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Plus Complaints & Reviews / football match tickets arsenal not delivered and no refund

Nov 23, 2018

Family tour to London including visiting Arsenal match with three sons last may. tickets would be sent tot the hotel. Less then 24 hours before the start of the match I received a message that there were no tickets available because for some reason ( their contact could not deliver or... / they stole my money

Oct 10, 2018

I requested a tickets from them, Two Category one Tickets, Their agent gave me one category one ticket and another one for category two, even they delivered it after the match with 25 minutes. I communicated the issue to them and they just ignored me. its my worst experience ever with online... / money stolen

Jun 18, 2018

I bought my world cup tickets with them - BIG MISTAKE - A month before the event my personal situation changed drastically and asked them if I could return the tickets and receive my money back. Two weeks later without anyone answering, I wrote them asking if they had review my case and if... / buying tickets

May 28, 2018

Do not buy to this company. It is a scam!!! The company does not exists and you have no where to make a claim. They send every now and then one real ticket but in the meantime they steal a lot of others. They have an address in spain that doesn't exist, the telephone number for that... / disappointed

Mar 13, 2017

Hello. I have purchase three tickets from Hotfootballtickets and later I was contacted by one of their reps and told that there was a mistake. They said that when I bought my tickets there were only two left and third one was sold to me by an accident. They said that I'll get a refund for... / terrible website!!!

Nov 16, 2016

Terrible website and appalling service! Don't deal with this scam business called Hotfootballtickets! I have ordered one ticket but the charged me for two. I contacted Hotfootballtickets right away and asked for a refund and their rep said that they will not refund anything because I was a... / not promised service

Oct 24, 2016

Not trustable: when you get a confirmation from them, they might still cancel your order one day before the game. I booked the tickets between Ac Milan and Juventus on Oct 22nd, I get a positive confirmation from their website, which I am very happy about. They I booked the flight and... / they didn't provide tickets on time

Aug 29, 2015

I purchased two tickets from the website The rep told me that I would get tickets before 5, May. I patiently waited, but the seller didn’t deliver it. WTF? I started to call him and sent emails, but all my efforts were useless. This guy avoided me and I already...

Hotfootballtickets / tickets not delivered

May 04, 2014

I bought 2 tickets for crystal palace v liverpool game since march (game to take place tomorrow) and given that the game became more in demand due to liverpool's surge to the top of the bale since I bought these tickets, they contacted me that their supplier let them down (with no proof... / overcharging for tickets

Aug 03, 2013

My husband tried to buy 2 tickets for a football match from The transaction didn't go through, and when he spoke to an operator a few minutes later, they said the price was higher. He said he didn't want them at the higher price, then the / overpriced tickets

Jun 28, 2013

I purchased a single ticket for $289.95 from and when I arrived at the theatre and saw the quality of the theatre and type of audience. I immediately realized that I had been scalped. At the box office, I learned that the full price of my ticket should have been $72.50.