Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of NJunethical practice from a not-for-profit organization

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Unethical practice from a not-for-profit organization

On 6/24/2010 I and the entire group of developers I work with at horizon blue cross-blue shield of new jersey were laid off from. So my 18 month contract with this large insurance company located in newark nj was cut short by about a year. They claim it was a decision made by upper management to outsource all of our work and they blam... E it on the economy. This has left us all without a job in very tough time again, when work is scarce and job are very hard to come by.

While the outsourcing will be provided by ibm, it will be done off-shore. Which means my job is going over-seas (india). And we all wonder why the "economy" is doing so bad. If we don't have jobs or the money to buy your products, we won't. And even though you take my job over-seas and pay them my salary, guess what, they won't buy your products either. Because they are over-seas and want nothing to do with your insurance and your products. So any cost savings will worthless in the long run because we are without jobs and cannot afford to buy anything from you.

This was very unfair of horizon blue-cross blue shield and ibm to do. This is the sort of work ethics that is destroying the us economy. Companies are outsourcing work to over-seas operations, which is reducing the available work from the unemployed labor force in the united states.

Hbcbs is a not-for-profit organization, which is getting tax brakes in nj for their standings. These are very unfair practices, to send work, and pay, to overseas operation instead of hiring from the unemployed labor force in the us at a time where jobs are scarce at is it.

I also blame ibm for providing this cheap labor at the cost of us citizens not being hired at a time where jobs are scarce as it is. All for cutting costs.

Especially when 3.5+ million was paid out this year to the hbcbs ceo. (articles below)

Obscene bonus for blue cross ceo | gather

Blue cross ceo's pay rose 26% - the boston globe

So again I am out of work. This is the 3rd time this has happened to me in 2 years of being back from florida. I moved back to the ne because of the bad job market in florida at the time, only to find that the job market in the ne is just as bad.


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    jeustor Sep 29, 2010
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    Hey Mr Obama, have you ever had to scrape together CHANGE so you could have enough for a meal?? Or a pack of cigarettes to calm down your depression...or for a tank of gas so you could get to a job interview, just for them to tell you "sorry, but your over-qualified or under-qualified or we filled that job today". Or enough to get to the unemployment office to check for work, cause you can't afford cable or an internet connection any more or to print out your resume because you don't have enough money for an ink cartridge for your home printer that has been out of ink for months now...have you???

    How about scrounging around for a piece of old jewelry..gold or silver scraps that you may have at the bottom of your dresser draw that may get you a few bucks at the local "we buy gold" outlet..have you???

    Well I have and I AM SICK OF IT...while you allowed BUSH to walk away with 5 trillion dollars of our tax money and did NOTHING TO STOP HIM. Allowed him to hand our tax money to HALIBURTON, BECHTEL, GRUMMAN and THE CARLYLE GROUP, in 8 years of UNNECESSARY WAR without even once suggesting THEIR ASSETS BE FROZEN, OUR MONEY RECOVERED and given BACK TO THE PEOPLE THEY STOLE FROM!!!

    As BUSH now sits comfortably in his million dollar house in Texas laughing at the STUPIDITY OF A NATION FOR ALLOWING HIM TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THEM!!! and at the government that was suppose to do sooo much to help, then fell short on the ONE THING THEY SHOULD HAVE DONE...uuhmm...STOP HIM FROM WALKING AWAY with our tax money!!!

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    Jay1515 Nov 22, 2011

    I followed all of Horizon's''s procedures for preauthorization, and they still denied my claims. Do not get your insurance from this company, stay away from them!

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