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Okay Hollister listen up I hope you realize that your clothing is being worn by children as well as adults. And when a 11 year old girl is asking for a gift card from Hollister it is hard for someone to purchase one when they have only two choices of cards to get... one with half naked man on it and the other with a guy and a girl kissing.


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    hollister employee (: Nov 17, 2008
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    LMAO! NO!
    well i work there..and it our clothing line specifically targets teens
    14 to 22...

    not 12 year olds!!

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  • An
    Ann Dec 01, 2008
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    I agree! I have a 13 yr old niece and the cards look cheap and white trashy! I
    honestly don't like the way the cards look or that you can't get a card for $35.00!
    I'm not rich and $35.00 is what I want to spend. Her mom or grandmom can
    make up the difference if she buys something pricier. C'mon Hollister,
    What are you thinking?

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  • C6
    C6602 Mar 06, 2009

    Gift cards w/o an image can be purchased online.

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  • Ho
    hollister<3 Aug 20, 2009

    I work there and shop there. Hollister Co. targets teens. NOT 11 year olds lol and if they want to shop there maybe the parent should buy the gift card lmao!

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  • Kaelynsmommy09 Aug 26, 2009

    Hollister <3, shut the h3ll up... ur getting fired...

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  • Pr
    princess_ink Nov 06, 2009

    lmao @ Kaelynsmommy09.. couldn't have said it better myself.
    Doesn't matter if the kid is 12 or 112... there should be a broader, less offensive lineup of gift cards.
    You act like 14 is such a big difference from 11.. they still don't need to see so much sexuality at that age anyhow!

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  • Cu
    customernotalwysright Dec 21, 2009

    Again take it up with corporate not the associates or managers. We are only shipped these items to our store from corporate. We are not in the backing making these gifts card or asking them to ship us the ones with the "half-naked guy" or "two people kissing" Seriously people, its a gift card that is going to be spent and thrown away after the balance is used up. I'm quite sure the receipent even if they are young is going to be more excited and worried about how much is on the gift card rather that it's a guy with his shirt unbutton on the card. If you take your children to the beach you see a lot more exposed.

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  • Kr
    Krysta Jan 09, 2010

    Sorry hollister but whats stupid is how i got a gift card for christmas and the dumb thing doesnt even work cause the only time i used it was yesterday sturday Jan. 9 2010 and what was said was i had 0 balance when there was $125.00 on the thing. how does that show up when not even used. I think you have fraud in your store and i know What he looks like. If this is not delt with then i will take it to the law cause this is B.S. majorly! oh and by the way i am 14 deal with that...

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  • La
    Larisa555 Feb 01, 2010

    Hollister e-gift card fraud!!! I purchased something online in Dec.09 and got a $50 e-gift card. Placed an order using this e-gift card, the order was processed, but cancelled in a few days!!! I could not get any explanation to this except that "place your order again" (yeah.. considering all items I ordered were on sale, but not anymore!). Better yet, when I called to check the balance I was told that the gift card number I entered is invalid. FRAUD!!!

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  • Ma
    madathollister Feb 05, 2010

    I purchased 2 gift certificates for my cousin's daugher on 12/21 for $150.00. She placed an order days after Christmas and the order was cancelled. Hollister continues to tell me that the balance is back on the cards yet when i try to place another order using these gift cards again my order is cancelled. I call Hollister and they refuse to give me NEW gift cards or debit my visa. This has been going on now for 7 weeks. When I ask to speak with a manager they inform me that they are not allowed to transfer the calls. They keep giving me the same answers over and over again that they cards can be used yet again when an order is placed using these cards, the order is cancelled. This is pure robbery... I am disgusted by this store's ethic's that they will take your money and give you nothing in return.

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  • Me
    Melissa Brownlee Mar 07, 2010

    I went to Hollister to use my two $25 promotional gift cards that I received when I spent money at Hollister during the Christmas holiday. NEVER did anyone inform me that these cards would expire, and no where on the card does it mention that these cards will expire.
    When I complained at the store, they told me that MANY people were complaining and gave me a card to email the main Hollister email address. I obviously wasn't the only one that wasn't aware that these cards would expire.
    I sent an email, and their response was that if I had checked on their website or if I had been a "friend" of Hollister on Facebook, then I would have known that these cards were going to expire.
    Really? As a customer I have to be the one responsible for checking to see if a gift card is going to expire? Even when nothing was leading me to believe that the cards would expire?
    I was going to complain on the better business bureau website, but Hollister is already rated an "F" so I am not going to waste my time. That company obviously doens't care about its customers.
    I will never shop there again.

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  • Ni
    niacey Apr 02, 2010

    [protected] is the corporate number

    http://twitter.com/kiphollister Guess she not tweeting very much cause of the angry mob of people


    add her as a friend and then get to the bottom of it.


    gotta love the internet. you can find out anything about anybody with a few click clicks

    intellius offers her home phone number for 1.99

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  • Fk
    fkw44 Apr 28, 2010

    you're all ###ing idiots. hollister isn't for 10 year olds. shut the ### up.

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  • Ni
    niacey May 06, 2010

    Hollister is proactive in making the age group 14-18 deaf..LOL

    Hollister Co. stores are known to play an eclectic selection of alternative rock and pop music..[15] One investigation measured the level of sound at 90 decibels.[15] OSHA requires employers to provide ear protection to employees exposed to decibel levels 90 or over.

    Parents now you know why you have such a hard time getting kids to listen...Cause they CANT HEAR!!


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  • Mi
    midge87 May 31, 2010
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    You could always avoid the bare chested male (gasp) gift card and just buy your mall's generic gift card.
    Really, it's the store's right to put whatever they want on it (as long as it's legal) and if your 11 year old will be scarred by a picture of boy nipples then perhaps she's not ready to shop there. You wouldn't bring her into VS where there are pictures of breasts everywhere (or if you do why are you compaining about 3x5 pictures of man chest?) so don't bring her where there are pictures of anything you, the parent, find too provacitive. But that's YOUR choice and no fault of the company what you cannot handle.

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  • As
    ashwingo Aug 05, 2010

    Hollister is a store for teens I have gotten gift cards since i was in 4th grade for christmas. My parents are great conservative parents and wouldn't buy something they felt were inappropriate. Just buy it for her and you keep a hold of it. Its not like she will be shopping with out you.

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  • Ja
    Jameson253 Feb 20, 2011

    The way that I see all of this...is that some people are taking this and being immature about the situation. Hollister Co is purely based off of Southern California styles. ALTHOUGH...I have vacationed in SoCal and no one dresses that way. EVER. But the point of the style is the beach scene. A cute summery look all year round. AND SHAME on u Hollister employees getting on here and laughing at people voicing their concerns. I mean truely u are the ones who disappointed most. I would hate to see how you are face to face with a customer. It is you shallow, cold hearted, and immature...i-think-i-am-to-good-for-the-real-world people why a place like Hollister earns a bad name. Here is an idea...grow a heart. It feels better beating than a bottomless black hole. Parents have EVERY right to be concerned about their children and what their young eyes are viewing. Sex sells now-a-days and its sickening. To think a girl must spread her legs to become "popular" or to be noticed sickens me. To dress provactive at 11, 12 up until or past the age of 18...girls are demeaning themselves. So yes a parent has every right to worry. I'm sorry Hollister Co employees that all you little girls like to dress like a slut. Your mommies and daddies must not care enough about you to give you some guidance. So really everyone is entitled to an opinion and to see Hollister Co employees not respect it, or attempt to help the situation makes me sick.

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  • So
    softball484 Mar 15, 2011

    ummm if you think that its to vulgar for your kids to shop there then shut up and dont let them shop there in the first place that is on you and not the company so get over it and stop complaining

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