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Doing nothing would be this company's favorite pastime if they would have the energy for it.

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Hayneedle Complaints & Reviews

HayNeedle / cancel orders with no explanation!!

Oct 11, 2019

I had 1 or 2 successful transactions with Hayneedle - thought they would be great to do business with. Not so, the management their, if there is any, are a bunch of lane brains!! They all of a sudden started cancelling my orders with no explanation! I contacted as many various levels a...

HayNeedle / coast to coast round sanibel end table

Sep 03, 2019

HayNeedleI ordered this product almost a month ago with a delivery date of August 28th. When the 28th came and went I still did not receive this item. When I called Hayneedle to question where my order was because it said it was not even shipped yet after waiting almost 3 weeks for the item all... / no linen unit!!

Aug 26, 2018

Order #[protected] Order 08/5/2018 bath linen unit. Still looking for the unit, No phone calls, No Credit. This is not good for a Walmart company!!? Why, WHY this is a Design element cab004-w London 65 " linen cabinet. should been del on 08/16/2018, del on 08/23/2018, talk to Hayneedle, rep...

HayNeedle / fountain pump

Aug 10, 2018

I ordered itemASR7600-1 Customer order number [protected] The fountain itself is perfect in size except for the fact that the pump does not work I can not return the fountain since I altered the color to match the rocks in my garden and cut up the shipping carton. I followed the instructions on the...

HayNeedle / metal folding chairs

May 26, 2018

HayNeedleMay 18 2018 I purchased 4 metal chairs, all were missing parts or were damaged, see picture to follow. Shame on you walmart/hayneedle for sending damaged goods to a hard working american citizen. I can't afford to return due to large items and no free return policy. I trusted you and you let...

HayNeedle / ordered outdoor chair cushions - no confirmation email, no shipment email nothing - 3 weeks later - no items

May 02, 2018

A BOGUS delivery date was displayed at time I placed the order...NICE BAIT & SWITCH!! Unless it's coming from China, I have never encountered Fed Ex taking 3 weeks to deliver something! Now, I realize delays happen, but legit companies will let you know - not these people! They just LIED...

HayNeedle / Beware

Oct 31, 2017

They canceled my order with no reason! I contacted them once (after that time they started ignoring my emails and phone calls), and was said that they noticed a suspicious activity coming from my account. So they disabled it and cancel everything I ordered. I swear I did absolutely nothing, I...

HayNeedle / Very upset

Sep 19, 2017

This is the worst company of all times. They let their customers down and never stand behind their product, which is really sad. When you order online you don't expect to be treated that way. They are thieves. I noticed they charged me several times and I don't know for what. I waited for...

HayNeedle / customer service or lack thereof

Jul 07, 2017

I called Hayneedle within 8 minutes of placing my order. I wanted to change the delivery address. I was told there was nothing they could do it was already processed. I never had an issue like this before with any company on or off line. I spoke to three or four people each one wa...

HayNeedle / patio umbrella - order no [protected]

May 19, 2017

I ordered a patio umbrella on Hayneedle ahead of the summer sun hitting us. When summer did arrive I decided to open the new umbrella when we had guests over. To my utter surprise, I found a rope hammock!! I called Hayneedle and was asked to return the hammock and a sales effort to sell me...

HayNeedle / They billed me twice

Feb 06, 2017

I ordered a chair from this store and they billed me twice for the same order. I contacted HayNeedle right away and they claimed that they did not do anything and that everything I said was just a lie! I told them that I can get all the necessary proofs from my bank and they said that they...

HayNeedle / I'm very disappointed with Hayneedle

Nov 21, 2016

I have purchased set of table and chairs from I received my order in a timely manner and everything seemed fine but then I noticed that one chair was defective. I contacted customer service and they said that they can't replace only one chair. They said that I need to...

HayNeedle / Can't return

Jun 21, 2016

I received my order and was not happy about it. It looked nothing like I expected so I contacted Hayneedle customer service and asked if it was possible to return it and get a refund and the answer was yes. So I asked for a return label and they said that'll get one. Days passed and there wa...

HayNeedle / Do not trust Hayneedle!

Jun 09, 2016

When I ordered their site showed that my order was in stock, but after I paid for it they contacted me and said that my chair set was not available. So I decided to cancel my order and buy from another site. When I asked for a refund they said that they can't give me my money back and said...

HayNeedle / Hayneedle does not care about customers

Jun 08, 2016

Ordered from Hayneedle over a month ago and after I paid I heard nothing from them! I don't have a tracking number because no one bothered to give me one and I can't contact customer service to cancel my order. I want my money back so I could order from another company. Emailed Hayneedle...

HayNeedle / Do not buy from Hayneedle

May 30, 2016

Ordered several items from Hayneedle and paid some extra money because I needed the items as soon as possible. They delivered my items in two days. But then I found out that some pieces were missing and I immediately contacted customer service and explained what happened. Then they said...

HayNeedle / Fraudulent disgusting company!

Feb 12, 2016

I purchased two products from Hayneedle back in December. Those item were supposed to be Christmas gifts. I received my order in reasonable time, but I was extremely disappointed with the quality. I went to their website and checked the return policy that stated that returns/exchanges are...

HayNeedle / Still have not received reimbursement

Dec 01, 2015

i bought a toy and cancelled it within 10 minutes of buying . I spoke with customer service who sent the request to the company to cancel. I called back a couple hours later to see if it was cancelled yet as i had not received a call back. The assured me that a request was sent and i would... / Live chat agent didn't help me and no support from them at all

Sep 14, 2014

My mother ordered dining table and chairs from the website After 4 days I got email from them that my order was cancelled. WTF? I contacted the live chat agent, but he wasn’t interested in my problem. He didn’t offer any solution or anything else. Total scam... / Order canceled

Mar 13, 2013

Ordered a coffee table listed as 'in stock' on the website. After a week, and after the charging my CC canceled the order without explanation. At least they canceled the charge as well. However, this is not how a serious business operates. I won't be shopping from them again. / I wish I would have read this before my purchase from Hayneedle

Jan 24, 2013

I wish I would have read this before my purchase from Hayneedle. I purchased a desk/loft/bed combo in mid-November. I was contacted about a week later via e-mail that they were canceling my order because they could not fulfill it. I called and confirmed this and purchased this item... / I don't think I will buy from them again

Jan 09, 2013

Ordered curtain panels and glass pitchers from the site. The curtains did arrive in a timely fashion and shipping was fine. I did encounter some problems with this company and I don't think I will buy from them again. 1. I was never told that the pitchers would took an extra 2 weeks to... / I will never order from this site again

Jan 04, 2013

I ordered an item on 12/18 and was told it would be here before christmas. 12/26 and no item so I sent an email and was informed that it would send out the next day and be here 1/2. Guess what? it's 1/2 and no item but, I did receive an email saying it is delayed and won't be... / This has been an absolutely awful experience

Jan 03, 2013

I ordered a product shipped to my father as a Christmas present, delivery date 12/12. When I visit over the holidays I find that the item never arrived! Apparently my order was canceled due to inventory issues and I was never informed. Hayneedle was unable to even send me an email... / Worst company EVER! EVER


Worst company EVER! EVER! I purchased a $1, 900+ Shufflboard for my employees to enjoy at work. It was supposed to ship within just a few days but after nearly three weeks of delays, they finally placed it in "backorder" status. So I cancelled the order with them over the phone. They... / I wouldn't recommend buying from this site unless you want to get ripped off


I ordered 2 wardrobes and according to the UPS lost them. As a result of this they went ahead an caceled the order. My husband went ahead and place a second order since the firt one was lost and canceled. A week later we get the first shipment (the canceled one) and when we called to... / This company is disgustingly shady


Please stay away from these crooks!!! I ordered something, it never arrived... I called 2 weeks later to check on it and they claimed my bank declined the transaction. I asked why no one ever called me about it. They couldn't explain. This company is disgustingly shady. Their "supervisor" basically told me to shove it. BUYER! BEWARE!! / This company needs to be taken to small claims court for my case


I ordered a $375 outdoor 2 person orbital lounger (one of two) in April. This past Saturday I was sitting in it with my daughter when we heard a loud snap and then the chair fell about 4 inches lower. We jumped up and saw the the large ball joint that supports the chair had broken in half... / One big joke of a company


ONE BIG JOKE OF A COMPANY. Their supplier was trying to go around them for the order. They took my order and after 3.5 months I finally canceled. When I canceled and bought the bed from another supplier, they wrote me back that said they have it. BIG JOKE ON ME. / I will NEVER order from them again


Ordered binoculars for a Christmas gift in the middle of December. Was not advised that the product was on backorder prior to purchase which I found deceiving. Was told that the product would be in shortly after Christmas. Continued to follow up every few weeks (they never reached out to... / Cannot recommend doing business with this company


We placed an order for an piece of gym equipment. We received an email that our order had shipped and an expected delivery date was given as well as a link to track the package. The day before the expected delivery, we checked the tracking only to discover that our order and shipping had...

HayNeedle / Sneaky free shipping tricks


They advertise free shipping but if you return the item you pay for the shipping. It is not stated on the website or when you place the order. It is not even stated clearly in the return policy section, it just says we pay returns if we made the sistake, on section tells how to return the... / You might buy a 3,000 dollar lie


I'm an ex employee of I wasn't customer service I was in sales. I guess I didn't lack enough personality to be customer service for they would never move me into the position. Anyway, yes this company is out for the money only. What do you expect with a CEO... / Do never order anything from this website


Horrible customer service. Ordered 2 wine racks that looked different than on the pictures online. Filled out a return process online, was supposed to take 48 hours and someone would call me back, did not work...called the customer service 4 days later...I will now receive an email with... / Horrible quality merchandise and terrible customer service


My wife bought an OVERPRICED $200 wooden box from them that came unfinished and unassembled. It was made out of the cheapest flimsiest wood you can find and when I was assembling it with their horrible directions the crap wood split when I tightened the screw. I complained to them and...