Hooblyunsanitary and inhumane living conditions for puppies

K Oct 07, 2019

I recently purchased a puppy from "angelsfourpaws." The first smell of the dog was so horrendous to the point of us almost throwing up. Upon looking at the poor thing, she was covered in bloody scabs and bugs were crawling all over her- visible to the naked eye. When I asked the seller about the fleas, he said "I just bathed her and we saw nothing." The amount of fleas taken off of her was unbelievable and there is no way that the sellers could not see this. The scabs were apparently due to "her big brother beating her up" where the seller even mentioned have to slap the brother around because he does not listen when they tell him "no!" They "forgot" her paperwork, her vaccinations and also mentioned his laziness and how he "is not supposed to" but, "due to laziness, gives the dog tap water which sources from the contaminated Flint, Michigan area." Since being home, we have had to bring both dogs to the vet for further treatment and will be hiring a flea bomber to take care of our home. These people are in no shape to be raising dogs and need them taken from their home. The smell, the infestation and the fear in this poor pup is breaking our hearts. I am reaching out in every way possible to stop this family from their horrible money grab! They claim the wife is a "Vet Tech." Unless you are completely blind, it was very evident that these dogs were brought up in a filthy environment. She also cowers and whimpers before you even begin to pet her as if she was beaten or hit quite often. The seller also mentioned lots of "hypothetical" circumstances of which he would not be responsible for. PLEASE save these poor animals.

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