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Grand Canyon Universityfinacial aid/grades ripoff

In March 2009 less than one week into my class Angel, the portion students use to do their homework, was infected with a virus. I was the first person to discover the virus. I alerted GCU's tech dept. They kept telling me they fixed it but Norton kept saying it was unsafe. Needless to say my computer crashed and I was unable to attend classes. Now my class I was taking was Psych 101, the next class I was scheduled to take was Psych 315. You can't take the 2nd class without first passing the Psych 101. My counselors were aware of this situation, I couldn't even log into Angel on my computer, Norton would not allow it the site was considered unsafe. I did however email people to tell them and ask them what was happening. Needless to say they charged me for two classes I could not take because their school was infected with a computer virus that destroyed my computer and they had the nerve to give me an F, well two F's actually for classes I was never allowed into in the first place. I have been trying for months to get my money back and have these F's removed. Sounds like a simple thing to fix, don't you think? You reimburse my account the money you took and you remove the grades. Shouldn't be difficult. Since this happened I have been through about 5 counselors each one promising they would fix this but nobody does and if it appears that they are actually trying, bam, I get switched to someone else. I had a 4.0 grade point average. I am financing this with what little grant money I get and by student loans. I am a 47 year old grandmother. I was so excited to go back to school and they have destroyed everything. This year I was actually allowed almost $5000 for a Pell grant. I received $3500, where did the rest of my money go? Also where is the FSEOG grant money I got last year? It's nowhere to be seen. I need six surgeries and cannot get them until I can buy a laptop and I can't buy a laptop because they stole half my grant money to pay for classes I was locked out of and one I couldnt take because I had not been able to take the prerequisite course that was required before hand. All because I had a lazy academic counselor who did not do his job. The only person in that entire college who has tried to help me is Krisopher Jordan my enrollment counselor. He knows th truth and he has done all he can but the financial aid people, they are a joke. I just get passed to person to person to person each one claiming this is the first that they have heard of it. I don't know who to contact to file a formal complaint against them and it is looking as if I am going to have to sue this college to get my money back and to get those F's off my record. I can't even transfer out because they took all my money and I can't have those F's follow me around. Am I wrong here people to be upset? Am I wrong to consider suing them for what they have done? I am not a healthy person. The stress that this has put on my and on my heart has caused my doctor to tell me to quit this school because it is making me sicker. I have a severely weakened immune system do to all that is wrong with me. The arteries in both legs are plugged so bad there is not blood going to my feet. I need total knee replacement surger on both knees which I can't have till I have the arteries fixed, I need to have a heart catheritization as well for the blockage there, I need back surgery, I need neck surgery and I need carpal tunnel surgery, which is the most minor thing wrong with me. What kind of religious school who teaches about the bible and Jesus Christ would treat a sick 47 year old grandmother like this? I am ashamed to admit this but I got so upset one night over all that is going on with this school that I tried to commit suicide. I just couldn't take it anymore. They had driven me to the edge and pushed me over. I am losing my faith in God, I have definitely lost my faith in GCU and even though finishing school and getting my degree is all I ever wanted and is my greatest dream I am ready to just quit and walk away. Are all online school's this dishonest or is it just GCU who can hid behind religion? Please if anyone knows who to contact or who can help, please give me the info. I was majoring in Psychology. My plan was to get my degree in Psychology and then get a dual degree in teaching. I switched to the Education division to take advantage of the teach grant but guess what, because of the F's, I don't qualify for that. I am a straight A student who works harder than anyone I know because I haven't been in school for a long time. This school has destroyed my life, my faith, my hopes and my dreams. If anyone can help me, please let me know.<br />
You can email me at [protected] I really need some help here, I am begging for anyone who is listening to please help me. Also if you are considering GCU, don't trust them. Obviously from these posts I am not the only person they have totally screwed over. At least one of you got some names. They refuse to give me any names at all. I get nothing and now they won't even answer my emails. There is nothing Christian about this place other than all the Bible classes they make you take. Perhaps they should read a few themselves.


  • As
    asylum0patient Nov 05, 2009

    I was told I would recieve a scholarship from the university and that they would do anything to help me while on the school. I recieved a lot of calls from my enrollment counselor and recieved a lot of information about the school but not about the classes themselves. I warned them that I often got sick and had a lot of problems attending regular school because of that. That's how I recieved financial aid when I was denied before. I got two student loans which they did not explain much to me about until the bank giving sent me the specifics about the loan. I finish the fist week of class just fine but after that, all just went down hill. I explained to the professor giving the class about the situation but never helped me, just told me to talk to my counselor. They never explained in the sylabus about late policies and about how one is supposed to to turn in any papers done to a website called No one explained it to me even though I repeatedly about the website. I tried to get in, but the website requires a school password. Without it being turned in my papers were not graded. I probaly recieved an F in that class. I have barely started my second class and I cannot go into the website, my username and password are not working anymore, apparently. I tried everything! I is just so frustrating, they are taking my money and ripping me off. Many of the other students that were actually at the school started complaining about the unfairness found only at the online courses. The professor wouldn't let me make up any of the work because she wanted me to actually "learn" from the class. What does making up work have anything to do with not learning? I read the entire book and understood the material, did I not learn from that? I really hope someone does complain to the authorities so that something is done about that school.

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  • Fr
    Frustrated and Tired Feb 17, 2010

    I have been faced with a similar situation and what is really a joke, there is no government agency, or social support to fight this rip of university. I have gone to the Attorney General and the free legal aid service and they all say, they are no governed by any specifice organization. So, we are just screwed.

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  • Gd
    G-dragon Feb 23, 2010

    What about a class action suit? If we gather our information there are lawyers out there whowill take a large case like this (especially if it's high profile) and do it probono...

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  • Ut
    UTpsychRN Mar 23, 2010

    I am three weeks from finishing an undergrad BSN degree from GCU online. The information in the syllabus' have the information re: each assignment, whether or not to use turnitin, etc. If someone doesn't have decent technical abilities - this is a really frustrating way to take school and I would definitely discourage it.

    As for wiping off grades, I don't know whether any school is able to do that. With the 5 week block courses they do with the online classes, it makes it really hard because compressing a 15 week syllabus into 5 weeks is very difficult and the pace is unbelievable. There is no time to get behind, and the information re: turning anything in late is also posted in each syllabus, and every instructor I have had has either said they will not accept late work or it's severely docked (like 10% per day).

    I am sorry to hear about your experience with GCU. I overall have been mostly happy with the school despite some problems with Angel.

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  • Cd
    CDR-76 Apr 29, 2010

    I'm an online student at GCU and have never had a single problem with them, the angel classroom or any of the advisors. I see several instances of people saying that they can't turn in assignments, or don't understand what to do. Well, all of the info you need is provided for you in every class. You just have to take the time to read it. As for being unable to access the classroom because your computer won't let you ... one of the first question i was asked was if i'd have access to another computer if something happened to mine. If you can't log in there, then try the public library. Nearly all of them have computers you can use to access the internet. The point i'm making is, instead of complaining about the troubles you've had, i think the time would be better spent trying to find the solutions that will work for you instead of waiting on someone to fix things for you.

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  • Tb
    TBAllen May 01, 2010

    This is for CDR-76 - I agree with you about Angel, turning in assignments, etc. I've not had any problems (I'm not doubting the others on this page- I'm just saying it's worked okay for me). Occasionally Angel's been down when it came time to turn in assignments but the instructors were understanding and it was repaired quickly.

    My problem is with financial aid and unexplained charges. It's now May 1 and I still don't have my financial aid package for the [protected] school year. They keep saying it will be finished by "the end of next week" but it never is. Now they say it might be the end of the summer and that I won't get any aid until then. My fear is that I won't get aid, for some reason, and will be stuck with a huge tuition bill. AND, I need the money to support myself. The finanical aid "counselor" tried to tell me that I'm not allowed to use financial aid money for living expenses. That's totally wrong (I verified this with the Dept. of Ed.). If she doesn't know something that basic, how is it that she's a "counselor?" I can't get anyone to return my calls or emails - the only way I speak with someone is if I wait on hold for the "next available advisor." It's crazy!!! I don't know who to contact.

    Have you had these problems this semester??? If so, how have you handled it? Thanks!

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  • Mg
    MGrayce Apr 05, 2011

    No problem with GCU what so ever. I've been a University Adminstrator from a Financial Aid Counselor to the Dean. And No problems with GCU while earning my 3rd Master's degree. Understanding the fine print and reading every little detail will get you through. They discourage you to borrow more than you need...but all you have to do is ask for the overage and a big fat LOAN check will be sent to you like mine was yesterday for living expenses. Be patient with them... they have a few newbies on the Financial Aid staff. The loan counseling you had to take to accept the loan (did you go online in MY GCU and accept your loan amounts and all that) informs you everything you need to know about your loan...even if Grand Canyon didn't or doesn't. It's all there on the Feds Loan site. Make sure you REAPPLY for Financial Aid again by JUNE FIRST of this year. A student has to apply TWICE a year to get money... it's been that way for the 35 years I've been an administrator. So-- just keep trying.. and talk to the FEDS about distribution..not GCU...they have little control over GETTING THE $$ they promised you. The FEDS sometimes take their own sweet time...making GCU be the SCAPEGOAT. GOOD LUCK!

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  • Mg
    MGrayce Apr 05, 2011

    Argh... some characters are not supported by this board SORRY about sifting through the garble-dy-gook. :)

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  • Db
    DBrittan Aug 01, 2011

    I was with GCU for almost 2 years and never had anything that wasn't almost immediately resolved. My wife began 1 semester after me and has has problem after problem. The first issue was that they had her as a cohort, or living on campus student, which, of course, costs quite a bit more. It took them almost 6 months to rectify this, but to their credit, they did get it fixed eventually. The last class that she began, after the 1st week, she mentioned that she thought she'd already had this class. She called her academic counselor (one of the 5 or so she's had in under 2 years) who told her that she'd accidentally been put in ENG 106 before and now needed ENG 105. So, she continues and continues to recognize her work. I looked into it and then went to her files where we keep all of our university work and found that she had indeed already taken ENG 105. So, she calls her counselor back who tells her again that she has not had ENG 105 and must have it and that she is in the right class. So, she continues to do the coursework but still is recognizing the work. Finally, I asked her to call again. She did and again she was told that she was in the correct class. Knowing that I can't speak to anyone concerning my wife's account, I called and asked for a manager. Prior to this my wife and I went through her work and found a 7 week (the time of a course) gap in her work. These dates corresponded to the gap in her work. We let the supervisor know this. Finally, the figured out by looking at her postings in the ANGEL system that she had indeed been in the class, contacted the professor (which we had already suggested) and found that she'd passed the class with an A. About a month ago, they took her out of the class and have yet to rectify the situation. They have now, it seems, un-enrolled her from GCU and we have no idea what's going on and cannot get a call back. My question is this: what kind of legal action can we take? This is costing us money in student loans and we all know ho long it takes the government to correct anything even if it's someone else's or even their faults.

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  • Dr
    Dr Jenn Dec 31, 2014

    I think you can hardly blame the university for your own technical ineptitude. I graduated with my MEd. degree from there in 2007, and never had a technical problem. You have multiple methods to contact professors, including telephone numbers, and so if your computer crashed, you should have used a public computer such as at a library or made a phone call to make other arrangements. Perhaps a mail-in correspondence-type program would better suit your needs. Of course, you would still be responsible for submitting the work by the deadline. Sounds like you need to take some ownership in your inability to complete your courses.

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