Green Motion Internationaltotal scam. untrusted company.

I have made a reservation for 8 days in Kos Airport, Greece. I made the booking at . We received extremely poor service from the company in Kos Airport. I am most annoyed that we wasted a morning (and half a day of our vacation) arguing with the man at the front desk.

Unfortunately we did't have a credit card with us so according to their police we couldn't pay otherwise the deposit. However before us there was a British couple, who gave him a debit card for the deposit and he accepted it! (even if they say that is out of their terms and conditions.) We felt that he was making fun of us.

So at the desk office was an extremely rude man who did not gave us neither a refund of the 127euros we have paid online but also when we told him that we will rend another car for 160 euros but we will write a letter to the company about his indescribable behavior he said that he would give us the car with 15 euros/a day but since we will inform the company, we get it with 20 euros a day!!
I find this unacceptable and impolite for any customer. As the most unacceptable behavior i have ever seen was your employ, he completely ruined our vacation and showed us how impolite and rude people can be just to make profit.
He was under a legal obligation to offer the new car at a certain price not tell us that he would give us the card 15 euros but because of writing a letter to the company, he would not make any discount and give us the car for 20 euros. And of course when we asked for the receipts of the two cars we paid, he told as that we would get it when we return the car. It was not a surprise that we NEVER GOT A RECEIPT for the 160 euros and 127 euros (rentalcars) we paid.

I would like to mention also that before and during the booking i was trying million times to call at their office in Kos island in the number it appears online +30 2242 051649 but it wasn't working.
So i could not get any direct information about their terms. This caused considerable disappointment and inconvenience and as a result I had to hire an alternative car. The above make me feel cautious about the quality of your service.

I informed the company and rentalcars as well in order to provide us a refund, at least an amount of the first car we paid online and never got they replied that it is my fault and they can not do anything. Terrible Staf. Minus 100 stars if possible. Worst car rental experience ever. I'll NEVER come close to doing business with Green Motion. I also found out that they are ranked as one of the WORST car rental companies. Be careful not to lure you with "cheap" prices. They will fraud you at the end by extra fees and any other extra charge.

Jul 24, 2019

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