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HomeStars review: Misleading website and its scam

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His website claims to aid homeowners/business owners in the selection process for contractors who are reputable and trustworthy and to also inform the user of who to watch out for.

Here is the reality of; They take money from contractors to list with them which completely negates their ability to offer a true unbiased opinion.

When questioned about this I was told that, We take our site very seriously and accusations very seriously. Since enlightening Homestars about one of their listed contractors and the fraud in which they engage, I have received no more responses to my claim about Homestars from Homestars.

They have no screening process for the contractors they list. Homestars is a bought and paid for listing service. Homestars concern is not aiding the unsuspecting homeowner but in their own bank account.

Homestars will edit/remove your comments and complaints without explanation or claim that the comment info is not substantiated, they do not apply this same editing to a contractor about to purchase their ‘premium’ listing service.

Be warned, Homestars is useless unless you are trying to attract potential victims. I know because I am one of them. See my post on Hawthorne Kitchen Design.

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