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Dealing with HMS was hands down the worst customer service experience I've had in my life!!! My family was without AC for 28 days in the month of June (we were in a heatwave) due to their delays, negligence, bold face lies and horrible customer service. (but of course they continued to charge my credit card for the monthly service fee of $59.99) The only reason I heard back from anyone was because I complained on Twitter!! Yes, social media. - HMS actually blocked me shortly there after, but that doesn't stop me from tagging them or tweeting about them. Anyone I can save from this nightmare, is a win for me!! Here is the actual email I sent to them, labeled "Presidential Complaint' - to date, I've only heard back from their E-Relations rep, Austin — not a Director or someone in charge, like I've repeatedly asked for. Its crazy, they admit fault, delays and errors... but are unwilling to do more than say"sorry"and give me my deductible and cost of the window unit I had to pay for an install. I've spent hours on the phone (at least 8) being lied too, hung up on, transferred, got the run around, and not ever getting a call back from management as I've requested at least 4 times. This Austin, has a rolling extension so that if you call back to reach him... the call goes no where?? How is that service??"'My AC stopped working, 5/27/2018 - the actual temperature that day was 101°. Inside my house it was 90°. I called HMS and set up a claim. Rep was friendly, helpful. Gave me the info for the service provider. The appt was scheduled for Fri 6/1. I understood it was a busy time. He actually called and was able to come a day early - Thurs 5/31. Compressor was shot, need a new AC. He sent the paperwork over to HMS. I called them Sat 6/2, HMS didn't have the report. The rep checked my policy as I expressed concern with the upcoming forecast of almost record breaking high temps. She advised that my policy didn't have hotel coverage, granted - I don't ever recall that being offered. I asked about the claim process, I was told it could take a few days. So I was told to call back Monday and to check my emails. I gave them an extra day and I called Tues 6/5. They confirmed receipt of the service order (6/4) and that it's in research. I called back Wed 6/6- Talked to a guy, I didnt catch his name, but he was less than friendly and I felt like I was getting the run around. He puts me on hold comes back after awhile and says "it was approved and a replacement AC would he delivered 6/21" I was happy to hear it was approved, but 6/21 felt like forever... because of his lack of service - I was insistent on speaking to a supervisor - I was blind transferred to a Case Manager named Tasha. I had to start over and give all of my info to her. When I asked her who had transferred me over to her, she replied "the rep that you were just talking too" - To which I responded "Duh, but what is his name, so I can include it in my complaint with the BBB and Yelp. She told me she didn't know where the call came from or who it was that I had talked too...?? So, I moved onto my AC issue. She looked me up and proceed to tell me that"the claim was still in research" — nothing was approved. Their customer service rep had bold faced lies to get me off of the phone. I was livid. She offered to change the status of my claim to"Emergency"so it would be expedited. I explained to her that they have a disclaimer message advising that"all calls are recorded for quality assurance"I wanted the call pulled, reviewed and a call back from a supervisor with an explanation. Not getting his name was a mistake, lesson learned! Never got that call — I called back the same day, still 6/6 after 3pm CST. At the very start, I explained this was an escalated issue and that I needed to speak with a Case manager. I then talked to Janay, then transferred to Marissa, and then to a Quinten - he actually hung up on me. I called back and spoke with a Keisha who was blatantly disrespectful and rude. She argued with me to the point I was snarky. She said she needed a reason to transfer me to a CM. I told her it was her lack of customer service, her tone and the fact she kept talking over me. Surprisingly she did transfer me to a CM, Beth (Elizabeth)- she was helpful. I explained it all to her - that my 6 year old has pulmonary/breathing issues and has 4 different prescriptions she takes including daily breathing treatments... she then elevated my claim to a from emergency to MEDICAL EMERGENCY - she was also going to email claims since the status was now escalated. To get it expedited. She said she would be leaving notes on my file so that the CSRs could see the situation and all of the issues. It's the next day, no email, no calls from HMS - so I call again, 6/7 - Start with a Mary, then transferred to a Jerry, he hung up on me (2nd time it happened) - called back, got a Jill, then a Caitlyn who had me on hold forever. I wanted a supervisor - I was beyond done. All she kept saying was that she couldn't reach her supervisor, or a casemanger, or anyone that deals with escalations. She also let me know that she would have to submit an exception to her manager because my call was so long, it was messing up her average handle time!! I was baffled, how is that my problem or concern??? It's not my fault she couldn't reach anyone, and when I asked for the chain of command - she had no clue. I asked for supervisors, managers, directors, even the exec VP, CEO, CFO! By this time I was online, researching their company and I was name dropping. I said to throw my name and # on her email and tell them I needed someone to call me my research. I found HMS home warranty has parent company Cross Country Home Services, found a press release with their media relations guy Danny Jovic, called him [protected]. Got his VM, opted out, tried to dial by name, Steven Upshaw, Joseph Incandela, Douglas Stein, Joel Steigelfest, Sandra Finn, Tami Thraum... no luck. Unsure if they've had changes in their organization so I hit zero for the operator. Explained to her my issue. She transferred me to a Lori Singleton. Said she normally deals with agents not homeowners but she would follow this through and keep me in the loop. Her emails generally get a pretty rapid response. My case was still in research, they are processed in the order they are received, but it had priority. She said I'd hear back from her, today or tomorrow - she threw in a lot of the feel good phrases that make you feel better, but she never called me back (2nd time) Now its 6/8 - no calls or emails - I talk to a Jolie who transfers me to a Danskey. I argued with him for 17 minutes, he put me on hold, out right refused to transfer me, I started out nice, but it was fading, fast. A CSR shouldn't antagonize and try to start conflict. He was argumentative and just plain nasty. He had information on the offer, but after being flat out lied too, not having my calls returned and by this time spending HOURS on the phone on this pointless merry-go-round... I wanted to speak with someone higher up. I wanted to address my concerns with their lack of customer service. So, Instead of putting me through to the Case Management team, he just sent me back to the queue... then got a ShellyAnn. It was more of the same, que the clown car music - she finally transfers me to CM named Paulisha. I told her that I wanted a contact number to register my complaints with this whole process - she gave me [protected]@cchs - She then explains the offer, I tried to write down all of the"not covered charges and services"so I asked her to send it in an email so I could read all of the fine print and understand. I've worked in the insurance industry for over 12 years, I get it. Policy limitations, exclusions, contract verbiage... ect. she said it'd take about 30 min to get the email. Surprise, guess what, it didn't come. I called back an hour later to accept (still the same day Friday 6/8) my family's been without AC for 13 days now. We've had temps in the high 90's -100°- the temp in my house was 85-90°. I've got 3 kids and 2 dogs... I needed it fixed so I had no choice but to call back. I spoke with a Melissa 6/8 @2:33 PM CST. I gave her verbal acceptance of the offer, she would send the notice, so they'd place the order. I also told her Paulisha's email didn't come through, she said she'd have it resent. But, I felt like finally, there was a light at the end of the tunnel. This nightmare would be over soon. (Side note, the email didn't come until 6/12 - 4 days later) The nightmare is not even close to done... its now Thursday 6/14. It's been almost a week since I accepted. I call the service provider, to see if we can set up a time for the install. They dont have anything in the portal. They tell me to call HMS. So, here we go again. I call talk to a Tracey, give the whole rundown. I asked her for an ETA, a time frame of how long it takes from when I accept to when it's actually ordered. Her exact reply was"I couldn't tell ya, depends on when they get around to ordering it" — let me say at this point, I'm BOILING!!! In the business world, when is this ever an acceptable answer to give anyone??? I couldn't believe it. She gave me excuses, depends on the work level, I need to be patient - blah blah blah. Finally, she said she was going"to try and get it pushed to purchasing"I was on hold forever, she checked back in... its going to be whole do you want to keep waiting - uh YUP, sure do!! I felt like, get them on the phone and give me some answers. Finally, she comes back (30 minutes have passed) and says shes transferring me to a Shevy... but wouldn't tell me the department she worked in, (I asked specifically) she said that Shevy will tell me when she comes on the line. Now Shevy Conway is the Supervisor of Case Mgmt! You heard right people, without even asking, without a million transfers, bad attitudes and smart mouthed CSRs, I'm on the phone with the Supervisor of the CM department. Wow!! So..., she's pleasant, reviews my notes, I complain a bit, she listens - then she proceeds to hit me with it — "she was going to go ahead and be honest with me, when I called last week 6/8, Melissa was supposed to create an exception request (The exact term was - TSS Order Exception) - however she did not follow through and the AC was NEVER ordered!!! I've been waiting a week for nothing! Absolutely NOTHING!!! The only reason I found this out was because I called back to follow up, an if I would of taken Tracey's lame excuse, I'd STILL be waiting — for nothing. How is it that they have call centers in 3 States, IA, SC and GA... they service millions of homeowners and tens of thousands of real estate professionals but I cant get a honest answer, return call, the slightest bit of empathy, respect or anyone to show accountability?!?! All I hear is that they are sorry. So, on the phone for an hour again. Shevy did do her part on. Got the Purchase Order # so she could email it to purchasing. (She emailed me a copy) I asked again where to send complaints and she gave me a different email than Paulisha did. She said they should go to [protected]@cchs While on the phone there was confusion with how the service provider gets the unit, so I called them up and confirmed it needed to be delivered to them. I couldn't afford any more delays. I told her I needed a call back from HMS/CCHS. Someone to review my file, pull calls, follow up internally and call me back to help me understand how this happens and tell me what they are going to do to fix it... this has been the absolute hands down worst experience that I've had In my entire life. She said she'd put in the request and that it takes 24-72 hours.. Well that was Thursday 6/14 and it's now Tuesday 6/19. Times up. How is is even possible to have so many hands drop the ball, only to be saved by an Elizabeth, Lori or Shevy BUT then you drop the ball again. It's like you dont even care. As long as your taking the premiums, you treat your customers like garbage. I feel like a hostage. This warranty was included with the purchase of my home. Ive been here almost 3 years, I continued the service because it gave me piece of mind. I even upgraded my policy to include extras with the water, sewers, and/or power lines. I felt prepared and protected from the unexpected. But — I had never had any major issues. This is my first one and HMS/CCHS you've failed me, I mean an Epic Failure! Today is 6/19 — my family's been without AC for 24 (Twenty Four!!!) You take my premiums every single month and yet I'm left waiting. I've been lied too, hung up on, bullied and 24 days later, I'm still waiting. I've spent hours on the phone because I can't actually get any of your employees to do their jobs. There's 1 exception - Shevy Conway - shes the only person thus far that's done her job and done it well. You all need more Shevys and zero Danskeys, Tashas, Caitlyns, Jerry's, Lori's, Keishas, Quintons, ShellyAnns, Melissa's, Traceys, & Paulishas. If I'm paying the premium and spending my time, on the phone, following up making sure you're doing you're jobs... what would you say it is, ya do here?? I haven't yelled or used any profanity in any of my conversations. I've remained professional. I do not deserve this treatment. I'm a single Mom. I work, 3 kids, 2 dogs. Our every day life as we know it stopped 5/27- I'll give you some insight. Average day, we get up, get ready/dressed, feed the kids & the dogs. Let them play for a bit, before your off to work and the kids school/camp/summer programming, drop them off. Then You work all day, 8-9 hours, then your off work, and you repeat the routine, pick up the kids, get home, let the dogs out, dinner for the kids & feed the dogs. Laundry, groceries, TV, activities if any depending on the day - then its bed time. Shower up and to bed... ok — but now It's 90 Degrees inside your house. How do you get up, when you couldn't sleep because its uncomfortably hot, you peel yourself out of bed and wake the kids, who didn't sleep either, try to get them ready, the dogs are miserable also, no appetite. Now breakfast... something easy and preferably cold. All ready, well as ready as you're gonna be and off ya go, its hotter and more muggy outside but you gotta get to work. 8-9 hours later works over, pick up the kids, get home, let the dogs out, now what... dinner... where you cant leave your fridge open too long because you worry the milk will go bad. The evaporation pan under the freezer cant keep up and there's a constant pool of water on the floor. Even the Popsicle's are soft, not all the way frozen. But the kids have to eat, there's food in there, but you don't even have the energy to stand in the kitchen and sweat at the stove making dinner, in a sauna. That's exactly what it feels like. And Even after the cold showers, you're all still hot. So you buy a window AC unit hoping for a little bit of relief. Not much, but if you position the vents and the 4 fans that you have running constantly (not to mention the ceiling fans) close the bedroom doors and have the kids sleep on the couches in the living room... it can get down to about 81-83°at night - which undoubtedly is the only reason my dogs are alive today and haven't died of heat stroke. So now there's cost, had to buy a window AC unit to survive close to record setting temps in NE, a massive increase in the electric bill, window AC runs all day, plus 4 fans, fridge/freezer are working harder to maintain temperature, plus the water bill b/c the cold showers help and you need to take more than one a day, and you turn the sprinkler on to cool off the kids and the dogs, plus extra expense feeding the kids, b/c you cant even Use Your Own Kitchen. This has been my life, our lives for 24 days, and still counting. How can you put value on mental stress or mental anguish, not being able focus or relax. Always worrying something else is going to go wrong, worried my 6yr old is going to have a flare up, trying to hear her breathe over the noise of all of the fans that are running to see if shes struggling. Wasting hours an hours on the phone - so much so that its negatively affected my job performance! I've gotta keep it together for my kids, I'm all they've got an after the last 24 days dealing with your company - I've been ready to break down, but I refuse to be bullied. This just doesn't make sense. And will somebody please tell me what ever happened to the Medical Emergency Status?? Your employee Melissa, didn't even put the request through, and then a week later your employee Tracey couldn't even figure out that it was never ordered??? It's an emergency, wheres the urgency, why isn't anyone helping me, why is no one listening?? I have paid my premiums automatically electronically every single month. I've played your games, I've followed your rules and I've jumped through your hoops. Now its time for HMS/CCHS to follow through an practice what you preach on your website. Deliver the a product and service that I've paid for. Take this email up whatever corporate ladder/chain that you have to follow. I'm done playing your games. I demand to be compensated due to your employees/companies negligence, willful disregard, and blatant disrespect. No one deserves to be treated this way. — To Which - Austin replied — I greatly appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns. Thank you again for taking my call today so we can come up with some sort of resolution for you and your family. I did get a chance with my supervisor before she left and we are able to provide the reimbursement for your portable ac unit. We have also reimbursed your $100.00 deductible as a courtesy for the extensive delays on our behalf. These will come in two separate checks. One will be processed for the deductible in the amount of $100.00 and the other check for the portable unit reimbursement in the amount of $120.00. Please let me know as soon as you have an install date, the next day I will allow the unit to work over night and allow around 24 hours for your home to be completely cooled down before I reach back out Again, thank you so much for letting me assist you personally, if you have any questions, please email me or call me directly no matter what issue you are experiencing and either, myself or someone from my team will be there to assist you. — — My reply to Austin — I wanted to start with thanking you for reaching out to me yesterday and openly discussing the issues associated with your company. However, I feel like there is additional review and consideration required on your part (HMS)., Honestly, I dont feel that you've fully grasped the depravity of the situation. I think it would also be helpful to pull the calls that were taken and hear the treatment I was repeatedly subjected too over the course of several weeks. (Note, This is not the first time i've asked for this to take place) Day after day I was put through the wringer and bullied. They refused to help me, refused to transfer me. Kept me on the phone for purely for their own enjoyment. Like they sincerely enjoyed harassing our conversation yesterday you mentioned that with claims that are flagged as Medical Emergencies, hotel accommodations are offered... my claim was elevated to this status by Elizabeth (Beth) on June 6th, but there was no mention of this, no offer made.??? In the 6 other phone calls made after June 6th - where I had spoken with 8 call center representatives (CSRs) and 3 other Case Mangers (CMs) - still, no offer for a hotel. 5 days elapsed before my claim was out of research, and an offer was made, and 7 days passed after I accepted the offer - before my unit was actually ordered. This additional delay was due to CSR Melissa not submitting the TSS order exception. Her negligence was only discovered because I called back on June 14th to check the status. I spent an hour on the phone that day - started out talking to Tracey, who's exact reply was "whenever they get around to ordering it" only because that answer was unacceptable, I pushed further and stayed on the line, did she transfer me to CM supervisor Shevy Conway and she put the order request through. Let's talk total I've spent: - At least 6 hours on the phone - while at work because your CM department is only available during business hours. - made at least 11 phone calls - spoken with at least 20 CRS - spoken with 7 Case managers - Been hung up on 2 times - lied to and told it was approved (6/6 by the CSR who transferred me to Tasha, but didnt document your system) - Been transferred unecessarily back to the CSR queue 3 times. - Spent 23 days without AC - (5/27 to 6/19 - when the service company finally received the unit) in sweltering heat, 15 of these days the temperature was over 90°. - I spent $116 (plus tax) on a window AC unit. - I spent over an hour installing the unit, by myself. - Ive had 4 fans (borrowed) and a 1 dehumidifier running 24/7 to try and make my house livable for myself, 3 kids and 2 dogs. My utility bills are substantially higher because of this. - I spent a large chunk of time creating a complaint email outlining the issues and horrible treatment inflicted on my by HMS employees. I then sent 4 emails on June 19th - labeled Presidential complaint... 1 to [protected]@cchs, 1 to [protected]@cchs and 1 to Shevy Conway because my first email to the customer complaints came back undeliverable - I had asked her to confirm the email address she gave me. She did not reply. — No one replied — - requested 4 call backs in regards to this situation and have received zero. If I accepted the answers provided by your CSRs, your front line, the people you pay to assist ME, the homeowner, the customer. I'd still have no AC. My claim would be floating in La-la land. How is this fair an ethical treatment of a "valued customer?" I'm a single mother, trying to do my best at keeping my sanity in a situation where I have no control, no options, no help... Our day to day lives have to continue to survive and I did my best make it bearable, but in the meantime — I'm being held hostage by your company because NO ONE will help me. NO ONE will do their job, at every corner, the ball is dropped and just when I think someone sees that this is utterly outrageous and unacceptable... the ball gets dropped again!!! To know that - We (My 3 kids, 2 dogs and myself) spent FOURTEEN unnecessary days living in a house that was 88-90°... because your employees did not follow your company protocol for MEDICAL EMERGENCIES cases and offer us hotel accommodations is just inhumane and unjustifable. Your offer of a "$100 reimbursement of my deductible for your extensive delays & $120 for the AC window unit" was insulting. My time, my family's time has value. Please have your supervisor re-read my presidential complaint email, pull the phone calls taken in reference to my claim, if there are any questions - please feel free to reach out to me. Above I broke down the numbers in the hopes that you'd understand. They attempted to install the unit today. Apparently, at the first visit, the service provider missed that there were also issues with the Motherboard and thermostat... so I still have NO AC. They said they will be updating the portal and sending the info over to HMS. Please, let's not forget - The only reason I was able to speak with you Austin, was b/c of my Tweets!!! I had exhausted every other option I'd been given and went to social media... AND even though I was blocked by HMS, it doesn't stop me from tweeting - as you could see from my tweets - I'm pretty good at it. Undoubtedly HMS pays several thousand dollars monthly to Google and other social media applications for marketing/advertising. I'd like to remind you that I only agreed to stop tweeting and delete my previous messages IF we came to an amicable agreement... that hasn't happened yet, but I'll give you another try. You guys need to set up a meeting and figure out your bottom line, mine has a lot more zeros in it. Maybe you should dip into your E&O Insurance, as this was your error. (I told you, I work in the Insurance Industry - we're in the top 5 of the large insurance companies) — Yet again — the reply from Austin — We do apologize for the major inconvenience your family has experienced with not having any air conditioning. When we do place your claim under a medical emergency we do offer a portable unit, in your case you had already purchased one so we did offer you the $120 reimbursement for that purchase. Also as another customer service gesture we refunded your $100 deductible back to you. That is the maximum amount we are able to authorize for the total reimbursement of $220.00. It is never our policy to ever hang up on our homeowner's other than excessive profanity being used (which was not the issue in your case). Lodging for medical emergency claims is only offered if you have the coverage for it in your policy it does come at an additional charge when you sign up for the warranty. I understand the $220.00 we have reimbursed to you is not the outcome you were hoping for, however that is the maximum amount we can offer to you. — My reply was short and sweet — Yet again, still no resolution... no satisfaction, no accountability. This is still the deplorable service I've come to addition to that, I cant even call you, its like your extension is changed after every claim... to keep people from reaching you. Cycle it out to silence the customers... unbelievable! — Austin emailed me a few days later — I have communicated with other members of our leadership department and have come to a unified decision of 6 months of credit/payments to your existing contract. There will not be any other monetary offer available. I know this isn't the offer you were hoping for; however we are confident in this decision. Please let me know if you have any other questions. — my reply to Austin — I'm glad you reached out to the members of your leadership team and that you've reached a unified decision as to how to compensate me for your companies repeated errors, blunders, mistreatment, delays and exceptionally poor customer service. You are 100% correct that this offer doesn't even come close to what I was looking for. As I've pondered your offer, it actually brings up more questions. What changes has HMS implemented to prevent this situation from happening in the future??? What - if any - additional training, education or consequences have any of your representatives received in reference to this situation??? Why would I want to continue a business relationship with a company who at ever turn (except Shevy Conway) made it perfectly clear that I, your customer, do not matter, you do not care, you will waste my time, treat me poorly, provide inadequate and substandard service ALL while taking my money... It seems to be the norm for you all... just another day. Its apparent that your understaffed, which is why you're probably just looking to fill seats with bodies — a.k. a not picky about who you hire. Those lucky folks probably get about 3-5 days (at the most) of training before they are let loose on the phones - they lack so many of the basic skills required for someone in a CSR position. But they are who your customers deal with on a daily basis, when they are in crisis.. needing help, understanding, empathy... ect. they get fed up and frustrated because it's a high stress job for which they aren't properly trained - and the quit... and so the saga continues. So Austin, I have no doubt your employee turnover is extremely high. After the way I was mistreated and my claim repeatedly mishandled.. I am positive your customer turnover/cancellations is also high. I've been a customer one month shy of 3 years. You've made it exceptionally clear where you stand. I request that a check be sent directly to me for the 6 months of premium credit that you've promised in your email below. My address in your file is correct and has not changed. — no reply came, it was almost a week - So I reached out again — Hello again, it's me - extremely disgruntled, angry and dissatisfied customer Leslie, Austin, its been 4 business days since my reply... and I'm still waiting to hear back from you... 6 months at $59.99 = $359.94 — I need to know where my check is... the billing cycle date is is approaching - DO NOT, I repeat - do not charge me again. Gather the members of your leadership team team and put your heads together to get a resolution - quick fast and it a hurry. I have zero patience for your shenanigans. Oh, also - I'm still tweeting #TickTock — — Austin replied back pretty quickly — same day We would not send you a check for the 6 months advance in premiums. We would simply waive your premiums for the next 6 months and we would not charge your credit card on file. This is the only option in regards to your premiums for 6 months. Please let me know if this is something you would still be interested in. — So, as you've come to expect - my reply — was lengthy - sent Thur 07/19 at 10:45am — Austin, Austin, Austin It's almost comical... after the hell I've been through dealing with HMS - why would I continue doing business with a company, who's sole mission is to take my money and leave me holding the bag?? You've admitted the errors, delays and problems caused by your company that my family and I have had to endure, but your very best answer is "well give you 6 months free" but the I'd better hope and pray that nothing goes wrong or I'll actually have to call one of your customer service clowns. I didnt cruse or swear, all I did was ask for answers. As any customer stuck in this nightmare would! HMS is a company with ZERO integrity, ZERO accountability, ZERO follow through, you cant get a call back from a supervisor or someone in management, hands down the most UNPROFESSIONAL and untrained customer service representatives I've ever had the misery to experience. Let's not forget, the fact that I couldn't even call you Austin... as your "extension" changes with every issue you address. A rolling extension - how is that service? It's a joke! EVERY time I've had to deal with HMS since the first of June, I feel like I'm on a hidden camera show like Punked or Boiling Point. Or maybe you, Austin, are one of the guys from Impractical Jokers. Because this cant be real life? No company would treat a customer like this!?! But that was my life for the entire month of June. Why on earth would a sain individual such as myself agree to doing that Austin!! What type of fool do you take me for? I'm not a glutton for punishing, a sucker for pain. I can assure you, when it comes to customer service - you guys picked the wrong one. I've saved 2 coworkers who were buying houses and guess what they asked... Hey Leslie, what's the name of that horrible home warranty company that screwed you over — I was too happy to oblige - HMS a.k. a Hostage Money Scheme - sadly another friends son already unfortunately has HMS, so I've given her all of your guys' info. Over 50 days with AC problems?? Its just outrageous. With that said, let me tell you!! My tweets are going amazing. I'm getting really good exposure!! Lots of good trending hashtags - my personal favorites are #poorcustomerservice #buyerbeware #BBB #lies #delays #rude #dontdoit #bully #bullied #heatwave #Florida #WatchMeWork Maybe you can explain to your leadershipteam how the # (pound sign) works. My rough estimate was 100 views per tweet, well so far my highest is 681!! With just one tweet! Very proud moment! So my original estimation of over 500k views was way too low. As previously stated, 5k tweets is my goal. Its easily attainable - I sent more tweets (9, 000) in a 2 week period voting for UK singer James Arthur, than you have in your ENTIRE time on twitter!! So far I've tweeted more about your horrible company than I did about my own appearance on TLCs Long Lost Family!! Just to give you some perspective! (I didnt even include FaceBook, Instagram, Yelp and the BBB) There are just a ton of GIFs (I also make my own), hashtags, pictures, statistics, weird facts and dont forget screenshots! Like I said Austin, #IllMakeYouFamous! I've attached one of my favs, but it's only 521 views, but still good. I've wasted enough time dealing with your unfortunate, pathetic excuse for a company. Cancel my service today. Send me written confirmation that's it's been completed as requested. I've got work to do! #TwitterSmarter!!! Disgruntled, Unhappy, Angry, Fed up, Determined and Dedicated, ~Leslie... I still haven't heard back — so I sent a follow up today. — Why is it, I continually have to reach back out to you for a response Austin??? Are you and your leadership team having a Hashtag Awareness Seminar... or maybe you're going over my Twitter history?? If so, I wish you would of let me know, I would of updated my profile picture. So, — see my email below... I sent it 7/19 @ 10:45 cst... it's now noon on 7/26 — where is my confirmation of cancellation Austin and/or his leadership team??? I did get a pretty comical letter from Kent Hansen, Membership services director (he must not be part of your leadership team) thanking me for being a "valued customer"!!! You'd think you've would of already had my account flagged to prevent the customer survey emails and renewal letters from going out. I'm also still waiting to hear back from someone, like a director, to reach out to me about my nightmarish experience with your company... to date any of the responses I've received are less than satisfactory... ~ so if you've read this all the way through, I hope you can get a sense of how incredibly frustrating my experience with HMS has been. I would rather pay another company for good, reliable customer service that I can depend on, instead of getting 6 months free with a company that has made it abundantly clear that myself and my family do not matter - If need-be - I can provide the emails to back up everything I've stated above - also, I was very happy with the amount of space Consumer Affairs has allowed - Run from this company faster than you've run from anything in your life — !!!

Also — I did finally get a reply from Austin, who passed the buck and says I have to call the customer service to cancel... Im confused, because he stated in more than one email that he could assist me... I waited a week for him to just pass the buck. So I just called and talked to a Carmen. — she told me that I would have to pay them $59.99 to cancel??? They just offered me 6 months fee, which I declined, but I will have to pay them to cancel?? This is a Hostage Money-Making Scheme!!! (HMS)


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    Very bad. I've been with HMS since 2004. Small jobs were fixed at the beginning, but now that AC & Washing machine are getting old, the service from HMS has been the absolute minimum required. 3 out of the last 4 summers, I've had 2 to 3 months without A/C. Now I'm on my 3rd month without a washing machine & waiting. This is the pattern: First service technician doesn't follow through (weeks go buy). HMS sends 2nd technician who can't find the parts. Months go buy. Frustration rises & peaks when the customer service just says "parts are on back-order, there is nothing else I can do" & makes it clear and never admit they are providing poor service & will not take it upon themselves to get the matter fixed; they leave you to deal with the service provider--so you spend months on the phone calling HMS & the provider doing everything you can to be polite & not lose your cool, while also trying to find someone to help. You find yourself loyal to HMS, paying them for years, until your appliances get old, need replacement, & HMS refuses to replace them. You will be forced to buy the appliances yourself & those past years of faithful payments to HMS were wasted & could have covered the cost of replacing all the appliances. It's very disappointing.

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