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The ins, you recommend for booking with confidence is not paying for travel cancellation I guess they think a CAT> 5 Hurricane. is not enough reason. The people who I rented from through Homeaway said call you for my money you are the people that took it. REALLy HOW RUDE. Very dissapointed in the service I have used VRBO and HOMEAWAY for many trips and recommended to many people. Not so much now. very dissapointed with customer service and lack of contact from the ins. co you recommend while booking with confidence as you say.
Lillian Rossell [protected]
Claim #[protected]
Reservation #HA NQSRNC
Cancelled Aug 28 when Gov. declared EMERGENCY
Evacations ordered 9-2 What is the problem REFUND MY MONEY

Sep 10, 2019
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  •   Sep 10, 2019

    Hello and welcome back to another episode of "Educating Idiots" with your host, Biggus Dickus.

    Our contestant today is Lillian Rossell! Let's examine the facts and get started!

    Did you purchase cancellation insurance? No.

    Whose fault is it? Yours.

    Are you out money now? Yes. Unfortunately, when you decided to be a cheapskate and not insure your trip, you were displaced by a Category 5 Hurricane.

    Are you whining now? Yes. You are whining now.

    Is there anything you can do about it? Absolutely! You can decide to not be a willful idiot and realize that this blunder is of your own making! Next time when you book a vacation into an area that is prone to hurricanes, especially during this time of year, you will go all out with the marginal additional cost that would have prevented this loss.

    Thanks for playing and we will see you next time on "Educating Idiots"!

    Hope that helps!

    Your friend,

    Biggus Dickus

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