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Purchased Hotpoint Class 9 SI9 891 SC IX Built-in Electric Oven - Stainless Steel from Ikstar Limited T/A Bargain Buyz on 10/01/20.

I had it installed by my electrician on 01/02/20 to find that it didn't function as it kept asking the door to be closed before working. Called hotpoint customer services after numerous tries they agreed to send out an engineer, near date 10/02/20. No alternative oven, so we were without oven for more than a week. Called the supplier and they managed to get an engineer for the next day. I now had two engineers coming because although I was getting sent texts I couldn't find any record of it on the portal.
Engineer tries to get the oven working unsuccessfully. Order parts for 11/02/20.
Engineer can't fix the oven so gives me uplift number and after I refuse to sign off the work leaves.
Call the supplier and they say they will get back to me by the end of the day.
I call hotpoint (again) to complain about way it has taken so long to sort this out only to go back to the retailer. I still have no oven. I am have cover for an oven which doesn't work. I have to pay again to have someone to install the oven as hotpoint are not interested in the item as far as they are concerned I either get a refund or a similar item.
Disgusting care for customers I got extra cover through legal and general and it means absolutely nothing.
I have been messed around for more than a week and left without an oven.
If the end result was to get a replacement or refund from the retailer then I could have done this from the beginning, the customer services person said that they always try to fix it first. Then surely if it can't be fixed it should be replaced. They also commented that the oven was manufactured in 2017 and that's possibly why they can't replace. Surely this is not the customers fault it's an issue for the manufacturer.
I have other Hotpoint items and I regret buying them now as I don't want to have to go through all this again if it goes wrong.
The person in customer services was going to get the oven replaced and then came back with a no after having me on the phone for a while.
I still want a replacement, I spent ages selecting this oven.

washing machine

I bought my washing machine on 8 sept 2018. I have called repair men out 3 times b4. And this week water started coming out from underneath the washing machine. I only have the machine about 1 1/2 yr. I really need u to help resolve the situation. I have never had a machine that has caused me so much trouble b4. I have tried to call and I have emailed and to thus day still no answer. I dont have the money to go to a laundry.. Plz cud u give me some feedback on this problem

many thanks

hotpoint tumble dryer recall

Registered my Dryer recall for vented dryer in September, processed a live chat on 25 Sept 2019 and was told...

tumble dryer

My Hotpoint tumble dryer was on the recall list and therefore not safe to use. After waiting 4 months for a mechanic to repair the fault I became fed up and took Hotpoint up on their offer of a replacement dryer for £99.
That dryer worked well for a short time but recently started to get dangerously hot and an F06 code flashed up. Engineer was sent out to fix. Two months later an F07 code has flashed up and the machine won't work. Hotpoint refuse to send out an engineer free of charge.
Hotpoint products are dangerous and service is appalling. I will never purchase another Hotpoint/Indesit/Whirlpool product again and will shout down this company at every possible opportunity. Utter rubbish.

hotpoint washer/dryer

Client Reg No XIH 1301920 Date [protected]
This product was purchased in Sept 2015 and has given no problem until recently when it started to become extremely noisy and vibrated a lot. The problem indicated faulty bearings and an appointment was arranged for the technician to visit (parts were covered but a call out charge would apply).
He duly arrived on the appointed date and the problem was fixed in 10 minutes.
The cause- the retaining bolts holding the counterweight had come loose which he stated should never have happened. The bolts had obviously not been torqued to the correct setting when leaving the factory and these had gradually worked loose.
This could have caused irreparable damage to the machine through no fault of our own. This cost me £120 and I believe I should be entitled to a refund of some description. I appreciate there has to be a call out charge but the cost is a bit extravagant for 10 minutes. I cannot fault the Technician who was extremely courteous but felt a bit embarrassed by the situation.

hotpoint washer/dryer
hotpoint washer/dryer
hotpoint washer/dryer

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washing machine wmbf742

I bought this washing machine in may 2017. After 2 weeks I had to call out the repair technician... He showed me how to remove the front panel, remove the filter and the sock which was stuck in the filter (as none of this is mentioned in the user manual). I suggested that this is a design flaw and I had been sold a faulty machine. He said no, its just that the gap is now bigger between the drum and the other part and that I should put all small things in to little bags... This sounded alien to me (again, nothing about this is mentioned in the user manual)... I had a previous hotpoint washing machine for 12 years and never once had to call anyone out. I called to complain and was sure that it would be confirmed to be a faulty machine but no... Not sure why I accepted this, in hindsight I should have brought it back to the shop and demanded a refund. I have had approx 18 months of sorting all my washing into small bags (with small children is a lot of small things!), yet once a month or so I find myself on my knees in the utility room, draining out the water, mopping up with towels to retrieve a rogue sock which has escaped my inspection. This weekend I got the same flashing light and when I drained out the water, there was nothing blocking the filter... I called to arrange a callout and was told it would be €125 charge as I was outside the 12 month warranty. I mentioned that the machine has been faulty since day one... She was able to look up my details, could see that I called to complain and was told "tough luck"... And as I only called them out once in the first 12 months it must have been working fine! I looked up my current issue on youtube where some useful people suggested that it might need a new pressure switch. I called hotpoint again as they said I am covered for 10 years for parts. She said sure I can send you a new pressure switch, for €47... I said I thought parts were covered, she said only as part of a callout!!! The part that I will now be ordering online and fitting myself seems to be very common on this machine; so just a faulty model fullstop. And of course the parts are 'free' when your callout charge is €125! This is also a false claim and this company should be reprimanded for selling faulty goods.

will not refund... faulty fridge freezer under guarantee

I was supplied a hotpoint fridge freezer under my d&g insurance in february this year. The new fridge freezer broke down in august and was repaired .It then broke down again in september, the repair man came on the 1st october and declared it not repair able.
When i phoned hotpoint i was told i could have another one the same as they were in stock and someone would call later that day or the next day.
No call, i called them and was told that they do not have any of that one after all.
I was told that it would be a collect and refund as they did not have any similar or the same spec as mine and to wait for a call from them which i did ... No call
so almost three weeks later i still have no fridge and they have said i cannot have a refund as i had the fridge through an insurance claim.
Hotpoint say they do not have any in stock that meet my requirements and they do not expect any in stock for the foreseeable future. Their attitude is less than ideal and i will be taking this complaint as far as i possibly can . I feel that i am being victimized just because i had the appliance from an insurance claim. I have thrown away so much food from the two breakdowns i am so angry . I would not recommend this company to any one .

hotpoint washer

I have never been so discouraged in all my life. I am a single person taking care of my handicap sister so...

faulty hob model hr 612 ch

Dear Sir /Madam

I purchased on line the above hob on the 29th May via Homebase internet service.
It was duly delivered around the 14th June as I was having a kitchen installed at the time which was completed on the 22nd June.
The hob was used twice and the I started having technical problems. The child lock came on and would not come off.
I called your helpline on the 3rd July who tried to assist to no avail.
So I repair man was sent to my address on the 5th July who advised there was a fault and new circuit had to be ordered. I would not be entitled to a new hob because even though I have a 12 month guarantee to receive a new hob the appliance would need to be at fault within 30 days! Considering it was not fitted to the later part of June I think this is totally unfair.
I rang the customer services department and was told I quote they may receive the part on the 20th July !!

This has cause a great deal of inconvenience as a use a hob in my day today cooking.
I have always purchased hotpoint products please not I have recently purchased a oven, hood and washing machine.
Quite frankly I am rather loathed to purchase products from you or recommend your name in the future.

If you could please look into this at a matter of urgency!

I am nearing 80 years old and do not need the stress!!

Yours faithfully

Shirley Indick

clothes dryer purchased one year ago

Purchased one year ago. I just paid to have the indicator replaced because when I turned the dial nothing happened. Clothes did not get dried. I had to get a repair man and he ordered a new dial. now the dial turns and no heat. The clothes do not getting dry. They are hanging in the basement. I have a new washer that I am not happy with either, but right now it does wash

  • Updated by dryer · Oct 09, 2017

    I need my dryer. there at 2 sick persons in the house and I need to wash daily.

  • Updated by dryer · Oct 09, 2017

    I aalready made my coments.

  • Updated by dryer · Oct 09, 2017


  • Sh
    Shaun R. Oct 09, 2017

    Hotpoint is a low end dryer from G.E. This product line isn't considered a good choice for longevity, which is why it's priced so low.

    You may want to check with the retailer you purchased the unit through. Some actually offer additional warranty support.

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  • Vi
    Vicki76 Oct 04, 2018

    Bought a hotpoint washer and dryer set used the washer the day we got it that worked for less than 3 months did not use the dryer becuse I had one that worked well 2 years later (now) we need to hook up THE NEW HOTPOINT DRYER THAT HAS NEVER EVEN BEEN USED LET ALONE PLUGGED IN SO GOT IT ALL HOOKED UP AND YEP DON'T WORK ONLY ON YEAR WARRANTY S NOW I HAVE TO PUT MONEY UNTO A NEW DRYER VERY DISGUSTED THANKS vicki

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washing machine

I bought a new hotpoint washer about 2 years ago. Used it for a month, put it in storage. When i recently moved it to my new residence. I noticed shirt sleeves getting caught in the agitator. My wife had 3 blouses damaged, 2 beyond repair. I recently changed the agitator. First load, 1 dhirt sleeve caught in agitator.
I can't believe you make a product that does this. Is there a correction for this problem?
Please advise. Rev. Richard F. HHandy
296 Center Ave NW
Graysville, AL 35073

hotpoint s line washer.

Thirteen months ago I purchased a Hotpoint Ultima s line washing machine.It has developed a fault what appears to be according to the internet sites a faulty pressure switch.I have had Hotpoint washers and driers all my married life for 40 years and never had cause to complain, but I am really upset and disappointed that a virtually new and little used machine, can pack up so soon.Not a very good advert for Hotpoint .We do not see why we should be paying for repairs, on a relatively new machine.We await your reply s/ n [protected] [protected].

hotpoint customer services helpline

I purchased a replacement tumble drier from Hotpoint on 18th March 2017. Now at the beginning of June, it has stopped working. I called the Helpline today 7th June & they have arranged for an engineer to come out BUT they kept me on the line for a long time tying to sell me other products and additional product insurance. They were very aggressively asking me to buy additional product insurance so that, they said I would not be liable to pay a big bill for the repair. As the appliance is less than 3 months old, I do not expect to receive a big bill for repairs. If I do, I will definitely not be purchasing another Hotpoint appliance.

parts and repair

I had a massive flood in my kitchen just after Christmas from my indisett washing machine which I purchased June 2016 so it is 6 months old, . I called an engineer out, he came on the 3rd of Jan, the first words were do you have the extended guarantee, to which I replied no, but its still under the 12 months guarantee, from then on I may have well have been talking gibberish they obviously didn't want to know.
The engineer checked my washing machine and told me that a bolt that is supposed to be on the machine for transporting was broken off, and the water from spinning had gone through the hole and come in contact with the circuit board, so I needed a new drum and circuit board which he ordered straight away, I asked how long it would be to come and he said I may have a reply straight away but if not you will be called with a date. He also said that he had ordered a drum for a customer that morning and she was having it fitted in 2 days, but she had extended 'guarantee' .
I didn't have a call for 2 days so I called them, I was told the items would not be with them until the 20th Jan!!! Now bear in mind I have a family and my 10 year old is autistic so I get a lot of washing, this was not acceptable, I have had to rely on neighbours and friends to help with my washing which is also not acceptable.
Today 23rd of Jan 2017 I rang Hotpoint again, at first they said I hadn't got an account with them but on further checking and persistence they found me and told me that the parts I needed still hadn't arrived and that I would have to wait the full 28 days and if I still hadn't had them to ring them back and they would put a 'fast track' on them!!! not acceptable! I am so angry at the moment with this firm I will not be having any more Hotpoint Indisett appliances ever and I will spread the word about their incompetent ways of dealing with things, oh of course unless you take out the extended warrant more money in their pockets, then you get a quick efficient service. Totaly and utterly wrong.

  • Mr
    mrssd Aug 07, 2017
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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indesit fridge freezer

We purchased an indesit fridge freezer in July 2015, within the last 5-6 weeks we have had 3 engineers out to...

if dryer got fault it should be replaced

Had my dryer couple years engineer out cause of fault .Secondly its not heating properly. Finally I receive a letter and it has a fault that could cause a fire !! I am not happy lady at all !! I have left my dryer on when I was out with my girls in the home ! You are offering a engineer to visit fiddle with it ! I am saying i want a replacement new dryer ! I pay for cover on my dryer I also have a fridge freezer that has cover because that breaks down often I had a dipsy moment and purchase a hot point washing machine with cover next time I will not purchase hot point again

dishwasher, inaccurate operating manuals.

Indesit helpline is wasting money, time, effort, resources & customer confidence. Due to incorrect detail in the dishwasher manual I needed to speak to a technical engineer to tell me how to get into the settings menu. The call attendant would not connect me regardless of repeating the same request several times over. At this point I am ready to send the appliance back for full credit as it was only 3 days old. As I had an extended warranty she arranged for an engineer to call to check it over, when the engineer arrived he went through the same procedure outlined in the manual to no avail. So he then spent quite a while on hold waiting to speak to a technical engineer at their helpdesk, the technical engineer then told the service engineer the manuals are wrong & do not explain the procedure correctly, and the settings on the dishwasher are "hit & miss at best", then explained the correct procedure & it was sorted in minutes. Had the original call attendant passed me through to technical the service engineer call, time & mileage would have been saved & would not have heard the technical guy's comments regarding the quality of the instruction manual. I am not confident about this at all.

last 2 years only

We bought our Hotpoint washing machine just over two years ago; we didn't take out the further cover...

fault with the machine

I bought a new tumble dryer in August 2014. Since then I have consistently made call outs as the machine ha...

poor product and aftercare service

After purchasing a Hotpoint fridge-freezer two years ago we have had nothing but trouble with it. Hotpoint have always stated their guarantee doesn't cover the things that have gone wrong and we have had to pay them to send an engineer out to repair the item.
My Christmas food has been thrown out as the fridge was warm when we awoke on Christmas eve.
I would hate for others to buy from this company or Indesit who are the same company.

  • Valerie Oct 29, 2008

    I would steer clear of this Hotpoint BF41 because of the low energy rating and high water use. Door seals leak. Very difficult to get parts, even so, very expensive.

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  • Cb
    CBMSC Jun 20, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am preparing for the 3rd service call to "fix" a leaking washing machine that I purchased from Lowes less than a year ago.
    The timer was replaced the first time. The water value the second time.

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