Hughes Net Internetbilling and service

J Aug 03, 2018

ok so before i even bought this new house im in ...I called internet companys to see who would service the new area im in ..turns out hughes net is the only one well i called before i even bought the house to see if it was compatible with what i need for work because i do work from home.. so this girl i spoke with that works for hughes net told me yes that it is compatible and that my bill would not be over 76 dollars because i had att before hand so i was like ok ...went and bought the house because i thought i was going to be able to work out of it well 3 days after moving in im trying to work and guess what none of my calls are working so i call hughes net well they ended up telling me they dont know why she would of told me that because it is not compatible ... so a few days later i lost my job ...a job i had been for a long time now only because of someone trying to get a costumer now im stuck with a 100 dollar internet bill that i was told would only be 76 dollars anyways and i have random charges on my credit card from this company without my authorization ... so now im stuck with a 100 dollar internet bill that is no use to me job and still have a mortgage payment ...i have never in my life been so let down by a company ...thank you hughes net for ruining my life

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