did not want to lose a customer, but that I would have to contact tech support to change the transponder. After jotting down the case number she gave me, I again called tech support, this time I got a different person who again refused to change it back, and if possible became even more belligerent and rude than Randy had been. I have now signed up with Wild Blue. I hope they will be a bit more realistic. In the meantime while I wait for them to install their equipment, the dead transponder finally came back online about 24 hours later, unfortunately it is displaying exactly the same symptoms as occurred six months ago when it took their network engineers 3 weeks to realize they had a problem and another 3 to get it right.

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  • Valerie Dec 02, 2008

    I have been a customer of Hughes Net for 5 years, only because I live in a rural area and have no other choice for internet service (I don't consider dial-up a choice). The service has not been that good since I started but knew I had to live with it until a wireless tower was built within range of my home. The service with Hughes Net continued to decline through the years, and many frustrating hours were spent on the phone with people that can't even pretend to care. I upgraded my modem to the 7000 in February, and paid the premium price of $79.99 per month for 'the best' plan. It didn't seem to make a difference in my service, which continued slow. I have been thrown off through their FAP about three times a week, which is extremely frustrating. I tried all known wireless companies, but was forced to live with slow service with Hughes Net. (There is a wireless internet service tower within 2 miles of my home but it is blocked by my neighbor's pole barn). This did not stop my search for a wireless company, and last week I finally found one that is 9 miles away and they provide and excellent signal. I never thought the internet could be so fast, this is really amazing. NOTHING comes close with Hughes Net, THEY ARE NOT HIGH SPEED. When I called to cancel my service, they informed me that I will be paying a $300.00 'early termination' fee. After being a customer for five years??? What do they want, a lifetime commitment? The girl was actually laughing at me on the phone and said I can't do anything about it, because they reset their contracts when someone upgrades the equipment. I talked to three people on the phone, and each one told me that this is something that Hughes Net has as a policy and I can't get around it. Now I know why I wasn't told of this fine print when I upgraded. I would think that if there is an upgrade in the equipment, that it shows customer loyalty and people should not be penalized for this. I am frustrated and have to live with losing $300.00 to these scam artists. I feel the $300.00 is worth the price to have service that is light-years ahead of Hughes Net, AND I'm paying $40.00 per month for this!!! I will never go back to Hughes Net, if I have to use a satellite in the future it will be through another company, or I go to dial-up. I recommend anyone considering this company for service to run as fast as you can the other way. You will not get good internet service or customer service, and you will pay a high price. Lesson learned.

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  • Am
    Ames Dec 31, 2008

    I agree with the post that was made regarding Hughes Net. We are under contract with Hughes Net and do not have service much of the time. My husband has to go to the library to post his grades because he cannot get internet service at home and we pay $60 a month for the service (no service). We have more than 30 case numbers from calls we've made about the problems we have with our connection. My husband was on the phone for over 3 hours the day after Christmas trying to dissolve our relation with them, they told us we would have to pay $300 termination fee, but we could upgrade to the faster service. I'm so glad I read the other post which stated the faster service was no faster and that our contract would start over with the upgrade. This is the worst company I have ever been involved with and would never recommend them. If they would change their way of thinking and put the customer's needs above their greed I'm sure they would be a much more prosperous company. RUN!!!

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  • Am
    Ames Dec 31, 2008

    Can you please give the name of the faster company you are now using?????????

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  • Mh
    MHScottLewis Apr 20, 2009

    I will never recommend HughesNet to anyone. We subscribed about 6 month's ago and it is the equivalent of throwing your money in the trash. Of course, like most people, we assumed we were upgrading from dial-up. Hah. Thank goodness we kept the dial-up account, because in an emergency we rely on that for speed. Or I need to get around 4 or 5 a.m. to take advantage of one of the few times that HughesNet offers high speed internet. I am in the process of finding something better (rural area) and will cancel my subscription immediately. Somebody needs to close them down or penalize them for ripping off consumers.d

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  • Bd
    bdwood54 Nov 02, 2017

    Hughes net sucks. I thought I had signed up for Dish Net because I called dish and every thing I talked about on the phone led me to believe I had signed up with dish net with a 1 year contract. The tech came out and installed the system and I didn't pay too much attention till I walked out side and saw the dish that said Hughes net and Informed the tech that I had signed up for Dish net and he told me that they were the same thing and I didn't think too much about it. I was not told I had a limit on the system. I was told by the person that I would get 25 mbs and when I reached my limit it would drop down to 10 mbs which would still be enough to easily stream movies. What I got was 25mbs to start and use my allotted gigs it dropped to 1 mbs upload and down load which you can hardly get on the internet with. They told me I had so loang that I could opt out. Wrong. They will offer you a little something to keep trying just long enough to your opt out period is out and then they put the screws to you. I am not going to stand for it. I am writing a letter to the Attorney General of NC< Cal and the US attorney general. I writing a letter to the BBB and going to start posting complaints to their face book till they allow me to disxontinue without paying 400 for something I didn't sign up for. If you don't like drama and problems don' ever sign up fo Hughes net.

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cannot connect to internet

Ever since Hughes mail "improved my service" over the weekend, I cannot access my e- mail at all.

It either get an invalid request, web page can't be found, , cannot connect to the web server, does not recognize my user name ( I have been using the same name and password for over 2 years, or does not recognize my password. HELP!!!

  • Do
    Dorothee Racette Apr 28, 2008

    Same here! - I believe the "upgrade" has failed or was considerably more difficult than they envisioned. I run a business and have not had access to my email or the webmail feature for two days either (same experience: website does not recognize my user name).

    I don't know what to do either, since it's absolutely useless trying to call tech service somewhere in Bangalore...

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  • Kk
    K Karnan Apr 29, 2008

    Unbelievable-4 days without consistent access-either at desk or web based. I get a random email once in awhile.

    Only response i got with live (haha) chat was- we are sorry for the inconvenience.

    I dont want to waste my time talking to someone in a noisy room who cant hear me and whom I have trouble understanding for an hour to get an answer of ...hmm, sorry.

    I have to say that up until Saturday I have been very happy with service. A bit slow once in awhile but a small price to pay for living in the "boonies".

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lousy service

Just another voice crying in the Wilderness... we have no current alternative to Hughes Net but they are the WORST... if you are fortunate enough to have any other option besides this outfit take it. Hughes Net is one big rip off and they treat their customers like cattle (funny when you think of the fact that customer service is handled out of India!). We are going to see if an internet aircard will serve our needs... at least we will be dealing with real, local people.

  • Li
    Linda Griffith Nov 09, 2007

    This internet company advertises to be High speed internet__WHAT A JOKE. They are no faster than dial-up but cost 4 times the amount of dial up. They are sooo nice to you at customer service UNTIL they install the junk (which will set your bank acct. back about $450.00) and you immediately start having problems and you call customer service and get someone in India that cannot understand you and keep you on the phone for an hour or so, then tell you they have to transfer you to advance technician which may be in the Philliphines or MAYBE Florida and you stay on the phone for another hour or two going over the same things you did the numerous times that you have called before. You can e-mail them with a problem and they tell you that you will have to call customer service that the problem requires REAL TIME ASSISTANCE which it actually does if you are willing to stay on the phone at least 4 or 5 hours every day. It is the biggest RIP_OFF ever--STAY AWAY from this provider!!!

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  • Do
    DON THOMPSON Aug 18, 2008

    We're paying $120/ month for almost dial up speed. Hughes net will not do anything except ask me to continue to do "Speed tests". I have spent numerous hours on he phone with them trying to resolve our issues and am done. I have 6 months left on our contract (that no one has a copy of) then, will be done with them. I always make a point of telling everyone that I know just how bad Hughes Net really is. I hope that you all do the same.

    Don Thompson
    Richmond, VA

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scam advertising!

I am ALL OVER filing a class action suit against Hughes Net so if anyone is seriously interested in doing so...

no service!

I have paid in advance for internet (wireless) services and for the last month and 1/2 I have been unable to access the internet. I am going through a horrible time in my life and have minimal resources. Up to this point of my life I have been able to meet all my bills but at this time, lets say, if I am not going to have the services I paid for I'd rather have this money for other bills.

  • He
    heathepw Jul 15, 2008

    I've had HughesNet for about a year now. About three months ago the modem lights would go off regularly. I had to disconnect everything and connect it back in a certain order to get the modem to start working. This went on for a couple of months. Finally the modem totally died. It took over a week to get my new modem. When I connected everything I could not access the Internet. After several long conversations I was told I would have to pay $125 to have a technician come out and realign the dish. I'm paying over $90 per month for this service so needless to say I wasn't happy. And as far as mounting the dish on a pole, mentioned in an earlier complaint, I think they do that to everyone. Apparently nobody has an acceptable roof to mount it on.

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  • Ma
    Mary Jul 27, 2008

    After a recent "no service" situation, I understand and sympathize. I would be tempted to just not pay them; however, that would hurt your credit rating. I was told I'd been cut off because I exceeded the Fair Access after the service being down with a recording saying they were sorry for any inconvenience. Next day, they claim I had over 200 MB which again exceeded the allowed amount. Again the following day the same thing happened. So I disconnected their modem and used my phone line instead. Today, It's back on but for how long who knows. I am very dissatisfied with their service! If I had it to do over, I would stick with dialup modem or ANY OTHER SERVICE AVAILABLE!!!

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  • Di
    DianaThomas52 Jun 25, 2010

    We have been without service through out the day, starting at 6 am, and will get service back around 6 pm. We have called about this and they told us that they were having problems with their systems due to the storms they were having. Come on, this has been going on for 2 weeks now and i run a business from my home and with the bad service, i am loosing money. We have had HughesNet for 1 year, but if this is the kind of service we are gonna get, we will find another means, even if we have to go back to Dial-up.

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slower than dial up!

Due to no alternative for high speed internet upon my relocation to rural New Mexico, I subscribed with...

slower than dial up and no support!

About 16 or 17 month's ago I had Hugesnet satellite installed Because I can not get DSL and or Cable here in the country. After paying around $500.00+ for the equipment a Young man come to install the system He insisted he could not install the system with out a pole mount and that would be an additional $110.00, This was for the pole and a bag of cement to set the pole in the pole cost $9.00 and the bag of cement cost $6.50 at a local hardware store. I am sure this person was getting payed from Hughesnet now I am in $610.00 and I still don't have High speed internet after an hour or so the system was up and running and I felt I had been Had!!! At $59.00 a month I got terrible up and download speeds at peek times some of the time I could not even get on the net I had kept my Dial up Just in case as I had to use it often. After a wile this so called FPA Had kicked in so I upgraded to the pro plan and was told this would be fast 1.5 down and 200 up all this for only $79.00 a Month thats $80.00 a month for An average of 77 down and 20 up during peek times they have a disclaimer for this too. I recently call about slow speed and got 3 (three) different stories about my slow speed and no help was available and that I was to wait for a call from the next level of support with in 24 to 48 hours. No one called I called back only then did I talk with level 4 this is what they said and some one would call with in 5 work days They called and said they knew there was a problem and the were working on this problem. still have the same problem I would think they have over sold there available bandwidth this has been a total negative experience and I would not recommend this service to any one They have my money and I got terrible service. I will put out the word about this matter as much as I can Hughesnet get your stuff together.

  • Da
    Dan Jul 16, 2008

    Hughesnet has been a total rip off!!! Slower than dial-up!!! And NO support and NO HELP!!!

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  • Jo
    Jodie Feb 03, 2009

    I had Hughesnet installed March 2008 because I have no other option living in the country.
    It cost me $80 a month and is down more than it is up and working. I have called in trouble at least 8 times.
    The last time I called, two weeks ago...they determined my problem was my modem. They sent me a new one...I replaced it and it did not work. I was on the phone with 4 different reps for 2 1/2 hours and then, they told me ...
    "well...obviously... the problem is the dish. We will have a service man come out but, it will be a service charge. You can ship the modem back to us at your expense". There is absolutely nothing wrong with my is the modem.
    If I had another option for internet, it would be worth the penalty to get rid of this nickle and dime service.

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false advertising / misrepresentation

Date: 2/28/08

Hughes Satellite has promised a level of service which they consistently can not meet. Continual efforts (c case #'s [protected] and [protected]) to get the services advertised that I pay for have been fruitless. Hughes Satellite advertises the following for the Pro service: With the HughesNet Pro plan, connect to the Internet with maximum download speeds of up to 1.0 Mbps, with typical speeds about 650 Kbps to 750 Kbps during peak times. Upload speeds, which are capable of reaching 200 Kbps, are typically 100 Kbps to 125 Kbps during peak hours.

The majority of time, even when not utilizing the service during peak times, my results have been far below that. Hughes has admitted to a problem that has been unresolved for almost two months. This problem is with their satellite operations. They have not notified customers that this service is impaired and have not offered any type of remuneration unless you are lucky enough to find the telephone number for customer relations in Germantown, Maryland.

The service department is made up predominantly of employees who reside in the country of India and are difficult to understand when attempting to troubleshoot a problem. After repeatedly going through the same troubleshooting procedure and finding nothing wrong on the consumer's end, the customer is switched to the next level of service. This results in a better chance of getting an English speaking representative.

After reviewing the case history(ies), the customer is told that Hughes is aware of the problem and are working on it but that they currently can do nothing about it. No effort is made to offer the customer downtime credit or even apologies for the sorry state of affairs. The customer is left with nowhere to go and a malfunctioning system which cost them $74.00 per month.

Contacting HughesNet customer relations in Germantown, MD and speaking with someone named Camile only confirmed that the problem existed and an offer to pick up the equipment and rebate the hardware costs. Camile indicated that I should be the one to request credit. My feeling is that Hughes should be making the offer without me having to ask. Unfortunately, that's not the only costs that one occurs with setting up HughesNet satellite system.

It may involve cutting down trees, digging ditches to bury the coaxial cable, having an unsightly satellite dish installed (and if it's further than 40 feet from the hook-up site, more unreasonable charges are piled on.

I just committed to extending the service for 24 months based on a "free" upgrade to a more functional modem. At that time, nothing was mentioned about the satellite problem.

This company has a long way to go to correct their many misrepresentations and withholding of information that a consumer should have access to.

I will also be filing a report with the FTC and the FCC along with a letter to my State agencies.

John Isensee

  • Lo
    Loren W Fowler Feb 02, 2008

    I ordered a satellite system thru Hughesnet Corp and ordered their current prom0 package of $0.00 up front, $100.00 rebate, $59.00 per mo. with equipment costs spread out over the two year period of the contract. Guess what????? ByTelco evidently submits all paperwork back to HughesNet as "up front install" and they don't put anyone in for promos' The rebate you might ask? They turn them in to all these "PROCESS REBATES AT HOME AND EARN BIG PROFITS; that we all get in our spam mail.

    OH, and yes, you guessed it: my bank also called to tell me that I had just been :wacked: for $500.00 plus another $100.00 overdraft charges!!! I made three emails to HughesNet, six phone calls and talked to every department in the company to no avail. Never mind that here we have another new customer that both we and BuyTelco just FRAUDULENTLY charged and screwed over and, hey lets make this right because the heat is starting to get turned up.
    Recourse???? I've filed a suit with the Federal Trade Commission, NYState Attorney Generals Office, The Better Business Bureau and a team of attorneys, Remember what we were all taught years ago, but sometimes don't really :get-it" There's strength in numbers because we are the little guys and THEY are the big guys. THEY have the money and lawyers and we don"t. Strength in numbers.

    IF any of you out there has still got a set of "Balls" in their pants and wants to join me, let me know! And the next time you see that pretty lady on your TV asking you if you think you can't get high speed internet service--well--think again--get HUGHESNET and your problems will JUST BE STARTING.

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  • Rr
    R R Aug 29, 2008

    I have the same problem ... poor Internet speeds, even after all "up-grades" ... modem (terminal adapter) antennae, service calls, ridiculous "speed tests over various sessions", ... etc. No offers of reduced monthly charge... Pro plan is nearly $70 per month. Horrible for just a little more than a dial up connection speed. I have zero other options as I reside out in the country. No cable, DSL, or ??? Satallite connection is it.

    I TOTALLY disagree with their claim the PRO plan, which advertises 1000/200, actually averages 600-700/100-150. For them to advertise 1000/200, the average speed needs to be 1000/200. Meaning sometimes speeds OVER 1000/200 MUST be obtained...!!!

    Possibly a "Class Action" law suit is neccessary...

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download limit!

I found out the hard way (running a very small business at home), that even with the professional plan, there...

frustrated with the service

I was a Hughes customer starting in 2002. I had the usual frustrations, similar to those in other complaints on this site. I had let my contract expire so luckily I was a free agent when this fiasco happened. Even so, the hassle was unbelievable and remains ongoing. Seems to me that between us there may be grounds for a class action suit for pattern and practice of consumer fraud on the part of Hughes.

On October 14, 2007, I accepted an online offer from Hughes Network Systems for an upgrade to my satellite system. They were to ship me a new modem, model #HN7000S, and begin a new level of service upon installation of the modem. I asked them twice when I would be charged for the modem and for the new level of service. Each time I was told that I would be charged when the new modem was installed and working. I signed no contract, nor was I given any verbal conditions or written company policy with regard to my purchase, beyond the information about when I would be charged for the purchase. Hughes told me they would be shipping my modem via the US Postal Service to my home address. They gave me no further shipping details or tracking information.

After three weeks I had still not received the modem, so I called Hughes. They told me the modem had been shipped and that it had been delivered two weeks earlier. They told me that it had been shipped via FedEx and that they knew nothing more and could not help me find the modem. Multiple phone calls later I discovered that the modem had been shipped via FedEx Ground, not FedEx. FedEx Ground confirmed that the modem had been delivered, but to an address that was not mine, and that it had been signed for by someone I had never heard of. I searched for the address and eventually found the modem, which had been delivered to a local business. I finally got the modem on Nov. 1, 2007. Because I was scheduled for surgery on Nov. 7, I did not contact Hughes or attempt to connect the new modem until November 14, 2007. I subsequently discovered that Hughes had charged my credit card for the modem and the first month of the upgraded service on November 11, 2007, three days before I contacted them for help in installing the modem.

On November 14, 2007 I began connecting the modem. When I needed help I called Hughes Tech support at [protected]. I spoke with Mary in India who was courteous but totally unable to help me complete the installation. In fact when I had gone through the steps she asked me to and clicked on the Swap button on the Hughes website, the new modem failed to install. Mary was unable to help me further, other than to inform me that I could not go back to using my old modem and thus would have no internet service at all until a way was found to install the new modem. Mary told me I had to call the Hughes Advanced Tech Support Center (Tech Support) at [protected], and issued me a PIN number which would allow me to talk with someone there, since otherwise calls to that number are refused. I made the call. I spoke with Steven and with John who were also unable to help me with the installation. After at least an hour on the phone, John told me that it would be impossible to install the new modem and that they would have to send me a new one. He confirmed that in the meantime I would have no internet access. He said they would ship the new modem within 5-7 days. Words cannot describe my frustration by this point.

Later that day I called Tech Support again, hoping to get a more satisfactory level of assistance. I spoke with Astrid. Astrid told me that the previous Tech Support personnel had not been as helpful as they could have been. She gave me a dialup account number so that I could get online. She also assured me that the modem would be shipped the next day, and that I could call the shipping department in the morning to obtain shipping and tracking information. Unfortunately, the dialup number given me was useless. Numerous attempts failed to connect to the server. Yet another call to Tech Support got me more dialup numbers to try. They too were useless. When I called the shipping department the next morning, November 15, the woman I spoke to laughed. She said 'Honey, I don't know who you were talking to. It will be days before we have any information on that shipment.'

Again I called Tech Support, attempting to get a straight story about the replacement modem; when it would be shipped, who the carrier would be, and what the tracking information was. I spoke with several individuals. I was finally told that no one knew when the modem would be shipped; that no one knew how it would be shipped, and that it was impossible to connect me with anyone who could tell me any of this information, despite what Astrid had told me.

During the following 6 days I called Hughes repeatedly, both Tech Support and Shipping, trying to find out when and if the new modem had been shipped. I was shuffled around in circles between Tech Support and Shipping and given no useful information. I asked to speak with their Customer Relation Department and was told that they could not connect me, nor could they give me a phone number or email address so that I could contact them myself. My efforts to get this information were met with indifference and I was rudely dismissed. On November 23, 2007 I checked my credit card account and discovered that Hughes had charged my account on November 11, 2007 for the price of the new modem and for one month of a new service plan even though at the time of that charge I had neither installed the new modem nor gotten the service upgrade. I immediately called Hughes and told them to cancel my account due to my having no internet access, no new modem, their inability to help me, their incompetence, their total lack of cooperation in resolving the problems, and especially because they had violated their agreement, and charged me for the equipment and service upgrade before any attempt had been made to install them. Tech Support told me I had to speak to the Billing Dept about this.

I called the Hughes Billing Dept, asked them to cancel my account and to refund the charges to my account. They said they would cancel my account, but that I had to speak to a supervisor about a refund, and transferred me to Mike. Mike refused to credit my account for the November 11 charges. He told me that it was company policy that I had to try to install the second new modem, which I still had not received, and that they would only refund my money if that second modem could not be installed. Whether I cancelled my account or not, my money would not be refunded unless I followed their policy. He insisted that neither he nor I had any choice but to follow the Hughes policy and that there was nothing further he could do. I asked him to connect me with the Hughes Customer Relations Department. As had Tech Support, he said he could not and that neither could he give phone or email contact information for Customer Relations. He said he did not have the information and that my only recourse was to write them. I expressed extreme disbelief that he had no way to contact Customer Relations. After some time he admitted to me that he had the information but would lose his job if he gave it to me!!

On November 24, 2007, the new replacement modem arrived. I shipped it back to Hughes, unopened. On November 26, 2007 I called Hughes to be sure that my account had been cancelled. It had not, despite earlier assurances. I again requested that they cancel my account and they did so.

On November 26, 2007, I called Bank of America with whom I have a Visa account. I explained the situation to them and asked them to put the charges ($204.05) into dispute. They did so. On December 13, 2007 I received a letter from Bank of America acknowledging the legitimacy of my complaint and notifying me that the disputed charge was removed from my account. They further told me that they considered the matter resolved and that only if t he merchant supplied information proving that the charge was valid would the account be rebilled. Hughes offered no such proof and no rebuttal to my complaint. On December 21, 2007, Hughes wrote to me requesting payment of the disputed amount. I called Bank of America. They told me that I should ignore the letter from Hughes. On February 7, 2008, a collection agency called my residence attempting to collect the disputed charges, so this is far from resolved.

I feel that Hughes has shown itself to be unethical and willing to make fraudulent charges at the expense of its customers. Any help would be much appreciated.

  • Ji
    Jim O'Crolic Feb 28, 2008

    This is typical and my heart goes out to you. The only thing worse would be if you had signed up for AT&T Sierra WiFi. You would want to check yourself in to the nearest mental hospital. It is a George Bush's fault because of lack of regulation. These companies do any thing they want because they know they can get away with it. This is reason 1001 why the rest of the world hates us. Capitalism rules and morals and ethics are a thing of the past, much less fear of the law.

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misrepresentation of service

HughesNet continues with its come-on, "Up to 2.5 Mbps" and "High Speed Internet" while in reality, the speeds for download and upload range around 0.5 Mbps for download, and not much more than 0.01 Mbps upload. I understand the upload difficulties, but they shouldn't be able to practice false advertising and get away with it.

  • Da
    Dave Wheeler Sep 25, 2008

    I am furious with hughesnet. For the last 4 days I have been working with Hughesnet technical service to diagnose my problem with slow speed. I have found that during normal hours my speeds are as slow as 60 kbps. I have now been told that the speeds advertised are not promised and that my service is slow because of high service volumes. I called back to Hughes pretending to be a prospective new customer and was told that speeds would be about 2 mbps. I was told that was the speed for the basic plan. I asked the salesman about speed during peak hours and was told that It would always be that fast. I then told him I was already a customer and that my speeds were about 50 to 60 for download. He quickly changed his tone and said that speeds were not guaranteed. I told him that he just had guaranteed them and that I thought Hughes net was guilty of false advertising. One service technician told me I should expect speeds of 500 to 750 kbps during off peak times and no less than 250 kbps during peak usage. This speed of 250 kbps would be fantastic if I could just get it. They also told me I might be able to get more speed if I upgraded to the next plan but when I questioned them they said again that speeds could not be guaranteed. Their fair access policy says they will reduce down to dial up if they exceed the limit in this policy but I have checked and have not exceeded the limit yet I am still being reduced to dialup speeds. I think they should be the target of a class action suit for false advertising. I also believe that they give new customers full bandwidth for the first few months so they will tell their friends and then start to reduce bandwith until they have you down to dialup. If I had just signed up for the service and only got 60 kbps

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horrible internet provider & service!

I've posted two diatribes regarding the horrors of Hughes Net. I've also read many of the...

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