Hostess Brandsdonettes

T Nov 12, 2019

I bought these at the gas station and I got to work and opened the bag and immediately put one in my mouth and recognized an odd foul odor and spit the donut out just as fast as I bit it because the taste was even worse than the smell. I cannot even describe the odor that this bag gave off. It was pretty gross. The donut itself couldn't even hold the crunch on it and majority of them were bare and hard as rocks with something gross all over them. I buy a large bag of these one to two time every WEEK. And I've never had them so foul in my life. It wasn't just stale, I can handle that. It was like a cross between stale, moldy, greasy but hard, life sucked out of every single one donut. I'm gonna buy some more after work. But I pray those haven't ruined it for me. I love them but my stomach is in knots over them right now. I'm not one to complain, usually I'd just throw them out. But whatever caused that needs to be addressed. That's how bad.

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