HiFi Corphifi corp boksburg 100l sansui chest freezer


Please could someone from your office phone me to discuss a customer related incident at your Boksburg branch. Please note I don't wish to discuss this matter with customer service Boksburg, I would like someone higer up to phone me.
Here's my complaint:
On Saturday 30 September I bought a 100L Sansui Chest freezer cash for R1699. I was told they don't have stock but it's on order and the stock will arrive Wednesday 04 October. I went back on 4 October to collect my freezer which was already paid for on 30 September, only to have the salesman tell me to come back on Friday 6 October as the stock did not arrive yet. So on 6 October I go back only to be told its not there yet I should come back next week and that he will personally phone me once it arrives. On 9 October I went to the store again and I was told that the particular salesman is out of store at the moment and the lady will phone me as soon as he is in. Comes Saturday 14 October I had not received a single call from either the salesman or the lady I left a message with so I drive to the store again with my husband and this is what we get from the salesman...
Sorry but the stock has not arrived yet. And he cannot give me any idea of when it might arrive.
I enquired to speak to the manager who came to the front, looked at my invoice and then informed me that this particular item did in fact arrive and is at the back. He went to the back and never returned. He send out the salesman to come tell me that there is no stock at the back and with sad news that the manager checked the system and this particular item has been discontinued and there is not a single unit available in gauteng. Please note the store manager did not even bother to bring this message in person even though he was the one assisting us.
So we asked what we're to do, the salesman said he has no idea and just stood there. We asked to again speak to the manager and he was once again called for me (this time he was sitting at the back where the TV'S are displayed, talking to another employee) The mananger (Moses) finally arrived and said he will have to phone around and find out what he can do for us as he confirmed that the item is discontinued and there is no stock in gauteng. He asked us to come back in 30 minutes.
We left and went back in 30 minutes and Moses the manager showed us a bar fridge style freezer that we could take for similar value or we should take a refund as he once again confirmed that there is no stock anywhere and hifi corp will not sell this item again as they will not be stocking this anymore.
I don't need a bar style fridge I need a chest freezer. So I declined the offer and asked for the refund to go buy somewhere else.
Before leaving the store we went to customer care at the back of the store to launch a complaint and told the lady there that I need both manager plus sales man's names as I will be taking this matter up with head office. All personnel in customer care were very friendly and extremely helpful. I left the store with my refund and as I was sitting outside in the car went to your website to search for an alternative store to phone and ask if they have stock of this item or a similar item to buy. While on the phone to hifi corp Kempton park your Boksburg branch customer service phoned me and said they found the freezer I'm looking for at south gate branch. South gate has 4 units in stock and about 40 units was standing at DC. I went back into the store, spoke to the lady from customer service and she confirmed that it was in fact exactly the same unit and she found it within 10 minutes and within a few kilometers from her store.
I requested to then speak to Moses the manager again to find out why he would lie to me and say he checked and could not find stock, why he lied and said it was discontinued?
They called Moses and he refused to come down. He send another lady down to come tell me and the lady from customer service that he can't come he is now having his lunch.
Needless to say I was beside myself at this point.
The lady from customer service helped me to pay for the item again, she arranged for it to be delivered to my house the next day. Let's just say she was amazing in organising everything.
When I asked her why Moses would lie about this matter and why he did not come down she informed me he was new. I explained to her that being new at a job did not justify his lies and behavior.
I would like to thank the 2 ladies from customer service and bring their excellent customer service under your attention.
Moses on the other end I expect some sort of action taken against him, I feel that he should at least apologise for telling me two lies, for refusing to come down and tell me in person he made a mistake, and above all for making me waite over 2 weeks for a product that was already paid for and indeed not out of stock or discontinued.
I look forward to your phone call.
I attach photos of my Invoice plus a photo taken from your website today showing the "so called discontinued item"
Lize Howard

hifi corp boksburg 100l sansui chest freezer

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