Home-Fix D.I.Y.Yale digital door lock


I had a very bad experience with home-fix last year.
On 11 october 2016, I purchased a yale digital lock for my gate, from home-fix at thomson plaza. Full payment of $699 for the lock was made at the shop and installation was scheduled for the following week. I did not bring home the lock as that was to be delivered and installed by the technician.

The technician who came for the installation was surprised to find that my gate was incompatible with the lock (Only the newer flats with a 1 foot spacing between the wooden door and gate are compatible). I was even more surprised when he asked if any person had come to assess the compatibility of my gate before my purchase. I had not received such advice and no such service was rendered to me at the time of purchase.

I immediately called the home-fix outlet to report the findings of the technician. Mr siva, who answered my call, promised to call me back after making a report to his hq. He did indeed called me within a few minutes and informed me that a cheque would be issued for the full refund.

A few weeks later, there was still no sign of the cheque. I called the outlet again and received the same respond and promise of a refund. Still no cheque arrived.

Finally, on 16 dec 2016, I was referred to shirley, a staff in charge of the product at hq, and was told that the cheque had been delayed because the authorized signatory for the cheque was out of town. I was assured that I should be able to receive the cheque before the end of the year.

As of today, 5 jan 2017, I have yet to receive the refund, and ms shirley has not answered her phone since I last spoke to her 3 weeks ago.
Is she avoiding my calls?
Is home-fix delaying the refund deliberately to default on the payment?
It seems so absurd for a company to no authorized person to sign the cheque for more than 2 months. I was told that there were many other refunds that had not been processed. Was the remark made so that I would feel less victimised?

My experience tells me that they do not value service to their customers at all! I had paid for a product which I had not received at all. Is it justifiable for them to withhold the refund?

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