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I Aug 14, 2018

We booked our vehicle via with Green Motion in Rhodes.

The booking confirmation as confirmed by the booking voucher we were sent, confirmed pick up and drop off at Rhodes Port via a shuttle service.

Pick up was on 30 July and we specifically requested a drop off at Rhodes Port at 8am (which is confirmed by the booking voucher) as we had to catch our ferry at 8:30am. The booking voucher states drop off, 8am Rhodes Port, shuttle service.

When we arrived at Rhodes Port on 30 July, no one was there to pick us up to take us to the rental office. We activated our international roaming on our phone and were forced to contact Green Motion. We waited an hour to be picked up.

When we arrived at the rental office, we confirmed drop off via shuttle at Rhodes Port at 8am on 3 August as we had a ferry to catch at 8:30am. We were told by the agent that this would not be possible as we would need to be at the office location by at least 7:30am to make it to the port at 8am, and this would mean someone would need to wake up earlier to take us via shuttle and that they were not willing to do this. We argued that it was confirmed in the booking voucher that we would be dropped off at 8am via shuttle which obviously would include travel time from the rental office to ensure arrival at the port at 8am.

We were told that this was not possible and that we could either drop the vehicle off at 7:30am at the rental office and pay for a taxi to the port (about €30), or we could drive the car to the Port ourselves at 8am and that we would be charged €25 collection fee from Rhodes Port to do so.

I argued that this was not what was confirmed from the booking voucher and we were told to "take it or leave it" but that to cancel the booking, we would be charged a late cancellation fee in excess of €50.

We had no other choice to pay the additional amount, and I was confident that we were being ripped off, however I was equally confident that our situation would be taken seriously by Green Motion customer service and DiscoverHire.

Boy were we wrong! Both companies backed eachother and provided false information about the discussions that took place. They claimed that I had specifically requested to drive the car to the port and even claimed that the booking voucher did not confirm the drop off time or location and that this is something that is regularly confirmed at the time of picking up the vehicle. When I pointed out that this was incorrect, Green Motion and DiscoverHire changed their tactics and confirmed that the shuttle service was operating normally at 8am and that I did not allow myself enough time to get to the port and this was my responsibility. They completely ignored the fact that the drop off time and location is confirmed on the booking voucher as 8am at Rhodes Port and that this would necessarily mean we would need to be at the rental office by at least 7:30am.

I will now be submitting my claim for fraudulent charges to my bank who will undoubtedly consider the additonal charges to be fraudulent in the circumstances, especially considering that we were cornered with no option but to cancel the booking at a cost of €50+ or pay for a taxi ourselves.

I even filled the tank up to the brim (as a loyal and honest customer) at a cost of €65 just prior to dropping the vehicle off and I was still treated this way.

What a diagusting company! Shocking customer service at every turn and collusion between the agent and third party booking agent

I'm going to enjoy seeing the outcome of my bank's investigation into the matter if you are unable to refund the €25.

Booking ref: [#100830] Re: BOOKING VOUCHER No. DC-397756 (pick-up on 30 July 2018) - [VVM-RXTHD-157]

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