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L Oct 29, 2019

I've been paying into the service for over 4 years now and when I needed to file a claim, they don't really come through like you expect. Read the fine print! First, my dryer went out and they sent a company to repair it. After several days of not getting a response from the repair company after telling us parts needed ordered, I called HMS and they said they would just get me a new one. I thought that was great, but what they offered was a basic dryer with the same features, but it didn't match my washer or the brand I had. I was then offered a much lesser cash amount to buy my own and still needed to spend over $300 ($400 with deductible) to get a comparable unit.

Fast forward a few months and my furnace goes out. 2 days later, the service company comes out and says 2-3 days for parts. At 4 days, I call and was told the part is back ordered and it would be 2-3 more weeks. Meanwhile, I have no heat. When I asked for some other option, they told me that their supplier couldn't get the part and I would just have to wait. I asked for a replacement and they said, "under no circumstances". I found the part for next day delivery and then they wouldn't buy it from that supplier. They again offered me a very small amount of money to handle it myself. I could have covered it for that amount, but they wouldn't return the deductible that I already paid.

In the end, my options were to wait 2-3 weeks without heat to have them take care of this under warranty, or come out of pocket another $100+ to get it taken care of inside of a week.

They make you go through a huge menu of options over the phone and don't offer any email or chat options to get through sooner. I spoke to no less than 6 reps. Most spoke broken English and you could hear phones ringing in the background. Always a promise for a supervisor to call you back, but no one ever does...

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