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Dear mr. Streit.

Dear mr. Streit please allow me to introduce myself as well as my situation. On saturday 1/5/2013, I entered the snellville, ga wal-mart to purchase a wal-mart green dot money card. Upon purchasing my green dot money card for $362.00 plus the $3.00 money card fee $365.00 for a total of $365.00, I attempted to call to activate my green dot money card. Upon attempting to activate the money card, when the rep arrived online, she requested to know "how could she be of service to me". I advised her that I was transferred to her I believe her name was jocelyn and she identified herself as a supervisor. I advised her that I was prompted to her when trying to activate the wal mart money card. After putting me on hold for a lengthy amount of time she came back and advised me that she was unable to activate the card because she could not verify the personal information. The money that I used to purchase the card was to pay for my walton emc electric bill and gwinnett county water bill by monday 1/7/2013. I had a disconnection notice on both my electric and water and had to pay them both by monday morning. I was advised that the activation of my card could not be processed because of the failure to verify personal information. After being placed on hold numerous times and waiting in the wal mart money center to attempt to get my money that I had just given to the clerk refunded, I was advised by jocelyn that in no way could the clerk refund my money at the money center because the “bannk” now had the money and the clerks were not authorized to refund the money at the counter. I requested the money be transferred to an old card and I was advised after being put on hold again for approximately 1 — 15 more minutes that the card was closed and shut off due to a false claim (That I never made) earlier in 2012. Jocelyn went on to advise me that I could not have the funds transferred nor could the monies be refunded to that card and that I would have to wait approximately 15 days for a check refund. Upton advising jocelyn that I would not be able to wait 15 days for a check for monies that rightfully belong to me that I just paid and need refunded to pay my electric and water bill before disconnection I was again put on hold. All in all I was on the line for almost 2 hours (1 hour and 40 minutes) at the wal mart money center in snellville, ga in an attempt to resolve this issue. The customer care manager also came over to see what she could to assist. I was then advised that I could be refunded via next day service and should expect to receive my money back via check on monday to be processed by the bank for a tuesday delivery. I was advised that I could call back on monday 1/7/2013 to speak with a manager since there were no managers available on the weekends, to see if the refund could be processed sooner. I contacted wal mart on monday and was advised by another supervisor that the refund check was requested and that the check will be received on tuesday 1/8/2013. Both my lights and water were disconnected on monday morning. I along with my two year old child stayed in the car with the motor running before entering the house to retrieve the addition we both bathed at the burger king monday evening because we had no water to bathe on monday night. My child is 2 years old and 3 months. I received a call back from I believe his name was “grant” or greg” on monday 1/7/2013 who advised me that I would receive the check on tuesday 1/8/2013. Today is tuesday 1/8/2013 and I still have not received my money that I gave wal mart for a money card to pay my bills on 1/5/2013. I have been in my car and bathing at fast food restaurants since my utilities were disconnected on monday. Today, 1/8/2013 I called and spoke to cortez at ext 35070 and requested information on my refund. Cortez advised me after putting me on hold that my fed ex tracking number is [protected] and that the system showed that I should receive my refund on thursday 1/10/2013. He also gave me the phone number to fed ex. I am appalled I was blatantly lied to. I was promised next day air to be received no later than 1/8/2013!!! I have no electrricity and no water and my money has been held hostage by wal mart!!! After calling fed ex, I was advised that the refund had not been sent via next day it was sent 3 day service express saver. I was repeatedly lied to by you clerks including jocelyn and grant “or “greg”. I called back again this same evening and spoke to joanna l. At extension 35071, she also told me that there was nothing that could be done and that the check was sent out. I would have to wait until thursday to receive the check. I advised her that I have a 2 year old baby with no electricity and no water. Again, I received a “I apologize but there is nothing else that can be done. At this point, I will continue to stay in the car to keep warm until it is time to fall asleep then we will enter the house. I have to wait to receive my money that I gave for my bills. I have to pay reconnection fees and my baby and I have to stay in the car until we can get warm and bathe at fast food restaurants. This was my money and I am being made to suffer because of bureaucratic policy and I don’t care attitudes. No one has offered to assist with reconnection fees. No one has shown concern about my child with the exception of cortez and no one has offered anything other than an I apologize but there is nothing more we can do. I am at this point mortified and outraged at the behavior and response from wal mart and green dot! I will never shop another day at wal mart nor will I stop telling my story to everyone who will listen and/or hear this message. This level of service is deplorable!


Carla smith


  • De
    Debbie Rivera Jul 22, 2019
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    Verified customer

    Greendot is a scam claiming to be legitimate. They took my money instantly gor a card but refused to refund my 175.00 to my greendot card when i had gotten a refund issued to my card previously. I explained i dont have a license to cash a check which only made them ecstatic as they could keep my 175 im disabled and have no food money, let alone 31.0p for an i.d. which is why i went with greendot in the first place. Their emloyees are extremely ignorant and no supervisor exists. You get a fifferent lie each time you reach out to them . I hate greendot. Yhe worst so called business ive had the misfortune of dealing with

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  • Ke
    keca Jul 08, 2019

    I have gotten a green dot and for some reason I cant get my refund . I would like to think that I would get it back but its been 4 months and I haven't seen it . do not trust green dot.

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  • Gr
    GRH544667 Dec 15, 2016

    Ynamne is gabe hanken email i cancelled everything i had close to 300 7 months ago they were all cancelled and i cut the cards up. They said 4-6 weeks call if more. I watched as did my house mates with eagle eyes. They sent me nothing at all. I called and a=called called and called got to green dot corporate because walmart/grendots customer center send all phone and computers are down the cross back bu
    Don't you think you have a returned payment in the mail it is on its *th month where the hell is i it. I have usedover40, 0000 trough all my wal mart cards and used them for ten years at;li was was a year loyal patron everything went through this card and i closed the wal mart cards dues to fees the females said cut them up you will get you check almost 8 months ago. Never happened cards because of being hung up on 5 different people. A manager told me to #### you. How great green dot operates green dot operates through fraud loopholes and ripping the sum on e. Attorney general of iowa and bbb as well as all of the business rating websites all will have your name planted but none will compare i bought ten domains websites months about you. I am starting multiple websites for a class action and have the lawyer ready to take this to court. I am represented by petrezelka, kittle, and brietbach website. I am single parent and not in it for money, and without assistance from family i would benot able to support my self this money is the difference between my kid eating or not eating 31/2 semester university grad i csn h but i am owed almost. You send a cashiers check not registered that is suspect for $5 you could send iy registered instead rip off hard working people. I offerered 4 times to pay for registered mail. For fedex who i know you can do because you owed me a refund on a part and the cooperate office is and was happy to pay the fedex fee with tracking so you can do it

    Bottom line i was called by a person at [protected] his extension is a fake no existent extension does no work anything to get rid of me right. He said mention the case number sf144 (1) *5524 this one could not be part of this number he was slurring. Why can i not get a call asap as to why this is company policy its going to all 10 domains and bbb and attorney general of iowa as well as the banking and finance commie immediately i have a high up relationship with classmate at iowa he is known and owes me one, i am here as the it tech at advancement services of iowa where we are a non-profit dealing with mental [censor]ation, brain injured, psychologically disturbed (Thanks to brandstand and prison release) killing people assaults schizophrenics and we get no money for. There are people that get money, mental health gets none, none at all. We started in a one room school house with outdoor bathrooms in. Outhouses 1976 my mother and becky brecht they make barely above poverty. You see a problem with this.
    My 300 dollars was never sent or was sent to some one else i had this same problem with 700 or 500 dlls and finally the assistant to thet manager said get all names we will take action. I have no problem spending $1000 to get $270 back my phone number from 9:30 to past 8 pm phone number is [protected] i repeat [protected] email has always been [email protected] My lawyers are on this ready to pull the trigger as well as using petrozelka kittle brietbach zi need a call from the cooperate dept. Crap happens once but three time i have had refund checks that took over half a year. This consummates fraud we are ready to argue tis or just send the check money order as fast as possible. If you do registered take it out of my money. That proves your not just fake not sending refunds. Who in there right mind sends a refund with no tracking there are over 5000 claims of lost we can get you refund to you. It is on multiple sites which adds up to 10, s of thousands. You don't that that important want my money asap no more problems. I will not get your fraudulent cards unfortunately you owe everything

    Yours truly
    Gabriel "gabe" "hanken
    314 n gill st
    Monticello iowa 52310
    [email protected]@com
    P hone at work [protected] 9:30-7 past
    Phone cell [protected]

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  • Je
    Jean claude Stelin Aug 11, 2015

    Hi ...Everyone, to all victims by > My name is Jean Claude Sterlin ...From Haiti... & first time using that card with an amount of $2.500 on 5 different card that I had to pay for a car, I stop the deal on the next day cause of the seller option . No money on the card during the process, I call Green Dot representative ; they forced me to give my all information like my social, store # date & time, date of birth and address . From July 23 to 27, I got $ 2.500 back on those cards ok I call Green Dot C. service n explain her that the money back on the card but I only can check it out by using my social meaning the card number not working . But was clearly repeated a deposit of $ 500 made on July 27 and I should receive a new card on my mail by August 7 . I call Green Dot C. service n explain her the situation She said the money is locked n will be available when I receive the new card ;She was agree to put all $ 2.500 on 1 card. Bad news, I was outside cleaning my front house and only received 2 local envelopes by the mail man . suddenly, I call Green Dot C. service ...She said and even focus that she send me a new card maybe someone pick it up in my mail .Why She lied to me ! in my opinion the fraud is inside the Company . Furthermore, they try to tell me some different suggestions like the first person already used the money on July 23 that's a lie cause I got all the money back on the card on July 27. What append ! they get my personal information to put the money on a new card ok it's clear to me that the representative is include at the deal, cause the new card was issue only by 4 days ago ...Let's see ...who activated the card in the past 3 days, activation on line must be found, did someone call for activation ; no answer about those questions . No more thinking, no doubt about it < The fraud is inside the Company > ...Is that illegal to used my on action against those people or anyone who get connection in that deal cause I from Haiti and really know what to do to help myself and all the other victims mentioned on the board from Jun to present . ...Now, this is my email : [email protected] # [protected] .If You feel that you are a victim by the Company or other people in connection ; contact me ! Cause I give them 15 days If there's no result for my money all fraudulent person should be pay the consequences by the next 2 month !

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  • Mg
    MG Bush Nov 21, 2014

    BEWARE OF Peter Williams from FAST CASH ADVANCE # 1 Scam Artist

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  • Mg
    MG Bush Nov 21, 2014

    Oh my GOD, I feel so stupid. I'm an middle aged christian lady that has always been taught to trust everyone. I receive disability and it's not much. But I to have lost $373.00 on the Green Dot Money Pak card. I truly would not have believed this if it would not had happened to me. This so called company has a Big web site and I still got taken for money I don't have to throw away. Now my life is so messed up. I need to go to the doctor, pay my bills and get my daily medications that medicare don't pay for, but can't afford them now.There should be some kind of help out there for those of us that truly need their hard earned money back. As well as prosecute the unjust and thieving people out there to justice. Beware of Any And All online services, especially Payday and Installment Loans. (GE Money, Fast Cash Advance and US Money) I never really understood the word SCAM until now. I Pray GOD gives them A chance to come clean or be punished in the worst way for what they are doing. God Bless all of US that have been taken and abused by these scammers.

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  • Wp
    w.pell Oct 09, 2014

    I also today 10/9/2014 got scammed 950.00, so i as well ask as a tax payer.what is our famous government doing about it !nothing they are stil reaping the sum of 30million or more from u, s citizens

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  • Ba
    Barry Collins Jul 02, 2014

    My Name is Barry Collins, I have a card that I try return to Green Dot MoneyPak for a refund and was promise I would receive my refund in five hour after the refund form was fill out and process by the person who took the call on 7/1/14 at 12:00 pm back in my checking account, nothing has happen yet, I'm still waiting on the process to happen, is there any help out there to get money back, I work so hard to earn the right way, and not run a scam on hard working Americans, This practice need to be Stop Now, I'm in process of filing a complaint with the FBI office at once, and with Better Business Bureau, again this practice must be Shut Down Now, and everyone involved Jail at once.

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  • He
    Hester England Jun 03, 2014

    I have a card with 145.00 on it I have been trying to take my money and close this card. I can't find numbers to do so and I will contact the BBB with my complaints. Consumers be ware

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