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He Jun 26, 2019 Review updated:

Run, don't walk away from this company. I looked up their score with Dun & Bradstreet and there is an 8 out of 9 chance that they will go out of business or declare bankruptcy. Obviously concerned I started looking more closely at the company. I found that they had bankrupted the previous business opportunity they ran. I wonder how many people lost money in that deal? One of their customers won a $100, 000 judgement against them before the State of Washington dissolved their company. Then after getting a heads-up from a competitor I called the office here in Illinois that licenses business opportunity companies. They said that Healthier 4U was not registered to sell to Illinois residents and they are violating the law by even offering a healthy vending business to me. I bet this is the case in other states as well - probably one of the reasons Dun and Bradstreet has scored them as a high risk company.

They said a lot of things that I found later to be untrue. Their contract said they did not talk to me about how much money I could earn but the salesperson went into a lot of detail about return on investment and how quickly I would earn my money back. Many things they said did not match up with what they say in their contract and the contract says that they are not liable for anything verbal - only what is in the contract. Nice.

If you are looking at the healthy vending industry I would DEFINITELY NOT consider Healthier4U Vending.

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  • Ca
      Jul 15, 2019

    Add California to the list of states where these guys are breaking the law. I called the enforcement office here to check them out after things just did not add up. I found too many inconsistencies in what they were saying. I was looking for a franchise and looked at healthy vending as an alternative. First of all I did not appreciate having to watch their 90 minute sales pitch “webinar” before I could ask a SINGLE question. Their support system looks inadequate making them further from a franchise than I felt comfortable. Their financial statement looks very weak especially when looking at how little cash they have on hand.

    They look more like a start-up operation but it is the legalities of their company that had me look elsewhere.

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  • Ma
      Aug 13, 2019

    Actual affiliate/owner here. I can't speak to the OP's experience, but for myself, Healthier4U has been great to work with from the initial purchase of my machines to still being engaged and making sure my business is growing. I started with 5 machines in August 2018, now I have 38 machines a year later. I've owned other businesses before and worked in a franchise system. I wouldn't have made that investment if I didn't believe in the product and the team at Healthier4U.
    My Instagram is @healthygainsvending Feel free to send me a DM if you have questions about my experience.

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  • Bl
      Aug 13, 2019

    I invested in Healthier 4U in December 2017 with an initial order of 10 machines. I'll be expanding my business with them a little later this year. My experience with H4U has been positive and, while it does take work and hustle, my return on my initial investment has been more robust than expected. I look forward to growing with Healthier 4U in the coming years. You can find me at and on Facebook @H4UWisconsin.

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  • Ni
      Aug 14, 2019

    I currently own 18 of these of these machines. I started my company affiliation with H4U June 2018 with 15 machines. I had a positive experience with this franchise personally and no regrets. They provided training and helped me find my locations. They even helped me find new locations on several machines that weren't doing as well as I had hoped. Everyone one I interacted with from H4U have been incredibly knowledgable and nice. I still get contacted from them now and then to make sure I'm doing well. I can't complain about the income the machines bring in either! I have some machines that need to be filled everyday. The online system that they use is awesome! I would recommend this franchise.

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