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4:36 am EDT

Hatfield VW Poor service

I'm here at heartfield vw Pretoria

For service

I've been here for 1 hour 30 minutes waiting for transport but it seems like I will wait forever. People came after me but they transported them before me. I'm not happy with your service. If you guys don't wanna transport me tell me then I will make a plan. You don't treat your customers right and m not happy.

I wanna go home and nap, I was working night shift. You treat me like I'm not paying. I'll make sure that I write dis to Hello Peter

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1:49 pm EDT

Hatfield VW Delivery of vehicle and missing part

I am extremely dissatisfied with the service that your company has given to me. I bought a vehicle from you guys during Late May and traded in my old car, when the driver delivered my car, he was smoking and left his lighter in my car and took the cigarette lighter with him. He also delivered my car giving a lift to a female passenger. My car was being delivered from Johannesburg to KZN where I stay. Keep in mind this is the first impression with contacting someone from your company physically since I decided to purchase my car from your company. Imagine my disappointment buying a car and having it delivered with a female passenger without my consent, my car isn't supposed to be used for public transport. The delivery of the car was late, but that didn't bother me as much as the manner in which my car was delivered. The car was delivered dirty and had crumbs of food on the floor on the passenger side where this passenger was seated. There was a can of opened chips (Pringles) they were eating in my car. This was supposed to be one of the happiest days of my life and it was completely ruined for me. I engaged with the sales agent directly and he promised he would take care of everything and apologized. He promised to courier the missing cigarette lighter to my place of work over a month ago. I'm still waiting. He has been dodging me since, promising to call and he doesn't. I am extremely disappointed in your service VW Braamfontein. This was truly uncalled for and working in bad faith. No one from your company holding a higher position even bothered to call me and notify me as to why my cigarette lighter hasn't been delivered and why is it taking so long.

Desired outcome: Deliver the missing cigarette to me in its original condition, hold the driver who delivered my car accountable and find out why the sales agent has been ignoring my correspondence.

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12:29 pm EDT

Hatfield VW vw t cross 1.5 tsi

I took delivery of the car on the 21 August 2020 from VW Hatfield, Melrose. I noticed in the first week oil on my garage floor. At first cleaned it up. A day later I realized its the T cross thats leaking oil. I took it to Vw hatfield in Pretoria . They warned me that it is not a good sign.

Vw Melrose came and fetch the car and gave me a loan car. I was all ready 3 days without a car. VW Melrose "fixed" the car and said it was 2 bolts that didn't have lock tight on and that they have fixed the problem.

A couple of days later I noticed the smell of oil in the car... again finding that it is still leaking oil.
I phoned VW melrose to come and fetch the car. 6 weeks later I am still driving their loan Polo VIVO.

I have phoned VW SA nearly every day - Udine helped me. She was always helpful.
But with VW Melrose I can not say the same. Please get my full report from Udine on all my calls... and also the continuous promised 48 hours turn around time from VW Melrose... 6 weeks later. I have asked from day one for the car to be replaced only to be notified now via Udine - the dealership still not keeping me informed, that the car is fixed and that they are doing final tests on it now. Keep in mind this is now 8 weeks later since I bought the car. In total I drove it for 2 weeks.

The dealership I assume now expects me to take a new car that had all this work done, and stinks of oil back and be happy with this solution! I am extremely disappointed in the service I have received from VW Melrose. Till today still waiting for the DP to call me or discuss the matter with me!
The dealership (new car sales manager) not contacting me as they promised to on various occasions - as per profile that can be pulled from Udine with the relevant names.

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Is Hatfield VW legit?

Our verdict: Complaints Board rates Hatfield VW highly, signaling it as a legitimate option for users seeking reliable services. Despite this endorsement, the 0% resolution rate for complaints about Hatfield VW raises questions. Diligently reviewing Hatfield VW's client feedback and resolution practices is recommended for those considering Hatfield VW's services, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of its legitimacy and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Hatfield VW earns 88% level of Trustworthiness

Excellent Trust Notice: Hatfield VW near-perfect at 88% trust. Use with confidence, maintaining usual caution.

We found clear and detailed contact information for Hatfield VW. The company provides a physical address, phone number, and email, as well as 3 social media accounts. This demonstrates a commitment to customer service and transparency, which is a positive sign for building trust with customers. has a valid SSL certificate, which indicates that the website is secure and trustworthy. Look for the padlock icon in the browser and the "https" prefix in the URL to confirm that the website is using SSL. has been deemed safe to visit, as it is protected by a cloud-based cybersecurity solution that uses the Domain Name System (DNS) to help protect networks from online threats.

However ComplaintsBoard has detected that:

  • Hatfield VW's complaint resolution process is inadequate and ineffective. The support team lacks customer service skills, training, and resources, resulting in only 0% of 0 complaints being resolved.
  • The website belonging to Hatfield VW has a low number of visitors, which could be a red flag for users. However, it's important to conduct additional research to fully evaluate the website's legitimacy and trustworthiness.
6:06 am EST
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Hatfield VW poor service

I bought a polo Trendline 1.0 (03/12/2019), 3 days after the parchase (06/12/2019) I noticed an airbag error. I reported this matter and was told to bring the car. I sent the car and it was not fixed. Was told that they are waiting for a part from Germany. Till now nothing has been done. The car has problems, which I addressed and nothing has been done till now. Rattling sound when I change gears or hitting brakes and the USB slot that is not compatible to cables that are commonly used. Today is 04/01/2020 and I'm not satisfied with the treatment I am receiving. Futhur more there's a deal that I and the dealer agreed upon and that too has not been met. Please find this message and help in resolving the matter as I seek further intervention to help in resolving this issue!
Thank you
TD Mokoena

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3:53 pm EST
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Hatfield VW mag wheel exchanged

I took my car for service at VW Hatfield, few weeks after a service I realised my Mag wheel has been removed from the car nd replace with a steel spear wheel I asked them what happened was told am claiming the car never came with a spear wheel, and was told by the workshop manager not to waste his time and go I feel the treatment is unfair as they are not willing to check their records

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8:06 am EDT

Hatfield VW service and repairing of a new car

I am gatvol and would never recommend anyone to buy a vw. Service is horrific, vw sa is just as useless. I bought a brand new polo gti 2016 model in September 2016, on my 2nd services the car started having numerous issues. The first issue was a leaking coolant which I was told the thermostat was leaking and needed to be replaced (this was too early for my car to be reaplacing a thermostat). Then after this I have been a regular at vw for the same problem 6 more times, this time it's a warning sign saying something about " workshop settings". The took my car on for the 5th time to fix this but the light keeps coming back! My car was serviced recently again but the same light is still coming up and now they r saying it's a problem with the gear lever. I have escallated the case to the ombudsman and awaiting a response! Vw has poor service and I am not letting it go this easily, we pay a lot of money for these [censored] cars they sell us and the [censored] service we get from them! vw must be exposed

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6:13 am EST
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Hatfield VW car

I bought a vw polo gts from vw braamfontein in 2016
I then took the car back in 2017 as the feature the car came with was no longer working" I recall that I would see a light and a beep on my front of the car when a car door is open, I was told that was never a feature according to there record's so clearly I am dillusional for thinking that feature was on my car, however to avoid arguments I said ok not a problem I no what my car came with but if they insist I am not going waste my time urguing

Today 23.01.2018 my car overheated to a point where I couldnt even move, I was stuck in jhb cbd from 7:45 till 10:00 am waiting for a tow truck, as there was water in the car as well as coolant however it still overheated
At 10:30 I eventually get to vw and I get told they may only fix it by tomorrow as apprently these things happen"according to staff
My frustration is " I bought a brand new car for R210000 and after not even two years the fan for the engine stops working and fuses are bursting, I dont care if it is still under warranty after buying this car which is the greatest regret of my life I dont think its worth your customers constantly coming to fix brand new cars, cause in that case I should have cut my loses and bought a, second hand car
Im trully frustrated and I would love to use fowl words to show my frustration more but I'm trying my best to remain professional

I really did think vw car were the best on the market clearly I was wrong, I would rather prefer given another car with all the features that was supposed to have been on my car or my money back I refuse to continously fix and fix a brand new car

(Highly irrate client)

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9:42 am EDT
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Hatfield VW service centre

I took my VW Polo TSI in for the third time to this group and for the third time I was disappointed. I specifically asked for a different service provider in the hope to have better service.

In the past they lost my form and I was unable to book in my car in the morning and had to wait two hours. The second time they didn’t wash my car or inform me when the service finished. This time (12 October 2017) I asked for a wheel allignment, and paid in full. My wheel alignment was not done as my car is still pulling towards the right.

I am a medical student and do not have time to take my car back for the actual alignment that I paid for.

The car wash was also appalling as my car was not near as clean as one expects from any commercial car wash.

I regret to inform you about this, but I feel this is not the service to be expected.

Adriaan Malherbe

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5:48 am EDT

Hatfield VW product and service

I bought a VW Polo TSI in 2015 from VW Hatfield. When I was asking questions about the car and the radio, the sales man (Tumi Ratlhaga ) told me that the mirror link is included with my type of radio (composition media). On the the day I collected the car, Tumi went through all the need to knows about the car. During this time, I wanted to test the mirror link, but the radio displayed activation code required, contact dealer. Tumi explicitly told me not to worry, that the software is not available in South Africa as yet but as soon as it is he will inform me and that they will install it with no added costs. Every year I have been calling VW about the mirror link and it’s the same story. Now (Sept 2017) when the software is available, I went to VW to service my car and install the mirror link, technician tells me that I need to buy it for R5 000. So to clear the issue, I wanted to speak to Tumi about it but he is no longer working there so I spoke to Elias Mkhehlane (sales manager) and he didn’t care about my problem, he said you already bought the car and there is nothing he can do because Tumi doesn’t work here anymore. During our conversation he was extremely rude, arrogant, dismissive and did not attempt to help me in any way!
This is the type of after sales service VW provide. They say anything to make the sale and then don’t care when you have a problem and go back on their word. VW after sales service is terrible and I would not recommend a VW to anyone.

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11:34 pm EDT
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Hatfield VW Poor service on my car

VW visits

Registration no. SGK441GP
VIN no. AAVZZZ1KZ5U025080

Went to Hatfield VW in Hatfield and I asked Jacques to check the hard start problem on my car, when I collected the car in the afternoon he said it might be the oxygen sensor but he tried to clean it. Then I said will order the part later if the problem persist.

Went to VW because of the a noise coming from the back of my car, I first asked Jacques if we can order that oxygen sensor because I am ready to fix the hard start problem and he told me he does not remember as he did not note it down. I asked that he check my car for the noise, he then asked a senior technician by the name of Jonathan to check my car. We drove around the block and he concluded that maybe it’s the wheel bearing at the rear left wheel, I made an appointment to get it fixed.

Went back to VW, Katlego took in my car and I explained to him what the problem with my car. Later he called me, telling me that the noise is created by my left tyre. On collection he said the wheel bearing is not making the noise but the left tyre is making the noise, he then said he could not find any problem with the hard start problem but if it continues I should bring it back again so that injectors can be checked. I went to replace the tyre the following day and the same noise persisted.

Took back my car to VW and I told Katlego my concern about the same noise that came from the back that he told me it will go away if I replaced the tyre but it not. He then said he will check again for both the noise at the back and the hard start. He called telling me that he found the problem, but the parts are not available, he will order them. On collection of my car he explained that the noise is coming from the right wheel bearing not the left as previously thought and the solution for the hard start is to replace the oxygen sensor. I asked Katlego to order the oxygen sensor so that it can be replaced.

Wheel bearing (right) was replaced and the noise has stopped. The oxygen sensor was replaced as well but the problem is still there.

Sent an email to the one of the workshop managers, Mr.Jordaan. I then received a call from them apologising and asking me to bring in my car so that it can be checked again.

Took back my car to VW, the manager apologised again then assigned Jonathan (Master Technician) to deal with my car. Then he said the car will be in with them for a day or two.

I called VW again because my car was with them for eight days and no one communicated with me on progress on my car, I even sent an email to Mr. Jordaan. Only after I did that then Katlego and Jonathan called me, explaining that they cannot find the problem because the injectors are not leaking.

Katlego called saying the injectors are now leaking, two days ago on 26/04/2016 they told me they are not leaking but now they are leaking. Katlego told me Jonathan suggested that we replace all four injectors, i said i agree then he said he will order them.

Wv Hatfield is rated no 1 in the country or maybe in the continent, but this is poor poor service.

• I drove to vw six times for my car to be check for the hard start and my problem has not been solved, instead Katlego replaced an oxygen sensor that did not solve my problem at all. I need a refund for the part replaced because it did not solve the problem.
• Noise at the back was checked more than two occasion but Katlego could not locate the problem, then he went on to tell me to replace a tyre which I did replaced but the problem was still there. I demand a refund for the tyre because it was not compulsory for me to replace that tyre, the same noise persisted even after replacing it.

• I want to bring back my car to be fixed but I am afraid further unnecessary parts will be replaced and I have to pay. I went through the similar horrible experience with Vw Arcadia about five years ago and I took my car to them more than 7 times before they could locate what is the problem. That is the reason I moved to Vw Hatfield.

• If the Golf 5 that I am driving cannot be fixed by an accredited and no 1 dealership in the country, who will?

I need refund for my wasted petrol driving to VW as well.

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5:26 pm EST

Hatfield VW Very poor service and customer relation

After been referred by Ivor Goldstein to take my vehicle to hatfield to sort out a misfire . Bad mistake.I booked my service via internet to find out on the day of the service it was not booked in.Eventually booked the vehicle in after no apologies and after a long wait. Kept my vehicle for three days did not phone me after the first day and tell me that i will not get my vehicle back and make other arrangements to get home from work. Very bad. The mechanic phones me on the third day to tell me it is faulty plug wires. Replace cost R1500.00 will solve prob. No it did not. The lady from customer service phoned me the next week for feedback. I told her i was unhappy and she said the service manager will phone me. Ya right it took him a month to phone back after i spoke to Ivor and he phoned Brad Kaftel. When he phoned me last week [protected] i told him that the car was overheating and he said it was not his problem and they only had to sort out the misfire. Why pay R1500.00. Why be cheeky. Why make the overheating my problem. Is this why people dont wanna take their vehicles to dealerships to be repaired. DO YOU BLAME THEM!

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