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I purchased a 55" Hitachi LCD Rear Projection television. It has been a nightmare. It had a defective light engine, which took months to remedy. Despite the fact that the light engine was acknowledged to be defective, I had to pay for the labor involved in its replacement. Now I have another problem. The unit wil not power up. I get a buzzing noise in the area of the lamp and the unit goes into protection mode with a lit lamp indicator. The lamp, which I replaced a relatively short time ago, appears to be fine -- so who knows? It could be the lamp. It could be the fan. It could be the ballast. It could be someting else. I am done with this craptastic tv and will never buy another Hitachi product again.


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    Tim and Melissa Dec 12, 2009

    Hitachi said to replace the bulb on our 42V710 4-year old tv when our colors looked washed out green/yellow. Made the problem worse; more obvious. TV Repair person verified the problem was the light engine when we told him the Red, Green, Blue color only settings showed good red color, good green color, but the blue only option showed nothing but dark swirls and blotches all over the screen. Hitachi said our set was too old to support and said to contact their "appeals committee" if we didn't like it. So they won't even cover our repairs or send a new light engine.
    Check out this corporate statement from Hitachi website, "The value we intend to foster and build upon is that of a company trusted by customers and society, a company fully responsible for its actions." Thanks for those beautiful words that mean nothing to me as a customer and member of society who has been ripped off by Hit-ow-chi.
    My husband's planning to take our yellowvision out back for target practice!!!

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