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J Dec 16, 2019 Review updated:

We practically have had one of the Hallmark movie channels on our TV all the time. Now that Hallmark has embraced the LBGTQ agenda we are considering switching and deleting the Hallmark Channels completely. It is so disappointing that "Family" friendly Hallmark does not support family values when it is represented as being pro family. Might as well watch the Lifetime channel.

We probably won't be buying Hallmark cards either.


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      Dec 17, 2019

    Hallmark is the only channel I watch, well I did watch. I thought you were a family oriented channel with family values. In the past I have bragged about the quality of your programs. No violence, ugly language, or nudity. I guess those days are gone if you are compromising your values to allow homosexual ads during the commercial time. Next you will be having movies with a homosexual context. It breaks my heart but I cannot watch anything that goes against my values which are Biblically based.
    Good-bye Hallmark!😥

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  • K
      Dec 17, 2019

    I have always been able to trust Hallmark for a family values. After seeing a commercial of two women getting married and kissing, I now realize I can no longer trust hallmark to be on whenever we watch or our extended family, particularly any of our 22 grandchildren. It is with great sadness that we will be canceling our paid subscription.

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  • A
      Dec 17, 2019

    My family and I were so disappointed and saddened to see the route that Hallmark is now taking in their support of the LGTBQ agenda. I honestly couldn’t believe it when I heard what was going because of how clean and family friendly their shows and movies have always been. Hallmark has pretty much always been our “go-to” movie selection as a result. As a Christian, I no longer can support this, it goes against my values and beliefs and I will no longer be viewing any more content from the Hallmark channel. I know many of my friends will also be pulling their support as well. I am so disgusted at this turn of events and hope that they can get their head on straight again and reconsider what their doing.

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  •   Dec 17, 2019

    How does a quick kiss ruin your lives?

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  • W
      Dec 21, 2019

    I agree with all the previous post and I'm very disappointed that the CEO of Hallmark has no backbone to stand up to the LGBTQ or Mayor Pete's comments. I have always enjoyed your movies and it was basically the only channel I watched but sadly now I can't watch this channel any longer because this programming goes against all my Christian beliefs. One question, why do company's
    cow tow to the LGBTQ community when they are at most only 3% of the population of the United States?

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  •   Dec 21, 2019

    Cow tow? Learn to spell so you don’t look uneducated. If y’all can’t ignore one program on the channel then you’re not a regular viewer of the channel.

    I’m glad they did kowtow to the masses.

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  • T
      Jan 03, 2020

    Are you always this mean and offensive? Before you start accusing others for standing up for what they believe, it might behoove you to reevaluate your attitude.

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  •   Jan 03, 2020

    @TrulyYours25 Only when warranted. Prejudice has no place in this society.

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