Green Mountain Energypoor customer service


Just spent 2 and a half hours on the phone with this company.

Been with them for several years and never really had any problems. Sure, we've had a few "lates" but nothing like the past two years while we have been short on funds (who hasn't been in this economy).

But, in May, due to a clerical error, when I made a payment online, the payment was "returned". I even called to let them know that I'd made the error, and sent in a second payment.

Well, don't make clerical errors with GME! They turn off your ability to pay online if you have any funds returned for any reason. BUT they did not tell me that I had to make any and all further payments to them at an authorized payment center. On top of that, they didn't tell me that I had to make all payments in the form of cashier's check or money order for the next year either!

SO, when I decided to make them "pay monthly" through my bank, I didn't think anything about it. UNTIL...

I made the payment, a sum that included past due charges, last night. This morning, I get my mail, and there's a notice from them saying that I had a discconnect notice that had to be answered YESTERDAY!!! I call to see if they've gotten my payment, which I quickly realized they didn't get.

THAT is when I found out that I HAD to make the payment YESTERDAY before 8 pm, AND IN a CASHIER'S CHECK!!!

The "customer service representative" should not be making anything more than minimum wage. Their hands are tied so that the only things they can do is tell you why you cannot make a payment on line, that their website is not an "up to the minute" website. They cannot stop a turn off notice, they cannot let you speak with a manager, they cannot note the account that you have tried and are trying to make a payment...

2 and half hours it took before we finally got somewhere. Someone (finally claimed to be a manager - and I have to say she was fairly pleasant) FINALLY said they could and would cancel the disconnection notice, and "flip" the account to accept the payment that my bank had already pulled funds to pay. However, she could not reverse the cashier's check or money order requirement for the next year.

IF I HADN'T JUST signed up for another year with a huge penalty for cancelling the contract, I wouldn't do business with GME any more. Next year, I plan on changing companies, and NEVER giving GME another look back.

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