Hotwirethe hotel choices

J Sep 01, 2018

I'm just trying to to figure out y every time I use this funky ass site y'all stay sending me to the same dry ass hotels like zero [censored]in variety!! It's always the same one! I don't want to constantly stay a no stankibg ass Extended Stay I'm So Pissed You [censored]es Need To Do Better Just because a MF give a place a decent review don't mean I want to [censored]in stay there every mu [censored]in time you stupid mf! And I swear to God if you blame it on a computer I'll be even more pissed! Excuses are for those who [censored]in make them
Sincerely pissed the [censored] off!! And won't be using the site NO More . Just thought y'all should Kno how [censored] the site is so y'all can fix it before you get another pissed off mf

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