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P Mar 10, 2019 Review updated:

This is a fraudulent company. I ordered a large order (us$ 1, 000+) in november 2018 and received no confirmation of the order. Once I chased for several days they acknowledged receipt of the order and payment and said the items would be shipped shortly and I could track them via an app which I was able to download and track. It took until early january 2019 for the items to arrive. They were appalling quality; sizes too small/too big, holes in the items, threads hanging out of every seam, nothing remotely like the pictures. I asked to return the full order and obtain a full refund, I had taken photos of every item and all the defects and sent these to halapick so they could not avoid the fact that the quality was extremely poor. They agreed to the refund, provided I paid for the return shipping or they offered to have me keep the items and they would give me a free us$ 100/- vouchure (I of course chose to return the items at my cost and request a full refund). They insisted on a parcel post shipment, would not accept couriers, or any form of expedited return shipment. I have tracked the shipment and it has been delivered but holapick now refuse to respond to my messages and of course there is no refund. I have no way of reaching them. Therefore I have told them that I will make it my mission to ensure no one falls foul of their fraudenlent methods by writing scathing reviews everywhere possible. I am strating here and will continue. Be warned, do not order through this so called company. I never ever fall for scams or fraud and am normally both extremely careful and cautious, but unfortunately in this case I made a very costly error. I am hoping that no one else does the same.


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      Sep 02, 2019

    I appreciate your review. I will not even consider ordering anything from this company or any company like this one.
    I find that if they don't have an address or phone number and will only take email, this is usually the sign of an illegitimate organization. I feel that the U.S. is responsible for allowing all these foreign entities to operate within our borders. Especially when the consumer affairs department seem to have their hands tied and can't seem to do anything about it.

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      Jan 12, 2020

    These days we hear lots of scammers all from China, not just online shopping, but in the field of science, medicine, and technology, etc. You name it, from merchandise to military secret, if they could steal it, they would. Isn’t it the dire consequence of the West, the government, social media, big companies, etc. — MBA, Pay Pal, Facebook to name the least, pocketing the Communists’ money and so turning a blind eye?

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      Jan 14, 2020

    To Pam Hodges...I too got the same scam although mine was for much less money than yours. However, I feel the same way. I found a phone number tonight: Holapick complaints and reviews. Contact information. Phone number: +[protected]. Submit your complaint or r...

    The link is:

    I'm at work so I can't call right now. I'm also not sure if this is really their phone number.

    Good luck!

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      Jan 14, 2020

    Sorry Pam Hodges...looks like the phone number did not display. The link still works at this time, try it

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