Herz / Rentalcarsstinking car


On June the 26th I picked a Gran Vitara Suzuki at the Herz at the Guayaquil International Airport. Appearantly no problem with a 117.000 km car, with a broken alarm and a lousy cover of a box at my right elbow. After 30 minutes, my wife started to complain about the bad smell of the inside the car. We planned to stay with the car 4 days, but my wife couldn´t stay at the car because of the stinking situation. I droped the car back at the airport, there was no replace car and no refund either. How could it be? I explained that in Ecuador I couldn´t stay at the street with a broken alarm, and the lousy cover put us in risk of accidents, but no decent solution was brought to us. Never more Herz, never more Rentalcars. I want my not used 2 days rental back!

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