Green Gate Services Complaints & Reviews

Green Gate Services / your loan process

Oct 17, 2017

Well, I am in desperate need of money and it would not even tell me why I was not approved for a 250 dollar loan. My Friend Becky McGhee was able to get a 250 loan last Thursday. So I would like to know why I was not approved for a 250 loan...All my information was legit and accurate. So...

Green Gate Services / payday loans

Sep 20, 2016

Harris Goldberg Financial can help you consolidate credit cards debts and save money. Sign up for our payday loan consolidation program. We can save you thousands of dollars and get you out of debt fast with one low monthly payment. Stop letting all...

Green Gate Services / Harassment

May 21, 2014

Harassing phone calls from a payday loan service I NEVER used. They have me confused with a coworker who has the same first name, and a last name that is only slightly different. They will not believe I am a different person. They started calling MY boss (as well as the right person's bo...