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Jun 07, 2019

I'm pretty shocked at how bad customer support has become. I've used hostgator since I was in my mid-20s so it's been over 10 years and I just had the worst customer service experience ever on June 6th 9:25pm-10:15pm. I'm currently using their WordPress hosting package and the person... / website down

Oct 27, 2018

I have been contacting their customer service for the past two weeks, its the 8th customer service representative I had contacted but my website is not running. every CSR are giving different things and the last one says even my file is missing. it has been running with them for the past...

Hostgator / hosting/ our websites have been down for an entire week!

Jan 15, 2018

We have approximately (10) websites currently hosted at Hostgator. On 1/7/18 we were alerted that our websites had gone down. Immediately, we contacted Hostgator for answers. They could not provide any info besides they were working on it. Everyday we called, sent emails, and everyday they told...

Hostgator / reseller hosting account

Jan 07, 2018

I had been with Hostgator for over 12 years. The place started to go down hill when they sold it a few years back. The Support suffered the most. There was no support and what little support you got never resolved the issue or complaint! I warned them several times over a few months about...

Hostgator /

Oct 16, 2017

I honestly think they are scammers and you should surely stay away. It's the worst place for hosting your website, and maybe it's even dangerous. They are not very attentive to your needs and do what they want following their own purposes. Be prepared that they take the money and won't work...

Hostgator / Their support is terrible

Dec 02, 2016

I had a problem with my site so I contacted HostGator customer service hoping to get some help, but unfortunately they did not care about me and my issue. I sent them several messages but they ignored me and then I decided to try their live chat which was a complete nightmare. I contacted... / No support and rude agent

Nov 03, 2014

I have recently problems with my website, and I decided to contact the support team from the website I used their services, when I created my website. I contacted the online chat agent, but this jerk spoke with me in rude and disrespectful manner. I was furious and told...

Hostgator / Suspended my account for nothing

Jan 05, 2014

I ordered one of the plans from the company Hostgator. My payment went promptly, but they suspended my account and provided me nothing. I tried to contact them, but they didn’t respond to phone calls and emails. I’m so angry and want to warn everyone not to deal with them. And...

Hostgator / HostGator Ripped Me Off

Jun 12, 2013

A HostGator employee fraudently edited a message to make it appear that I had violated their TOS, then killed my website. The nearly complete version here: Or, here: And here:

host gator / not honoring price blink coupons

Oct 05, 2012

I went to pay my hostgator hosting fee and a priceblink coupon came on my screen here is what ensued. Chat ID: 6821687. Question: how do I use a price blink host gator coupon (8:35:07pm)System:Customer has entered chat and is waiting for an agent. (8:40:31pm)Rodney D.:Welcome to HostGator...

Hostgator / Site Down; IP Change without notice

Feb 10, 2012

Stay away from this website for hosting. I've only been with them for five months, and they have changed my IP address three times without notice. That means my site is down a minimum of 24 hours almost every other month. They can't even provide an explanation as to why the...

Hostgator / Terrible system

Jan 21, 2011

Last year, despite a coupon for a free year's of hosting I started gettting billed monthly. This year they started billing me monthly for what was supposed to be set up as an annual account. Then it took hours to get them to credit me the monthly charges and bill me for an annual...

Hostgator / Scam


I've noticed loads of threads going up about Hostgator recently. The scam goes like this. They only charge $10 a month for 'unlimited domain hosting'. Problem is, they stick you on a server with 5000 other people, so your sites are for ****. Their IPs are all blakclisted...