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GRC-General Revenue Corp.Harrassment

I recently received a notice in the mail that GRC-General Revenue Corp. was seizing my joint income tax returns to pay for student loans that my husband had incurred before we married. Unfortunately we were unaware of these student loans that they claim he owes because my husband was under the impression that the US Navy GI bill had paid for his schooling several years agi when he attended. Appearently not! So I call the number found on the notice that the IRS sent me a few weeks ago. A woman named Alma (last name omited) answered my call and immediately went into the specifics of my husbands debt claiming he owes $16000 to Sallie Mae and that if we don't set up payments with post dated checks in the amount of $170 /mo we could be subject to a 15% wage garnishment. I requested she send me a request in writing as I really don't care to give my checking info over the phone without something tangible before me to review. She said that they couldn't send me anything. Then she put her supervisor on the phone whp informed me that they would HOLD my info for 24 hours. When I asked this gentlement what would happen after 24 hours he couldn't answer me. Since then I have received a call every day from GRC. If I answer, they call back in 24 hrs, if I don't answer they call several more times in the same day. They are calling me on my personal cell phone and harrassing me giving me info about a debt that has nothing to do with me at all. She gave a modified version of the "mini-miranda" as required by FDCPA law stating at the opening of our most recent conversation "this call could be monitored" thats it... she didn't give the full thing and has never in fact asked my husbands permission to speak with me, Nevada is NOT a comunity property state. Now she wants to know what my income is... I feel that GRC has broken many FDCPA laws here and I am not pleased. I would be more willing to set something up with them if they weren't so relentless and pushy! I mean they've had 8 years to contact my husband about this debt & now she's trying to light a fire under me and scare me into paying her money that I don't have. I don't know what to do about this and I don't have money to pay an attorney! I am very surprised that a Government affiliate like Sallie Mae would allow such dispicable behavior from their collectors.


  • Aa
    Aaron S. Johnson Mar 07, 2014

    ITT Tech has ruined my life. Default student loans, Very bad credit due to these loans, a part time grocery store job. And now they are garnishing my weekly wages. Im about to be on the streets if I am not careful with my finances. Can you, anyone, help me get out of this????

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  • Pu
    PurpleGrrl Jul 04, 2013

    My biggest gripe about General Revenue Corp is that so far, my "agent" refuses to mail me anything in writing about a payment plan without getting my account information for payment. I am more than ready to start making payments and take responsibility for the loan I had defaulted on, but I refuse to blindly give out my checking out or debit card information to a collection agency without having something in writing (or even via e-mail) describing the terms for my payment plan. Second issue I have is the inability to pay down my loan non-electronically. If they want my money so badly, why do they refuse to accept a money order? Why do I have to give them my account info and just pray they don't take out more than what they said because I have nothing in writing?

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  • Na
    nailbite1000 Nov 06, 2012

    WooW...I've been through this scam too! I am on welfare and they are taking all my money...I willing paid what they told me for the time they said and it meant nothing. It's a shame.

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  • St
    stuartse Dec 16, 2010

    At least they were willing to work with you. I was contacted by them yesterday, and yes they were rude to me on the phone, they told me if i didn't agree to a repayment plan by 10:00 this morning, I would be in garnishment. Well we came to an agreement last night to pay $330 a month. When I called back this morning, they claimed that the agreement we came to last night never happened. She even went so far as to claim I never called them. So when I told her that the call was recorded, she became angry with me. I told her I didn't have any problem with the $330 payment, so she asked for my account and band routing number. i told her to fax me an agreement, and I would gladly provide her everything she needed. She then told me that they no longer want to work with me and hung up on me! I don't think I was out of line to ask for something in writing. So now I guess I'll have to request a hearing to have my garnishment reduced, since they refuse to work with me anymore.

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  • Hy
    hyqtpy73 Jul 24, 2010

    I'm new at this whole GRC thing, and Laquita, who has been contacting me, has been nothing but pleasant and patient with my non-paying butt. As the person above stated, i was more than happy to sign on the dotted line to get the loan but then when push comes to shove the student loan is the LAST bill I pay. Im more than happy someone is willing to help me get out of this bind, whether it be confusing and maybe I dont pay my loan off as much or what have you...Maybe i have rose-colored glasses on but at this time in my life, I'm grateful GRC contacted me and not the IRS saying they want my return back or next April 15th my tax return will be in the negative becasue of defaulted student loans.

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  • Yo
    You Are A Bum Jun 05, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You've got to be kidding me. These people on here need to take some responsibility!!! I hate reading comments from people who don't do their research. You were quick to sign on the dotted line when money was being given out, but magically disappear when it's time to repay it. When you take out a student loan, there's this thing called a PROMISSORY NOTE that you sign, and you agree that if they lend you the money to go to school, you will either PAY IT BACK, or you'll make satisfactory arrangements with the lender BEFORE the loan goes into default. You also agree that if you're NEGLIGENT, and don't make any type of arrangement, and the loan defaults, you will pay it in full all at once.
    General Revenue is doing you a favor by allowing you to make a voluntary arrangement on your loan. They could garnish you for way more than you're probably willing to pay voluntarily!!! And the chances are, they're not rude, you just FEEL like they're being rude because they're telling you that your wages will be garnished! They're not rude, or threatening you, they are hired to tell you these things and give you one last chance to make it right before they embarrass you with your employer by garnishing your wages @ 15%.
    (By the way, some doofus earlier thinks that garnishing a bi-weekly paycheck at 15% per paycheck, means the total garnishment is 30%...DUHHHH!! It's still 15% total! Math, anyone?)
    HELLOOOOOO! It is your responsibility to keep your lender updated with your address. If you move, and your cell phone company is never given your new address, so you never receive your bill, and never pay, DO YOU GET MAD IF THEY CUT YOUR PHONE OFF?????? You didn't pay!!! You should have made sure they had your address at all times, since you owe them money. You know you owe money on a student loan, you know you haven't paid anything, and you decided to just wait until it caught up with you.
    I really can't think of very many good excuses for a student loan to go into default, considering they give you SIXTY months of payment postponements, called forbearance. All you have to do is request it. It takes a whole YEAR without payments or arrangements for payment, for the loan to default. You also get unemployment deferment time, so if you lost your job, the government will pay the interest on your loan for a total of 12 months, and you can use it in increments. You also have economic hardship deferment, where if your required loan payment amount is 25% or more of your income, you can get your payment deferred, with paid interest on a subsidized loan.
    If you went today and took out a loan from a car dealership, and you drove off the lot in the new car paid for by your loan, and you never make a single payment, Why would you be mad @ the company for tracking you down, even if it's at work? Obviously if they're reaching you at work, it's because they've tried every other way. You shouldn't be mad at them for doing the job that they were hired for, BY THE COMPANY THAT YOU AGREED TO REPAY if the loan defaults.
    Shame on people for running from their debt. I highly doubt that someone who has been unemployed for 2 years is actively seeking unemployment. Regardless of where you live. Regardless of the job market. You can work at a fast food restaurant. ANYWHERE. But unless you're disabled, or you have a dependent who requires your care, to the point it keeps you from being gainfully employed, YOU DESERVE TO HAVE YOUR WAGES GARNISHED!!! By not repaying your student loans, you're making it hard for lenders to give money to new students. People like you are some of the reasons that our economy is in shambles. People being irresponsible with money, blaming it on others, and not taking responsibility, letting the GOVERNMENT repay your debts. SHAME SHAME SHAME!!!
    (Sidenote: All the people complaining about not being able to afford the monthly payments probably have cable tv, internet, cell phones, huge car payments for a car that isn't economical, and spend money on things that if they just SACRIFICED, they would have enough money to pay their loan back. Get it together America!!!)

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  • Wi
    william rosskelly jr Apr 20, 2010

    I recently acquired info from my human resource dept that a company ask if I worked there and that they were gonna garnish my wages because of a student loan went to a debt collector I had no warnings or anyone send me letters tot tell me what was going on .I found out that I had a 12, 800 student loan for my son which some was payed on but now all of a sudden it is 16, 000 and they told me I need to set up with my bank gave them my account numbers and routing which was a mistake.They told me after I go threw rehab for 9months then it would be picked up by another lender and my I 9 would go off my credit they were gonna take 2800 up front then 215 a month but now i changed my mind and told them what would it take to pay off total debt and they said 15000 nothing less they would not work out a lesser amount since i figured they were getting all payed off but no they want money that should not be there's and if not well they will garnish my wages .These people are very rude and yes they should be shut down without a doubt and the president of the united states will be hearing about them that is a guarantee .If you are willing to find a way to pay off the debt full out then they should be able to reduce the full amount but they want to add 4000 so they get there cut no matter what .I am going to borrow from my 401k to pay this off and then I have to pay it back weekly out of my check but at least I wont go through owing more even when done a lying rehab program .This country is becoming communist just like my mom and dad told me years ago and now I see it.I should of had a certified letter delivered to my address before it got this far and its just because they can make money what a gimmick they got going.I wish then luck because they will be shut down without a doubt its just time.

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  • Sh
    Sharinette Aug 14, 2009

    I'm the same boat as you guys. I'm on the "rehab" program also but I have to say the ones I've spoken with have been really nice. I'm paying $460 a month which is more then my rent. I've practically begged them to lower my payment but they insist that it can't be done. If I had known the TRUE price of higher education I would have gone a totally different route it's just not worth it and shame on our Govenment

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  • LFranzo May 26, 2009

    I too defaulted on my loans and was sent to GRC. I also was told i would only have to be on the program for 9 months and also got a phone call stating that because of the economy i would have to continue to pay for 4 more months. The problem i have had was that when they first contacted me i did not argue payment, however i said i could not start until the first of the next month because it was already past my pay date. They said that if i did not pay within 5 days i would not qualify and they would garnish my wages and i would not be able to go back to school with loans and FA. I talked to the supervisor who's name was Debora i believe and asked if she could send me a copy of what i would be paying and a contract type of form that said what the situation would be if i continued to pay and what she told me was that she was not my personal secretary, she screamed at me so loud that my husband could hear her yelling at me from across the room. She told me i was a failure and if i didn't make my payment they would take everything i had. I was so upset finally my husband got on the phone and nothing was settled so i hung up and avoided them until the next month when i got my paycheck. Of course when i answered they were nice and set me up with monthly payments of $140 per month starting in February of 08. Well since i had not started making payments until Feb. they held my whole income tax return. When i called they told me too bad and no that doesn't cut down my payment process since they had to take it from me. I was able to write a letter explaining my situation and was able to get most of it back but it was a hassle. In April i had lost my debit card. I called and talked to a woman by the name of Jackie to let her know my situation. She explained that i had 15 days to make payment, so i had arrange with my mother to give her my payment and she would call and pay with her card. I called and left messages because she was going to be leaving town and i needed to do it before she left. I never got a call back. These call started on Friday and i finally got a hold of someone on Monday and Debbie got on the phone and was like, "wheres our money? and i told her that i had left messages and she kept cutting me off while i was trying to tell her what was happening and that i was willing to have it wired to them and that Jackie said i had 15 days and she said Jackie was not in charge and that since my money was not there that i was kicked off the program. I asked to speak to her supervisor and she said that she was the supervisor and that once again im a failure and that she feel sorry for my kids that their mother cant pay her bills. After all of this i got a phone call in late march saying that they would let me back in the program at $170 per month so of course i agreed because after all is said and done i feel that they will forever control my life until i pay them off. Recently i got the application to be rehabilitated so i guess i will see what happens. According to them my loans will come off my credit, i will be able to return to school woth Finacial aid and will be picked up by new lender, and i can have my loans deferred while attending school. If anyone was promised all of this and did not recieve please let me know so i know what to do.

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  • Ms
    mswicked May 17, 2009

    " I was told that if I did not repay my student loan, my employer may be contacted and asked to withhold a portion of my earnings. How is this possible?
    A: The U.S. Department of Education has been given the authority for "Administrative Wage Garnishment" under Section 488A of the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended. This law authorizes the Secretary of Education to seek recovery of outstanding student loan debts through the offset of up to 10% of the disposable pay of employed individuals who have defaulted on their student loan obligations."

    from THEIR website!!! They LIE>.. and break laws.. this is PROVEN by them on their site.. FAQs.

    NOT only did they tell me the same thing.. setting me up on ungodly monthly amounts for 9 months that lasted a year.. telling me that they HAD to be automated to qualify.. (later found a tiny note on paperwork saying that it was *preferred ) then they didn't transfer me to someone else. Upon reviewing the statements i found out that less than 5% of what i was paying went to my loans.. I paid $350 a month for 1 yr just to have my balance drop by like 300 dollars! not to mention when I didn't get picked back up I faxed in paper work to "have it moved to a deferred or lessened amount" and then recieved a letter saying i NOW owe MORE than the original amount i had previously and need to start the process over again...WHATEVER.. they can't take more than 10% and with all my research on this company I"m going to call a lawyer because their math doesn't add up..

    Oh yeah did I mention they took money a day early bouncing my account and refused to put it back or pay the bounced fees??? I hate this company and can't wait to speak with my lawyer about how to shut them down. Anyone working for them should feel ashamed.

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  • Br
    Bruce Apr 30, 2009

    I have been dealing with these same people for almost the last year. I defaulted on my student loans and this GRC company got a hold of me two years later. I was at work when they called me so right off the bat I was not happy that they were bugging me at work. The first guy I talked to was nice and was trying to explain my options to me but the amount he wanted me to pay to start the rehab program I thought was ludacris. He wanted me to pay $211 a month! I asked him if I could pay him $100 at that moment and then give me time to figure out how much I could continue to pay them on a monthly basis. He then got his supervisor on the phone to see if they could do that and the supervisor was one of the rudest people I have ever dealt with in my entire life. He refused to accept anything other then the $211 and said if I would not pay it they would begin the process to garnish my wages and that by doing that I would be paying much more then $211. They also wanted to get it started by verifying my checking accouont number. When I told him that I don't carry my checkbook with me and it would have to wait till I got home from work he accused me of lying to him and that all I was doing was trying to stall. That sent me into an outrage and we spent the next 30 minutes cursing at each other over the phone. I told him what time I usually get home in the evening and he said he would still be in the office at that time so I agreed to call him later. When I got home I called and of course he would not get on the phone. So I had to deal with someone else.
    Anyway it boiled down to the fact that I really had no choice but to pay the $211 a month and there was nothing I could do about it. The way the new laws are set up regaurding student loans we as borrowers really have no rights at all. It really sucks. I recently recieved a call from GRC and my rehab period is over. They said they have found a company that is willing to take the loan now and they faxed me the paperwork to get that started. So hopefully I am just about done dealing with them. They really are a shady company.

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  • Ma
    Maria Segarra Mar 30, 2009

    These people are a typical collection bottom feeding agency. I admit I defaulted on my student loan due to financial hardship and when I was finally able to make payments, I discovered my account went to GRC. I had to speak with 4 different people before finally I was told about their credit rehabilitation program. Prior to that they used the typical scare tactics trying to force me to agree on paying the full 6000. I did end up on the rehab program that was supposed to repair my credit reporting with regard to the student loan. If I made 9 consecutive payments timely, then I would have completed their program, I would then be able to be picked up by another lender and my credit report would show that I was never in default. Well, I was surprised that for 11 months all went well. They took out the $85 from my account monthly. I passed the program and when I called I was told that due to the economy that there are no lenders willing to pick up my loan yet, so I could pay off or continue paying them until a lender came available. Well, I figured I would stay with them since things seemed to be going fine after a rough start. Then last month it all changed. Apparently, January was the last time the automated withdrawal was effective and I had to call and reschedule a new set of payments. I was never made aware of this and by the time I got their letter in the mail that stated I needed to send in a check or money order, my account was now 21 days past the due date. I promptly called them and was told that I was late (by 1 day!!!) since they had a 20 day grace period. I tried to explain to them that I was never told that the auto payments expired, never got notice with regard to that etc. They became forceful and nasty! I was told I could pay it off and no positive rating would go to the credit report since I failed the rehab program. Mind you, the program is for 9 months. At this point I was not in the program and had 11 months of timely payments. They told me now they will garnish my wages. Up to 15% unless I greed to make an additional $50 monthly payment, then they could do me a "favor" and bring it down to 10% of my monthly wages. No matter how much I tried to explain and advise them that I cannot afford 10% of my wages to be garnished, they continued to state that was my only option and they couldn't stop the garnishment. I questioned that since they stopped it before, why not now? what changed? I never got a proper response. Instead they said that they don't make the rules, United Student Aid Fund does. After speaking with 9 different people there, I finally decide to contact USAF and was given the same run around. Needless to say, these people are ### and are completely unsympathetic and unwilling to work with people especially during these hard times. They are just greedy!! So, people be warned. Get information in writing, follow up with them constantly even if you think you may be harassing them. They don't communicate well and will rip you off if you don't keep on them. I have already filed a complaint with the BBB and Attorney Generals office.

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  • Ri
    Rick Mar 26, 2009

    I'm in the same boat, they started calling me about my default loans, from last year and saying they want to garnish my wages. At first they caught me off guard, gave them my bank info with an payment agreement, then I ask them for info of my loan and to send me something in writing and they could not. So I called my bank to stop payment on them, boy were they pissed! Two weeks later I get the letter I asked for, about my loans, but nothing about me signing for bank info. Now they are calling me back with a higher payment. Plus I could never get anyone that knows how to deal with this when I call Sallie Mae all I get is the run-around.

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