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As always on my way home i stopped to get gas, going inside i pick out a snack to have before heading home to eat dinner. Finally sitting in my car waiting for my gas tank to fill up i took a bite out of the pastry i just bought from inside. With just one bite it was dry and just didn't taste right, thinking it was just me i took another bite and it just got even worse.

Looking at the whole pastry i noticed it had mold on the bottom of it, after going inside and telling the cashier what i saw he calls his manager over who apologizes and offers to give me a refund, i told him i did not want a refund but where i can go to make a complaint if a kid ate this they would have gotten sick to there stomach.

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Hostess Brands

Jun 12, 2019
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  •   Jun 12, 2019

    You didn’t look at the package or expiration date. It’s your own fault for not checking what you were buying.

    All they can do is offer a refund. Common sense says to contact Hostess brand and complain.

    Oh, you need common sense. Maybe it’s on sale next week, right next to the moldy danish.

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  •   Jun 13, 2019

    The grey is obvious so you are at fault for buying it. So the sell by date happens to be tomorrow. That happens with perishable things. Maybe the eggs used in the batter we're just beginning to turn. Perhaps the cream cheese was just beginning. You run this risk.

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