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Their service is awful. I have 3 rugs and foolishly purchased guardsman insurance policies on all 3 rugs. I had damage to 1 rug, I called them immediately and submitted a claim with photos. I wait 2 weeks, the service tech comes out and says the stain won't come out he will submit a report and they will replace the rug. I wait another week, I call them and spend one 1 hour on the phone trying to get anyone who knows what is going on. They tell me that they are waiting for the report. I then wait another week and receive an email saying we got your claim and are sending a tech out. Which made no sense since the tech had already come out and said the rug needed to be replaced. I then get a call from the same tech and he says well they are all messed up over there and they are sending me back out so the best way to move it along is for me to come back out and then send another report to them (he had already sent the first report to them). I set up an appointment with him. Then I get another email saying they received a report. I call them again to try to get more info and I get someone named kayla who claims to be a manager. Who then insists that I tell them what plan the claim is under. How can they possibly not know that? I sent in only one claim for one rug and they had already sent a tech out to me on that claim. I have no idea what plan number they assigned to that rug. Why are they asking me to figure out what plan they assigned to that rug? Kayla then, without telling me, puts me on hold (after I waited over 1/2 hour for her to pick up originally) and conveniently hangs up on me. I call back and wait on hold again for as long as I can. I don't have time for this run around. I have called the store where I purchased the rugs and the guardsman plans and have asked them to intervene. I really don't know what to do at this point. Awful customer service

Sep 30, 2019

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