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1185 Avenue of the Americas, 40th Floor
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1866 203 6215(Shareowners) 1 0
+1 212 997 8500(Head Office) 1 0
+1 713 496 4000(Hess Exploration & Production) 1 0
+1 201 680 6578(Foreign Shareowners) 1 0
Hess Exploration and Production
Hess Tower 1501 McKinney Street Houston, Texas 77010 

Hess Stockholder Information
Computershare, Inc. at P.O. Box 30170, College Station, TX 77842

Houston, TX
1501 McKinney Street, Houston, TX 77010
Production Operations
3015 16th Street SW, Suite 20, Minot, ND 58701

Østergade 26 B, DK-1100 Copenhagen K, Denmark

Level 14, Menara 3 Petronas, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hess Corporation Complaints & Reviews

HESS Corporation / hess toy truck 2018

Dec 07, 2018

I purchased the 2018 Hess Toy Truck online at, which is the only place that they are available. Unfortunately, someone else also purchased the truck for the same child. The box the truck arrived in was never opened. When I inquired about returning the item, I was informed...

HESS Corporation / Gor Offer letter

Aug 18, 2015

Hi, I have profile in Times, From there i got a notification for a job vacancy in Hess Corporation as per that information i applied and instead of interview they sent me a set of questionnaire as a part of Interview. After completing that I got a offer letter stating i got...

hess express gas / $75.00 over charge @ gas pump

Jul 21, 2012

HI My Name is Wendy O'rork today 07/21/2012 i purchased gas @ the pump @ Hess Express #39202 1783-1789 Plainfield Pike | Johnston, RI 02919 ..I was first charged $75.00 which was charged to my credit card .then i was charged $9.35 & card was declined as it took all the remains of my...

Hess Gas Station / I will never buy gas at that store again and I will share this truth with all that will listen

Mar 22, 2012

I drive a 2009 Honda Accord. empty tank capacity of 18.5 Gal. US. I stooped at the Hess gas station located at 700 US1 in Sebastian, Florida. with about a 1/4 tank to fill up. I pumped 19.031 Gal. US into the tank according to my receipt, when I asked to talk to the manager a young lady...

Hess Express / Employees Safety

Mar 02, 2012

I wish Hess Corporation would investigate some of the orders managers/regional managers are handing the employees in Massachusetts or wherever else in New England. There is this new promotion that Hess has handed down to its stores that customers recieve a free water for purchasing item...

Hess Gas Station / refusal to refund or exchange broken toy truck

Dec 28, 2011

I bought a Hess truck for Christmas from that gas station and found out that the truck did not work. When I went back to the gas station to exchange for another truck, the employee told me to go to the Old Bridge Hess gas station, which was about 7 miles away, because they take care of any...

Hess-Express / Rats/roaches/sticky back room floor

Dec 08, 2011

I use to work for this company they have a sticky back room floor and roaches all around the store as well as rats the size of my hand and if you look underneath the bread section, take the black thing off at the bottom you will see one this is a hazardous work place. There NOT in...

HESS Corporation / Job Offer Scam

Sep 12, 2011

from: Human Resources <[email protected]> date: Sun, Aug 15, 2010 subject: Dear applicant Hello Dear, friend kindly find attachment and acknowledge receipt thanks. Attachment Contents: [email protected] Offshore Job Vacancies at (HESS CORPORATION COMPANY PLC...

Hess Service Station / Poor Customer Service

Jul 12, 2011

The attendant on duty- Sam according to my receipt- at this gas station was incompetent and abrasive. I was using a company Fleet card, entered the information in the pump, and got ready to fuel. I'm from NJ and don't have much experience pumping my own gas, and I couldn't...

HESS / Rude Manager

May 26, 2011

I am a business owner who frequently buys Hess Gift Cards for my customers and employees to use. I spend about $3000 a week on fuel and other items at Hess Gas Stations. I normally go to the Hess at Del Tura Blvd and N Tamiami Trail where the manager and employees have always been very...

HESS / Rude Employee

Mar 03, 2011

We are very sorry to hear you had an issue at one of our locations. We'd like more information to better understand what took place and how we can help. We'd appreciate if you would contact the Hess customer service center at 1-800-437-7645 or [email protected]

Hess Gas Station / Rude Employee

Feb 28, 2011

I want to file a formal complaint against the employees (particularly a young late 20s early 30s employee with glasses) at the HESS gas station located at 207 Highland Ave, Needham Heights, MA 02494. This incident occurred on Monday, February 28, 2011 at approximately 12:45 PM. Being from New...

Hess Gas Station / very rude cashiers

Jan 05, 2011

when you come inside the store as you getting ready to walk up to the counter to buy lotto tickets and scratch-offs there are this young female cashier that wears glasses would always say what what what do you want with a straight face. I would respond holding my composure not to get upset...

HESS / Employment letter


Dear Sir/Madam i am Basir Ahmad, i received a mail from web recruits about employment in Hess corporation UK few days ago, with further procedure and after clear the online interview from Hess corporation, they informed me that they have been forwarded my profile to UK home border agency and...

HESS / rude late night worker


dear sir / madam I was in the store 42226 last nught 12-11-09 at 23:55:22. I Was there to pump some gas, so I said to my frend that I had to use the bathroom. I went inside and there where tow ladys drinking soda and buying somethig. I started to head to the bathroom and the casher said...

HESS Corporation / Don't buy gas there


Hess Gas Station at 184 Madison St & Green St in Worcester, MA has pumps (including Pump #4) that when authorizing the pump start at $0.04 not at ZERO. When I made the attendant aware of this she said to "End the Sale" and start again. When I asked if I would be charged, she responded "Of...

Hess Gas Station / Bees at pump


This gas station is swarmed with bees at every pumps. When I asked the employees for bee spray they didn't have any & didn't care. I had to get my kids out of the car & wait to get bees out of my car before being able to drive to another gas station down the road. I'm sorry...

Amerada Hess / Horrible employee and enviroment!!


My name is Michael Walker and I have been a customer of the Amerada Hess store # 9401, located on 9489 East Gulf to lake highway 44.I have been shopping at this same location for 20 years now, since the before it was even Hess, I have been a loyal customer since day 1 and I have alway...

Hess Gas Station / customer treatment


there are 3 employess that are absolutly incompentent at this location! 1st is a woman about 50-60 who yells at customers has money counting issues and generally a veryu very poor attitude towards everyone entering this store. 2nd is a man in his 30s whom is always in bathroom the entire...

Hess Gas Station / Lottery Machine attitude


I have went to this gas station a number of times to buy lottery tickets, the young lady (Katie)on duty tired 5 times to run the ticket, told me the machine always has problems . The only time the machine has problems is when she is working, it seems she is just about the only employee...

Hess Gas Station / clerk refusal to give change/ receipt


On 1/27/09 at approx 10:40 pm, my son stopped to fill the tank in my car before returning it to me. He put $6.00 cash in the tank and then wanted to use my card to finish filling it. He went in the store and the clerk asked him how much, so he said $20.00. The clerk handed the prepaid...

Hess Service Station Old Country Rd Hicksville, NY / Service Person


I pumed my own gas, but the fill protection device was not working, causing me to over-flow my gas tank. Gas wa on my car and the concrete floor I asked the attendand for a bucket of water. He continued to ignore me, selling ciarettes etc and telling me to wait and to wait again. He...

HESS Corporation / Job Scam


Sir/Madam, I got Employement offer letter from Hess Corporation, please advise me the company existing or it is a job scam. Regards, Sajeesh

HESS / offer letter true or fake....


Sir/Madam, below i mentioned my offer letter can you pl.confirm the company details and employment. thanks, regards, B.Srinivasan, Abudhabi, Cell : +971507523919 Hess Exploration & Production LTD, UNITED KINGDOM 9 The Adelphi Building, 1-11 John Adam Street London WC2N 6AG...

HESS Oil / Crappy clerks


Cashiers park in front of store 2. Cashier parks her car in front of pump 6 everyday and marks pump out of order 3. Cashiers don't even say thanks 4. Skinny tall girl in morning is on her cell always complaining about workers from the night before and saying she is going to fire them...

hess gas / Gas delivery man


On 4/25/08 at approximately 8:44 pm I was waiting in line for fuel. A truck was getting diesel an I was next in line. The man got in his truck so I pulled up closer at the same time your fuel truck, cab #0619T registration 8L877C, Trailer #97E8 Registration TAV17Y, pulled up approximately...

Hess Gas Station / On going problem that never gets resolved

This stations computer for gas pumps are forever being "down". We entered our debit card # and it says sale cancelled. Today March 4 2008 at the Hess station #9453 on Roosevelt Blvd, Largo FL 2 customers walked out because of this same reason. We have doing business with the station for 5...