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I'm actually a pretty laid back happy guy. I never really got into my hair until a year ago and on November 2008 I decided to get dreadlocks. Now I went in and met this really nice Hair Stylist named Hollie.

She informed me that dreadlocks start at $65 depending on how long the hair was, my hair was not very long and still isn't now so it was just $65. I was impressed with how nice they looked so I tipped her $10. After that I would come in ever month, sometimes even twice a month to get them touched up.

She charged me $35 and I would always tip her $10 so I became use to bringing $45 with me every visit. Also I would always call her before coming in to make sure she was there. This Hair Cuttery was 30 miles away from me so it was crucial for me to make sure she was there.

On April 3rd of 2009 I called ahead to make and appointment. She didn't answer so I called the salon. The young lady over the phone informed me that all I had to do was walk in before 5pm.

So at 2pm I walked on in and to my surprise she was never there. Not only that but the only other girl that could do dreads wasn't there and I had wasted my time heading up there. I asked why the young lady told me over the phone that I should come in before 5pm and they responded 'we always say yes to get the customers in' Of course I was furious but I do understand business and accepted it because I knew that I didn't mention I needed dreads over the phone I only said I needed to make an appointment with Hollie.

So on April 11th I was in the area and walked in at 10:30 am. I asked if Hollie would be there and they said she'd be there at 11:00am. I said that's fine I just need my dreads touched up and they said it would be $70.

I was thrown back a little. Why would it cost more then when I started? I told them I only pay $35 a visit to touch them up, I didn't even pay $70 to get my dreads started? This lady informed me that the prices went up and now it's $70. I was furious, I called Hollie as I walked off.

Luckily Hollie answered and informed me it would be $45. I did notice that it was $10 more then usual but I'd rather pay $10 extra then twice as much. I made an appointment with Hollie at 11:30am and came in for it.

While Hollie was half done my hair, she came back and told me that her manager said it had to me $70 instead of $45. I was even more furious, I told Hollie it was unfair to charge me not only twice as much as every other month but $5 more then it was to even start the darn things. She said she knows it's unfair and she would talk to her manager.

When it came to pay they charged me $62, I couldn't even tip Hollie. I was so angry, how could you mistreat a strong client? One thing I know about business is to never betray your strong clients!

I handed Hollie's card to her and apologized, I can't let her manager overcharge me. I called other hair cutterys in the area to see what their book prices were, they all said the same thing, $60 to start and $45 to touch up. I was even more furious, I went online to they site and sent them a complaint and I have both numbers to call.

I hope that their cooperate office treat me better then this manager did. If anyone has this horrid problem here are a few numbers I'm going to try in the morning. 1-800-TRIM-CUT [protected]), [protected] ex2, [protected] hopefully you wont need them. Personally I'll miss Hollie, she was very nice to me and my girlfriend.


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    gocomplainantyourself Apr 20, 2009

    Oh...and another thing...she charged me a "long hair charge." What the hell is that?! That is why you go to get your hair cut...didn't know it was a negative to have long hair when you go to a salon...dumb mother ###ers...It is because they are Persian and all people from Iran lie, cheat and steal. I don't care if that sounds racist. I have yet to meet one in my lifetime that doesn't do that.

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