Hair Cutteryhorrible haircut


I took my daughter in for a haircut, she has long hair and plans to donate it. We told the guy who was cutting her hair, that she want it just below her shoulder. He just BUTCHER her hair!!! Some parts were long some were very short, it was all uneven! He had the nerve to tell me it was cause he had layered her hair. BS!!! I don't know how to cut hair, but I know THAT was not layering. I was so upset, I demanded that someone else fix her hair. The girl tried to fix it, but end up cutting it shorter. He [censored]ed it up so bad, she couldn't even salvaged the damaged that he did! To top it all off, I had to pay for a haircut that a monkey could of done much better, and of course they said that I got a $1 discount. What a joke!!! I will NEVER go to this place or any other Hair Cuttery ever again! Thanks for [censored]ing up my daughter's hair before school start, CHRIS!!!

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