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HostNine reviews & complaints

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Dec 19, 2016

HostNine - Dedicated server not set up after 3 weeks

November 27, 2016

Purchased a Dedicated websever (year in advance) and after almost 4 weeks (20 December 2016) - it still does not even have IP addresses assigned...

After giving them a week and making weekly requests I'm not requesting a resolution daily.

I have never had a problem with Hostnine's shared services but this has really made me think twice about my exposure to them.

I can only hope something changes FAST

Jan 07, 2016

HostNine - VPS Server

Their servers went down on December 25th 2015. Today is January 7th and my server is still not back up! Customer service is absolutely non-existence and I just can't believe how any company could operate like this. I asked for their legal address to give to my attorney to file for damages and they gave me a bogus address. Their site also does not have any address where they could be served. I have already gone to one of the top 3 companies and just need my sites back with them so that I can transfer them rather than rebuilding all those thousands of email addresses and setups.

HostNine - mis guide in plan offer

I have log on to the website of above said company for getting and web hosting plan even i have selected one plan and i was interested in getting that. but before taking plan i just thought to contact customer care for some of my question what i was having in my mind regarding email and webmail client. Plan was $6.95 per month and with details as Storage Space UNLIMITED, Bandwidth UNLIMITED, Domains Allowed UNLIMITED, Available Locations US US, UK, or Asia, Control Panel, Setup Fee FREE, Email Accounts UNLIMITED, Autoresponders UNLIMITED, Forwarders / Aliases UNLIMITED, POP3 Access, IMAP Access, Spam & Virus Protection, MySQL 5, PHP 5, PERL 5, CGI-bin, PHPMyAdmin, Fantastico Script Installer, RvSiteBuilder,
MS Frontpage Support, Dreamweaver Support, Shared SSL, FTP Accounts, Cron Jobs,
Custom Error Pages, Directory Protection, Flash / Shockwave Support, Daily Backups, AwStats,
Dedicated IP* FREE, SSL Certificate FREE, SSH Access $5 Setup, Monthly Price $6.95, Quarterly $20.85
Semi-Annually $41.70, Annually $83.40. This is the full details of plan. Now i contact before signup to customer care because i want to know regarding good graphical webmail client installation possibilities. And i described my whole plan regarding website and emailing to customer care executive. When i was shocked to know from customer care executive was that there are hidden condition which are not given in plan page and that conduction was much important. Customer care executive told me that there is a limit of 250 mail transaction per domain (user name) per hour. When i requested customer care executive to guide me where can i find this terms then he replied that it may not be given on page but it is there condition and I have to follow that. now in plan page company says to give every thing unlimited and on second hand they put terms and conditions and even they don't show such important terms in plan page. Even customer care officer informed me that i cant put much data on the space according to terms of service. which is totally opposite to what is offered in plan. There plan page says it is unlimited data space. Also bandwidth and data transfer is unlimited as per plan page then how can limit is set for mail transactions. I request officer to make me understand this matter then he replied to look for terms page where i gone to check the terms and in terms it is not written any were that there is a limit to transfer data. I am attaching screen shot with this for reference for plan page and terms of service page which i taken at that time. I put this complain to do needful so that such misguide offer should not be kept on website and misguide customer. Even when i requested officer to make my talk with management he said if u want to talk send them mail and if they would like to reply they will. how such treatment should be given to a prospective customer. Last thing i want to say is when i explain my full plan to customer care officer regarding website and all then all this thing come up all limitation and all and then he insisted on me to take VPS or dedicated services. so my feeling according to me is this is just misguiding to the customer and taking enrollment in higher value plan. Even at one point officer rudely said that u get what you pay and in this price u get this and you have to take from us. how fair this words is. I have not expect any thing more then what is given in plan and also on the rates what given in plan. Then what makes officer to say me such unhealthy words to me. I just expected what was given in plan and nothing more even i have not asked any kind of discount on price given. So at last i say i m logging this company only to make people aware about such misguiding offers and not with any intension to harm company or its image. And request the officer of this complaint board to look in to the matter and do needful. Even i have saved entire chat what i have with customer care officer and if board representative want i can share with them. My email is [protected]

I got an email today stating that I owed on an old account I had with hostnine. The way they have their email set up is very misleading to those that are unaware of shady business practices such as these. Plenty of people pay this ### for emails stating they are owed money.

I have a cancelation notice, not that it matters. I thought that hosting was prepaid anyway? Regardless of the fact, after something has gone over 1 year, emailing a fake invoice stating that you CAN'T call to discuss charges and must only respond via email NOT EVEN CHAT is just proof that these people are in the SCAM business, not hosting.


Customer grievance are nature in service but proper handling of customer grievance is what shows how company takes care and thinks about customer good will and interest... even before becoming customer of they take my complaint seriously and made me clear of my all doubts and also implemented short come in TOS and plan thats really a good motivating point... now seriously looking towards to be customer... Appreciated the efforts


We are currently dealing with this issue with the complainant directly, but since it was publicly posted, I wanted to go ahead and address this here as well.

When you're looking at advertised plans, what we're advertising are features - features are the hard limits of a hosting plan. Unlimited refers to the parameters of the hosting - the number of email addresses, the number of domains. It's generally accepted and generally known in the hosting industry that when people shop for a plan, they are shopping for the number of features, and this is what people generally compare plans by. Since our hosting reseller plan allows putting sites on multiple servers there really are no limitations to those resources, as you are not even limited by what one server can hold. So, that's unlimited.

Each service has usage limitations that generally apply to any finite resource - the CPU, or the memory, the clock time. Since those resources are not charged for and simply managed by us, there are no hard and fast limits posted because we have no hard and fast limits, we simply say that abuse won't be allowed and if someone's use brings down the server, the service for that domain or reseller can be suspended.

Now, as to the email *usage* - that is not unlimited and we did generally state that by prohibiting bulk emailing, though we didn't state a specific number previous to this complaint. One person would have to send out more than 3 emails a minute to hit that 250 mark, and one email every 20 seconds would definitely be considered bulk emailing and fall under that prohibition.

We do agree that hard limitation should have been spelled out in the Terms of Service more clearly because while we know what bulk emailing means, it may be unclear to our customers. I have had our GM incorporate into the Terms of Service so it is clear. We had honestly thought it was clear by the prohibitions laid out, but it's definitely better to be as clear as possible, so we're grateful to the complainant for pointing that out.

But all the features, rules and requirements of the service cannot fit on the sales page - that's the reason for the Terms of Service, and I am sorry that we missed putting the hard number in the bulk email statement in the TOS when it was implemented, but since we prohibited bulk emailing in the first place we felt it before this it was covered. As soon as the complainant did let us know he felt it wasn't unclear, we did make the change, so it should be clear in the future.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, please feel free to email HostNine and ask for me, and I'll be happy to address any concerns.

Jen Lepp
Customer Experience Manager

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

HostNine - unprofessional conduct

They suspend their customer's account with no warning and lock them out of their accounts, so they are unable to make backups before having to move to another hosting company. They promise backup...

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Jul 24, 2008

HostNine - Deceptive Practice-Default Automatic Renewal

I signed up for ONE year service for Shared Hosting. I paid one time fee using my credit card.
After one year, I was surprised to get an invoice saying I owed HostNine money. I quickly responded that I didn't renewal the domain name and I don't need the web hosting service. I got an email back from billing saying "All of our hosting services are set for automatic renewal by default."
This is DECEPTIVE because it is not mention in their plan. See the web page on 7/24/08
Are you a new website owner? ...HostNine's service is available one month at a time; we won't try to rope you into a long contract. Looking for hosting you can count on for a mission critical site? We take four levels of precautions to maintain a 99.9% uptime and keep your data safe.

Apr 17, 2009

My guess is this company is run by teenagers that thought it would be fun to have such power over other people. They seem to enjoy tormenting their customers, and they don't care if they anger anyone. They obviously feel they will always have business, no matter how many bridges they burn. Unprofessional and untrustworthy.

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