Hotpoint Complaints & Reviews

Hotpoint / hotpoint washer/dryer

Jun 24, 2019

Client Reg No XIH 1301920 Date 24-6-2019 This product was purchased in Sept 2015 and has given no problem until recently when it started to become extremely noisy and vibrated a lot. The problem indicated faulty bearings and an appointment was arranged for the technician to visit (parts were...

Hotpoint / washing machine wmbf742

Mar 11, 2019

I bought this washing machine in may 2017. After 2 weeks I had to call out the repair technician... He showed me how to remove the front panel, remove the filter and the sock which was stuck in the filter (as none of this is mentioned in the user manual). I suggested that this is a design...

Hotpoint UK / will not refund... faulty fridge freezer under guarantee

Oct 10, 2018

I was supplied a hotpoint fridge freezer under my d&g insurance in february this year. The new fridge freezer broke down in august and was repaired .It then broke down again in september, the repair man came on the 1st october and declared it not repair able. When i phoned hotpoint i was told...

Hotpoint / hotpoint washer

Jul 26, 2018

I have never been so discouraged in all my life. I am a single person taking care of my handicap sister so money is tight. I bought this washer 4 yrs ago and this past week the drum fell half off and started burning im glad I was home. so when you spend money you wouls hope the machine...

Hotpoint / faulty hob model hr 612 ch

Jul 17, 2018

Dear Sir /Madam I purchased on line the above hob on the 29th May via Homebase internet service. It was duly delivered around the 14th June as I was having a kitchen installed at the time which was completed on the 22nd June. The hob was used twice and the I started having technical...

Hotpoint / clothes dryer purchased one year ago

Oct 09, 2017

Purchased one year ago. I just paid to have the indicator replaced because when I turned the dial nothing happened. Clothes did not get dried. I had to get a repair man and he ordered a new dial. now the dial turns and no heat. The clothes do not getting dry. They are hanging in the...

Hotpoint / washing machine

Sep 11, 2017

I bought a new hotpoint washer about 2 years ago. Used it for a month, put it in storage. When i recently moved it to my new residence. I noticed shirt sleeves getting caught in the agitator. My wife had 3 blouses damaged, 2 beyond repair. I recently changed the agitator. First load, 1...

Hotpoint / hotpoint s line washer.

Sep 06, 2017

Thirteen months ago I purchased a Hotpoint Ultima s line washing machine.It has developed a fault what appears to be according to the internet sites a faulty pressure switch.I have had Hotpoint washers and driers all my married life for 40 years and never had cause to complain, but I am...

Hotpoint / hotpoint customer services helpline

Jun 07, 2017

I purchased a replacement tumble drier from Hotpoint on 18th March 2017. Now at the beginning of June, it has stopped working. I called the Helpline today 7th June & they have arranged for an engineer to come out BUT they kept me on the line for a long time tying to sell me other product...

Hotpoint Washing Machine / Parts and repair

Jan 23, 2017

I had a massive flood in my kitchen just after Christmas from my indisett washing machine which I purchased June 2016 so it is 6 months old, . I called an engineer out, he came on the 3rd of Jan, the first words were do you have the extended guarantee, to which I replied no, but its still...

Hotpoint / Indesit fridge freezer

Jul 20, 2016

We purchased an indesit fridge freezer in July 2015, within the last 5-6 weeks we have had 3 engineers out to fix our fridge and the problem is still occuring!! The temperature is reading 16°c this has cost us alot of money as all meat etc has gone off each time, it has cost us money in phone...

Hotpoint / If dryer got fault it should be replaced

Jan 11, 2016

Had my dryer couple years engineer out cause of fault .Secondly its not heating properly. Finally I receive a letter and it has a fault that could cause a fire !! I am not happy lady at all !! I have left my dryer on when I was out with my girls in the home ! You are offering a engineer to...

Hotpoint / Dishwasher, inaccurate operating manuals.

Sep 23, 2015

Indesit helpline is wasting money, time, effort, resources & customer confidence. Due to incorrect detail in the dishwasher manual I needed to speak to a technical engineer to tell me how to get into the settings menu. The call attendant would not connect me regardless of repeating the...

Hotpoint / Last 2 Years Only

Jul 30, 2015

We bought our Hotpoint washing machine just over two years ago; we didn't take out the further cover because we assumed that at that stage of a washing machine's life only small parts would go and they would be cheap enough to replace. There are only two of us and don't do...

Hotpoint / fault with the machine

May 27, 2015

I bought a new tumble dryer in August 2014. Since then I have consistently made call outs as the machine has been giving me problems from day one. It is the same problem where the water is not filling up the plastic container but leaking on to my kitchen floor now causing damage to the...

Hotpoint / poor product and aftercare service

Jan 03, 2015

After purchasing a Hotpoint fridge-freezer two years ago we have had nothing but trouble with it. Hotpoint have always stated their guarantee doesn't cover the things that have gone wrong and we have had to pay them to send an engineer out to repair the item. My Christmas food has been...

Hotpoint / Washing machine

Aug 01, 2014

Engineer left premises & the washing machine didn't work after replacing a 2nd bearing in 6 months. Call service centre to get engineer to return but not possible. Now have no working washing machine & have to wait another week before they can come out to fix there mistake. Have tried...

Hotpoint / Not washing or rinsing

May 30, 2014

I have a washing machine that has not washed or rinsed my clothes since the day it arrived. Coloureds come out with soap powder marks on them . Whites come out dirty and most of the time not all of the clothes are wet when I take them out. I have had numerous engineers out over a two year...

Hotpoint / Customer Service ref Repair

Jan 04, 2014

Domestic and general referred me to indesit to get our washing machine repairedas i have extended warranty. It took a week for him to come out and as my wife is disabled and we need the washing machine working at all times for health reasons i found this to long. After he fixed it my wife...

Hotpoint / Customer service/engineer

Nov 07, 2013

Hotpoint washing machine I called customer service on Monday to organise a repair man to fix my washing machine and was told that the repair man would call out on Friday 8th nov I explained to person on the phone that I work and their would be no one in before 10am . I received a text...

Hotpoint / Poor customer serivce

Jul 17, 2013

Hotpoint Freezer HUZ3022NF was purchased last September The frezzer has had several repairs in the 9 months from purchsae now the latest is the compresser isn't working they don't have the part in stock no date of when the repair will be carried out. When you phone customer... / Poor quality appliance

May 02, 2013

My washing machine is still under warranty and has broken already 3 times in total. I got a rude service guy out only to accuse me that I have damaged the machine. He did not open the machine only drained the hose to find a coin. It just shows what a poor quality appliance HOTPOINT.CO.UK sells to the consumer.


Apr 04, 2013

I had an engineer booked to reolace the seal on my washing machine door, when the engineer arrived with the new door seal !!! he looked at my old seal and told me he wasnt authorised to put in the new one. However i told him thats what he was there for and that i would ring domestic and...

Hotpoint / Bad news

Sep 02, 2011

Hotpoint are bad..mmm-k! I bought my new home under 2 and a hlaf years ago...brand new, with 5 brand new hotpoint kitchen appliances...being an oven, hob, frdge freezer, dish washer and washer/dryer. Needless to say, the fridge freezer is the only item that ever functioned correctly and still...

Hotpoint / customer service

Jun 09, 2011

i bought a hotpont washing maching from them and reported it faulty within 24 hours. they first insisted it had to be repaired but after a heated argument they agreed to deliver a new one. the delivery drivers then ripped my kitchen flooring. this has been going on since march 2011 and it...

Hotpoint / Customer service/engineer repair


I've had a larder freezer from hotpoint model fza84g for three yrs cost almost £300. Stopped freezing food 5 weeks ago now and since i took out extended warranty with domestic & general i thought all i got to do is call them out.. Hmmm that's where i was wrong i was provided number...

Hotpoint / Very bad customer/engineer service


I bought a Hotpoint/Creda double oven cooker in October 2009. On the morning of 25th April 2010 while cooking breakfast, I momentarily moved away from the cooker and there was an almighty bang. The grill had exploded shooting sparks and debris across the kitchen. Lucky I or another member...

Hotpoint / Overcharged


I bought a hotpoint RLA84P fridge on 14/06/2017. Shortly after the guarantee expired the motor ran continuously and the contents froze. I paid £89.98 for a Hotpoint engineer to come out. He replaced the thermostat which did not correct the fault. He then thought it was a blockage...

Hotpoint / Unpleasant experience


I bought my new home under 2 and a hlaf years ago...brand new, with 5 brand new hotpoint kitchen appliances...being an oven, hob, frdge freezer, dish washer and washer/dryer. Needless to say, the fridge freezer is the only item that ever functioned correctly and still works. I paid for all...

Hotpoint / Repair


I have a 18MTH old top of the range hotpoint washing machine £700, I am absolutely appalled that this machine has completely shut down after just a short time. The repair guy came out without the parts to fix it which again I find incredible especially when they asked me on the phone the model...

Hotpoint / rustie machine


i have always had hot point applyances and as i had my kitchen re done last year i wanted all new applances, i bought washing machine, tumble dryer, dishwasher, fridge. after about 8 months i noticed rust on the front of my machine, when i looked closer it was in fact rust in the rim where...