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internet/home phone service

HughesNet Satellite is a total rip off. I have their internet/home phone service and I've experienced...

email account was canceled

I've never in my life been so upset iv had the services for five years had so many problems that I cancelled...

phone service and sales

When I signed up for internet and phone service I was told by two sales people that the price would be $59.95 for 3 months and then 79.94 after that.They both also said my contract would be for 1 year. I have no complaint whatsoever about the internet service but their .phone service totally sucks. Everyone tells us that they can not understand us and that our voices sound muffled. I have complained and was told that everything was fine on their end. I called on their tech support to have the phone service canceled and was told I would have to pay a $128.00 early termination fee because my contract was for 2 years. I made this call at 9:28 am on 4/4/2016. I have complained about the phone service several times. When customer support transfers me to tech support, recognition puts me on hold and I lose them. As far as resolution goes I just want my phoneservice canceled with no added fees.

internet customer service

Have Had troubles with billing since the state!!! Lost tons of money...even after we faxed proof and still...

internet service

We had been with them for a couple of years, but something changed last December. Suddenly we started being hit with our bandwidth cap and had to purchase "tokens" on order to maintain bandwidth through the last week or so of the billing period.

Tech support assured us it was because we had increased our bandwidth use. This was surprising, as my wife and I are empty nesters and our habits had not changed. More to the point, bandwidth tracking at our router showed no changes, and no additional devices were logging in.

It was, simply, we had mysteriously run afoul of HughesNet bandwidth allotment. Multiple calls to support fell on deaf ears; they were sure it was our fault.

We've changed Internet providers and would not, under any circumstances, recomend HughesNet due to its accounting practices.

this is so unbelievable

I purchased a service from them over a year ago. I was assured by the sales agent that the package we were...

was told that they were the only service in our area by direct tv and hughesnet the service is horrible and I have a big dish on the side of my house.

We bought a house in Mohave Valley AZ, because we have direct tv at our CA home we wanted the same here. When...

unethical sales

I contacted Hughes regarding reconnecting my service on Dec. 29. I own my equipment and did not have to...

refusing to acknowledge payment

My account number is DSS10026742. On October 2, 2015 I went on the website and attempted to make a payment...

being charged for disconnecting

They were to send me a box to return my materials, in order to get a refund. 1. They seem incapable of getting me a box after 4 tries. if you Google map my address= my house is right there. 2. They expect me to crawl onto a roof of a house I no longer live in and don't know the occupants. Once on top, of the roof, I am to dismantle the satellite and remove the 1 piece they want off the satellite. Then place it in the box, which I still do not have, with several other pieces. If I fall off or get shot, will they pay my medical bills?

  • Me
    Melissa Bass Apr 15, 2019


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  • Ta
    Tangalia Brady May 05, 2019

    spoke with April supervisor) on 04/22/19 due to representative stated I owed for the month and debited my card, while I did not owe . I was told they could refund monies but would be 45 days . then she stated that they could not refund at all. I received a bill for $4.00+ today and was informed that it could be for taxes or something else, etc...

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  • Jo
    Johnathan brown Jun 23, 2019

    Every time when I trying to download something it always pop up

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internet service

I'm waiting to see Hughes network having to pay us customers back a lot of money for there Fraudulent...

internet service

hughesnet first of all deceives you into believing they provide fast internet then they expect you to settle...

over draft charge they caused

i have had to deal with this company a few times, but this time no satisfaction with outcome. i was told that...

discontinued hughesnet

Discontinued using horrid HughesNet over 3 months ago... Paid in full... Had to even pay to send back their...

I was given a lot of credits:

Arthur R. KAISER Jr. ORDER number: 9393825 site account (SAN):DSS33413612 date of order: 10/14/2015 amount...


Today 10/19/2015 hughesnet is going to charge me a second time for canceling/ moving my address. I swear...

billing policy

They billed me for 1 month service in advance. On the 4th day, I asked to cancel... they said no refunds. So...

fraud, terrible service, unethical behaviour

I inquired about their service over the phone because I had moved out into the middle of nowhere, like most...

internet service

After being with HughesNet for 1 year and 10 months, they charged me $110 cancellation fee because I got out of the military and was relocating to an apartment building that won't allow satellite. Before moving, I packaged up all of their equipment myself and mailed it off. On September 21, 2015, I was charged $213 by HughesNet for not returning the radio transmitter.

When I called about the charge, the customer service rep was very rude. I told her that I was not told anything about this radio transmitter which is apparently part of the satellite unit. When I called to cancel, they told me to leave the satellite unit alone. They did not tell me to get the radio transmitter off, what it looks like, how to do it, etc. A service technician is the one who set it all up, I didn't know what all of the parts were, and they certainly didn't explain it to me.

The customer service rep asked me if I had someone who could go to the house and get it for me and send it off. That is not an option. That house was rented and is now probably rented to someone else, and I no longer know anyone in that area. I told her that I wasn't aware of the radio transmitter and her reply was "well you could have asked." How am I supposed to ask about something, if I don't know there is something to ask about?

So now, after almost two years of a terrible internet provider, with multiple problems, horrible technical support and rude customer service, I am out $213 because of a piece of equipment they told me not to touch.

mover program is is big fat lie

On 10 Sept 2015 I reactivated my hughesnet service I had been with them since June of 2015. I moved to a new...