Grabcar Malaysiawrong drop off point where the address appointed is different from the exact location

Y Aug 05, 2018

Issued driver: tiong khai hong
Passenger: yeejie teoh
Booking code: adr-[protected]-4-005
Pick up location : penang airport
Drop off location: jalan datuk haji ahmad badawi, kepala batas.
Charges: rm38 (with add on 1 drop off location at man cafe, permatang pauh)

Fyi, the drop off location navigated by the map in grab apps is totally different from the exact location as set. The navigation shown is located somewhere around jalan bagan luar (butterworth area) but the exact location is still about 20 mins away.
The driver have to drop me at the wrong navigated location and I still need to call up a new grab to continue my journey back to my home.
* I did asked the driver to pick me up for the new grab booking in order to bring me back to the exact location as set before but he told me that he can't do that.

After the drop off, I have to walked from jalan bagan luar to kg benggali (about 2km) then only success to get a new grab. Fyi, it's 10pm at that time. Before succeed to get the new grab, there are few drivers cancelled my booking without any explanation. These all make me so frustrated by walking in the late night alone.

Hope grabcar malaysia can give me compensation for the consequences of extra charges had been paid and unwanted inconveniences caused due to the wrong location navigated. If not, I need explanation on:

1) wrong drop off location navigated
2) why can't the same driver pick me for the new grab order?

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