Huggies Goldquality of nappy changed


Hi huggies!

I have religiously been using huggies gold since my baby boy was born and i'm happy with the results! Its such a life saver :)
I love how dry his skin is even after his had more than two wee's! But there is one small problem, i've bought a pack of huggies gold 4+ on tuesday I only started using them last night and baby was soaking wet! The texture of this batch feels much harder than the previous batch because I still have a few diapers left. It feels more plastic and cheap compared to his previous pack, it's also not very elasticated and therefore he was wet up till his back my poor baby.
Also the colour of this differs from the previous, the previous is soft and cotton-ish and this is hard and "plasticky" and also darker than the others.
Please assist, I don't think this is going to work because I still have the full pack left. Now I don't have the slip and i'm unable to return the pack.

I've attached a picture, the one on the left is the faulty one

Your urgent assistance will be appreciated :)
Warm regards

quality of nappy changed


  • Lb
    lbahlman Jul 01, 2014

    Hi there. I have had the exact same with Huggies Gold. It was the only nappy my son could use to sleep at night without leaking. When they changed to Huggies Gold for boys (with extra padding in front) they worked even better. Bought a new pack 2 weeks ago and bang, all of a sudden his nappy leaks every night. Looking at packet I realise that they changed the nappy! Supposed to pull away moisture from bum quicker, but at the cost off how much moisture the nappy can actually hold. ALSO, nappy is actually slightly smaller and less elastic around middle. The nappy is actually THINNER! I pay a lot of money for these nappies and now that I have to factor in the price of having my washing machine run everyday with pee-soaked PJ's and bedding is making this nappy way too expensive! Listen to the customers...we want nappies that hold more pee, not less! Lee

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  • Le
    Leratoado Jul 12, 2014

    Recently bought huggies gold nappies baby has started getting nappy rash.I really thought it is one of the best quality but it is not.I would like to get my money back cause i not sattisified with the quality.

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  • Sa
    Saajida Ally Jun 01, 2017

    I totaly agree with the above complaints as I myself have been having the same problem only since I started using the nuber 4+ and 5. It leaks so bad that it soild her clothing... come on Huggies go back to old recipe.

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