Govsimplifiedunethical behaviour

N Aug 07, 2018

Warning!!! Just fyi I never leave reviews, I generally don't have the time to but in this case I made time!!!

Do not use this website!!! If you do and you have troubles customer service will be extremely rude and then lie to you!!!

I filled out an application for to get a new card for my daughter since I could not find her card after moving. After I paid all fees the website then advised me to send in 2 forms of id and it kept telling me that I needed to send in her original drivers license. Again like I said this was for my daughter who isn't even old enough to have a drivers license!!! Not only that but this was suppose to make this process easier, right? Well once I called the company to complain about the issue the guy "jay" told me that I was outside of the time frame to call and get a refund then very rudely asked why it took me so long to call (like I don't have anything else going on in my life) I explained my situation to him and again he very rudely told me there was nothing that he could do for me since I was outside of the time frame to call back and get a refund (which is a total lie!!! I've worked in customer service my whole life and there is always something they can do). I asked to speak to a supervisor and "jay" said (again, very rudely), "why? They are just going to tell you the same thing." by this time I was very upset and said "I don't care! Then get me a supervisor so they can tell me the same thing then!" when the supervisor came on the line she didn't even know my name and actually called me by my daughters name. She introduced herself as "kyra". She was also not helpful in any way. When I told her that I knew there was something to do to help because there always is. She still refused to help at all. I explained to her that I would be leaving a negative review and asked for her name again so that I could put it in my review she lied to me and told me that her name was kristen!!! Do not trust this web site!!!

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