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C Dec 09, 2018
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My husband and I took a weekend trip to surprise our son for his 30th birthday. I asked him to choose Hawaiin. I love the treats served, cookies, Guava juice and Maui onion chips. It puts me in the Hawaii mood. Our son recently moved to Hawaii, so we are expecting to take many more flights with Hawaiin airlines in the future. We forgot to check in the night before and were more than unhappy with our seat assignment. We were in the last row (which can happen ) however, my seat was partially occupied by a very large woman. I would have been squished between her and my husband, sitting like a T-Rex with arms in front of my chest. There was no way I could sustain that pose for 5 hours! I immediately asked one of the flight attendants to see if there were other seats available. They said, "Oh, are you row 44?" They knew right away what our issue was. We were told that no more seats were available. My husband expressed that we paid for two seats and were given 1 1/2. It is not fair that another passenger has to suffer due to their seat mate being extremely obese and not purchasing two seats. Sorry! That is the fact. My husband asked for an upgrade and we were told there weren't any, then two seats were found. My husband had to pay an additional $379 per seat so that we could feel comfortable since my seat was semi occupied. The large lady won because she received 3 seats to herself! We paid $700 per seat and I am a teacher with a low income! We feel that Hawaiian Airlines should reimburse us for our troubles and extra expense. Perhaps there should be some guidelines and weight restrictions for larger people in which they have to purchase two seats? We had to buy 4 seats and we have average weights! If baggage has to fit and weigh a certain amount, why can't people? I expect and hope to hear from a supervisor or whoever is in charge of this kind of situation to make it right. Thank you. Sincerely, Christine LoDestro

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