HiFi Corpproduct cannot be fixed

R Jul 21, 2019

on 28 of june 2019, I took my sinotec tv to carnival mall hifi to be fixed, it has a warranty for additional 5 years I was told to take a bank statement to them and two days later I called them to tell them the tv was bought at eastgate the receipt should be there, three weeks later I'm told to come n fetxh the tv to hifi Corp where i bought they r not allowed to email eastgate they work like that I'm so shocked i even told told gow possible is dat with wat petrol n they even told me i must call them at eastgate to get the receipt, I want to know how do u guys work, I'm not gonna fetch that tv all I refuse to be bullied like this I'm a customer why must I suffer the expense of tv, it's been hell with this tv when I was sold the warranty I was told if it breaks I will get a new one n a month later it broke they fixed it so we being sold a lie

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