Hotwire.comthey are thieves again

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I am pissed. I went to their website and started making arrangements for a flight to Nashville. I got all the way to inputing computer data for credit card info. Well I tried 4 times to put my security code in and it didn't work. So I called my credit card people to verify my code was right. I called hot wire customer service as they stated to do. I called and the lady verified the code with my credit card people. She then attempted input and stated it would be 24 hours to go through due to I had inputed maximum amount of times and the computer would not take any more transaction on my card. So I said cancel it. She said thats okay go to as they are about the same rates. I said fine. So I booked the flight. Well suddenly, I went to my email and there and behold was a statement from Hotwire that I have a Itinerary number, flight and a charge for $526.90 on my credit card. So I called them back. Hotwire stated, "well her notes are not clear about your conversation. I tried to tell her think it through...would I had made another purchase for the same flight, date and time? Why would I need two flights. The price at expedia was $60.00 more. Why would I choose that over your price if I hadn't had trouble. Now I have been charged double for the same flight and my credit card people are not standing behind me for dispute. THIS IS ROBBERY! IF anyone has a lawsuit or a class to start one it's time for these people to be held accountable. This is ###. Bobby


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      Apr 05, 2010

    I am with you. I think that an attorney should be contacted.

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