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K Aug 05, 2018

I realize we booked a 2.5 star hotel with the Extended Stay America in Lombard, IL, however, we got much less than what we paid for. First of all, we had a terrible time even getting into the room. Thought maybe we had the wrong room, but no, the mechanism in the door just didn't work properly and my husband had to lean into and push the door with everything he had to finally get it open -each time. This is supposed to be a non smoking hotel but we smelled smoke as soon as we finally got the door open. Once inside we found our shoes sticking to the bare floor in the kitchenette area. A short while later I got up from the bed with no shoes on (obviously not thinking) and my bare feet were sticking to the carpeted area in the room. We found the window unlocked and we were at ground level - kind of a safety issue. The bathroom was a big deal because there was no shower curtain and the shower rod was pulling out of the wall. There were lots of paint flecks behind the door on the floor that were there when we got there and yucky grime behind the faucets that had been accumulating for some time. There was an empty roll on the toilet paper holder and about an eighth of a roll sitting next to it. There was however a full roll sitting on the top of the tank of the toilet. If the room had been vacuumed they certainly did not hit everything. They left a plastic pull tab and leaf on the carpet next to one another. The sink in the kitchenette had not been cleaned obvious from the bits of stuff still stuck to it. We thought maybe some of it would get cleaned when we left the room the next day, however, housekeeping never even came in to make the bed. It's very possible they couldn't push the door open to get in. I don't expect a beautiful room at 2.5 stars but cleanliness should be a given. This was a big event weekend in the Chicago area so there was no where else to go and no other room options within this hotel as we heard them tell some other hotel patrons. This was probably the worst hotel experience we've ever had.

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