HRRG Collectionsfake bills-already paid for-scam

Y Review updated:

I have been harassed by this company for weeks, they claim I have outstanding bills from a hospital visit, Larkin Hospital. I have already paid for the bill and I found it to be intriguing: but I didn't want this to affect my credit so I called the hospital. They told me I have no outstanding balance on my account and that they do not work with this collection agency. I am very happy I didn't pay for it, because from what I read already about this HRRG Collections company, they won't refund your payment.
They also insisted I would pay over the phone which I found suspicious.
It's a scam, do not pay what these people ask for!


  • Ri
    Richard F15 Aug 29, 2018

    Harassing phone calls to my cell phone many times weekly. I don't owe anybody anything. These are automated robo calls. Totally annoying. I cannot stop them!

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  • Ri
    Richard F15 Aug 29, 2018

    Can anyone suggest how to stop them from calling. AGAIN...I have no debt with HRRG COLLECTIONS AKA.
    "Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group" OR their parent company "Team Health".
    These calls will not stop. My phone number was newly assigned to me three years ago. Until now, I have had no problems with these types of calls.
    This Company appears to be placing "Spam/Fraud Calls". They are calling & will not stop.
    HRRG COLLECTIONS AKA. "Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group" is abusing my phone number with their many weekly calls.
    This is compete harassment to me & my family with automated robo scam calls. I have no way to block them from calling. This place is very bad news for me.

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