Grabcar MalaysiaI want to complain about driver (booking number: ios59360835009)

S Aug 03, 2018

A driver whom named Ehsanudin bin Omar (NCL8926) was an impolite person, it's okay he didn't see my message and go through to the location I tagged. It's okay I didn't say anything about this and walked to the location I tagged. But he started to say impolite words to me in grabcar, said he come from the far way and you guys think take grab very easy and so on. I didn't reply him everything and I knew that he scared I give him a worst comment to him because he also knew that he already doing wrong things. Before I reached my location, he forced me to give him 5 star rate but I still doing same things because I scare he will do something to me. If you check the system would show that that trip is 5 star rate because I was forced to rate it!!! Please the grab service can point out this problem!!! It really a very bad service I never meet before since I take a lot of grab from the beginning!!! What the hell is this!!!i can sure that a lot of people doing same thing with me!!!

Grabcar Malaysia

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