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Hi we went to this branch this morning to change guardianship actor my niece from my brother to me coz he is in jail now and not fit to be her guardian. I presented papers from court that says I'm the sole and legal guardian of my niece but your legal wont accept that paper and I eve gave them papers from philadelphia that my brother and I have shared guardianship of my niece. How could my brother opened an account for my niece using the same document and your bank wont let me remove his name to put mine when we are using the same document ts from philadelphia and paper from Florida court? Also your legal Lacey was very unprofessional for hanging up on me twice while I'm still talking. You can reach me at my email [protected]@yahoo. Or my mobile number [protected].

Thank you

Wilfredo concepcion

Grow Financial Federal Credit Union
Grow Financial Federal Credit Union

Oct 11, 2019

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